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Solution of Coupled Thermoelasticity Problem in Rotating Disks

Ayoob Entezari

Integration of Active Systems for a Global Chassis Control Design

Antonio Tota

Component-wise Analysis of Reinforced Thin-walled Metallic and Composite Structures

Tommaso Cavallo

Recurrent neural networks: methods and applications to non-linear predictions

Alessandro Bay

Artificial Intelligence for Small Satellites Mission Autonomy

Lorenzo Feruglio

Nearly Zero Energy multi-functional Buildings - Energy and Economic evaluations

Tiziana Buso

New techniques for functional testing of microprocessor based systems

Riccardo Cantoro

Physico-Chemical properties of hybrid organic/inorganic nanotubes of imogolite type

Elnaz Bahadori

Terahertz vibrations in proteins: experimental and numerical investigation

Andrea Bassani

Cross layer reliability estimation for digital systems

Alessandro Vallero

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