217 Works

Content Sharing in Mobile Networks with Infrastructure: Planning and Management

Francesco Malandrino

Energy efficiency in wired telecommunication networks: approaches, methodologies and results

Edoardo Bonetto

Thermometry based on Whispering Gallery Mode resonators

Lili Yu

Soft Processing Techniques for Quantum Key Distribution Applications

Maria Teresa Delgado Alizo


Davide Fissore

Study and Development of New Passive Micromixers Based on Split and Recombination Principle

Mohammad Nimafar

Evaluation of new biorecognition elements for environmental monitoring

Alessandro Chiado'

Developments on Electrodynamic Levitation of Rotors

Joaquim Girardello Detoni

Applied Models in Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics

Paolo Alberto Adamo

Vibrations and Stability of Axially and Transversely Loaded Structures

Gianfranco Piana

Dynamic models for ancient heritage structures

Luca Zanotti Fragonara

High-Speed Interconnect Models with Stochastic Parameter Variability

Paolo Manfredi

Powertrain ibride da competizione: progetto e dimensionamento

Mario Chiera Di Vasco

Powertrain ibride da competizione: sicurezza, controllo e automatizzazione

Massimiliano Turco

Cohesive - frictional crack model applied to bi-material interfaces

Andrea Alberto

High-performance velocity, frequency and time estimation using GNSS

Sabrina Ugazio

River antidunes and bars: new models and nonmodal analysis

Riccardo Vesipa

Modeling and Characterization of Metal/SiC Interface for Power Device Application

Muhammad Yousuf Zaman

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