915 Works

Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in Civil Applications

Antonio Toma

Energy-Efficient Software

Giuseppe Procaccianti

High Performance Self-Compacting Cementitious Materials Using Nano/Micro Carbonaceous Inerts

Rao Arsalan Khushnood

Finite Random Matrix Theory Analysis of Multiple Antenna Communication Systems

Siyuan Zhou

1,3-Dihydroxypropan-2-one (DHA) synthesis from Glycerol for pharmaceutical applications

Simone Ripandelli

EMI Analysis and Modeling of Switching Circuits

Riccardo Trinchero

Morse index and linear stability of relative equilibria in singular mechanical systems

Riccardo Danilo Jadanza

View point robust visual search technique

Biao Zhao

Stochastic programming for City Logistics: new models and methods

Luca Gobbato

Development of an FPGA based Matrix Converter for More Electric Aircraft Applications

Mihaita-Gabriel Neacsu

Pore-scale simulation of micro and nanoparticle transport in porous media

Francesca Messina

Perturbation dynamics in laminar and turbulent flows. Initial value problem analysis

Francesca De Santi

Photon Management on a Photonic Crystal Platform

Angelo Angelini

Innovative Techniques for Testing and Diagnosing SoCs

Mauricio De Carvalho

Si-SiC based materials obtained by infiltration of silicon: study and applications

Giuseppe D'Amico

Development of composite piezoelectric materials for tactile sensing

Marco Di Donato

Thermo-physiological comfort modelling of fabrics and garments

Alberto Pezzin

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