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1,3-Dihydroxypropan-2-one (DHA) synthesis from Glycerol for pharmaceutical applications

Simone Ripandelli

Building resilience towards natural hazards: cross-­‐scale knowledge and institutional linkages

Elena Camilla Pede

Development of an FPGA based Matrix Converter for More Electric Aircraft Applications

Mihaita-Gabriel Neacsu

Noble Metal based Catalysts for Natural Gas Steam Reforming Activity, Endurance and Kinetics

Um-E-Salma Amjad

Catalytic micro-device for methane combustion: a study on kinetics and fluid-dynamic

Fabio Conti

Design and modelling an innovative SOEC stack

Valerio Novaresio

Miniaturized antenna design & Radiation pattern corrections in Fresnel region

Abdul Razzaq

Model Reference Adaptive Control Laws: Application to Nonlinear Aeroelastic Systems

Mario Cassaro

Laboratory measurements of building acoustics at low frequencies: a modal approach

Andrea Prato


Daniele Ugues

Lightweight Design of Vehicle Side Door

Jindong Ji

Design of Visible-light driven catalysts for water oxidation and VOC degradation

Sitaramanjaneya Mouli Thalluri

Perturbation dynamics in laminar and turbulent flows. Initial value problem analysis

Francesca De Santi

Si-SiC based materials obtained by infiltration of silicon: study and applications

Giuseppe D'Amico

Snapshot Estimation Algorithms for GNSS Mass-Market Receivers

Nicola Umberto Linty

Synthesis and Characterization Of Fe-modified Imogolite Nanotubes

Ehsan Shafia

Field-effect polymer gating of low-dimensionality carbon-based materials

Kanudha Sharda

Design and development of a new large-scale metrology system: MScMS (Mobile Spatial coordinate Measuring System)

Domenico Augusto Francesco Maisano

On the Computational Design of Free-form Masonry Vault

Shaghayegh Rajabzadeh

Carrier assisted dyeing of m-aramid fibers

Francesco Aimone

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