136 Works

Design and Development of Multi-Emitter High Power Laser Diode Modules

Hao Yu

Development of new nanostructured electrodes in Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs)

Giulia Massaglia

Trust and integrity in distributed systems

Tao Su

Statistical mechanics approaches to optimization and inference

Anna Paola Muntoni

High-Level Synthesis Based VLSI Architectures for Video Coding

Waqar Ahmad

Context-Aware Service Creation On The Semantic Web

Oscar Rodriguez Rocha

Discontinuous ordinary differential equations and stabilization

Francesca Maria Ceragioli

Modelling and Analysis of Network Security Policies

Fulvio Valenza

Verification and Configuration of Software-based Networks

Serena Spinoso

Vibration control and mitigation in turbomachinery

Chiara Gastaldi

Recommender Systems based on Linked Data

Cristhian Nicolas Figueroa Martinez

Design of non conventional Synchronous Reluctance machine

Matteo Gamba

Simplicial Data Analysis: theory, practice, and algorithms

Alice Patania

Cooperative data transfers for 5G networks

Yufeng Duan

Advanced numerical techniques for the simulation of flows in fractured media

Andrea Borio

Machine Learning and Big Data Methodologies for Network Traffic Monitoring

Danilo Giordano

Advances in quantum tunneling models for semiconductor optoelectronic device simulation

Marco Mandurrino

Prediction of fretting wear in spline couplings

Waqar Ahmed Qureshi

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