111 Works

L'immagine dell'Italia nelle riviste di architettura inglesi (1830-1870)

Luca Reano

Study and analysis of innovative network protocols and architectures

Matteo Virgilio

High performance network function virtualization for user-oriented services

Ivano Cerrato

Development of a thermal model for SPS modified for the production of bioimplants

Daniele Fulginiti

Smart data management with BIM for Architectural Heritage

Matteo Del Giudice

Ordered Mesoporous Silica for Drug Delivery in Topical Applications

Andrea Gignone

Power Laws Behavior and Nonlinearity Mechanisms in Mesoscopic Elastic Materials

Sonia Idjimarene

ReHand - a portable assistive rehabilitation hand exoskeleton

Andrea Lince

Uplink CoMP Capability Improvements In Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

Mohamad Tavakoli Sanij

Data Mining Techniques for Complex User-Generated Data

Xin Xiao

Powertrain Assembly Lines Automatic Configuration Using a Knowledge Based Engineering Approach

Andrea Egidio Ascheri

Geometrical Formulation of Supergravity Theories

Patrick Keissy Concha Aguilera

Spectrum sensing algorithms and software-defined radio implementation for cognitive radio system

Daniel Gaetano Riviello

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