136 Works

Human exploration of complex knowledge spaces

Giovanna Chiara Rodi

Fault-tolerant feature-based estimation of space debris motion and inertial properties

Gabriele Biondi

State Estimation and Control of Active Systems for High Performance Vehicles

Jyotishman Ghosh

Design and integration of a dynamic IPT system for automotive applications

Vincenzo Cirimele

Resource and power management in next generation networks

Zana Limani Fazliu

Nonlinear Black-Box Models of Digital Integrated Circuits via System Identification

Claudio Siviero

Macromodels for simulation-based verification of Systems on Chip and Systems in Package

Salvatore Bernardo Olivadese

Plane-based 3D Mapping for Structured Indoor Environment

Zehui Yuan

Network Traffic Measurements, Applications to Internet Services and Security

Enrico Bocchi

Algorithms for 5G physical layer

Pawan Dhakal

Content Recommendation Through Linked Data

Iacopo Vagliano

Tensor decomposition techniques for analysing time-varying networks

Anna Sapienza

Design Education in Brazil: History, Critic and New Approaches for Design Innovation

Patricia Santos Delgado

Investigation and optimization of the performance of gravity water wheels

Emanuele Quaranta

Software-based methods for Operating system dependability

Alejandro David Velasco

Impact dynamics of tool steel penetrators

Giovanni Di Benedetto

Light-weight design of vehicle roof panel for stiffness and crash analyses

Soroosh Borazjani

Belief Propagation approach to epidemics prediction on networks

Jacopo Bindi

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