25 Works

Elaboration and characterization of humidity sensors for environmental monitoring

Ahmed Sabry Shehata Afify

Designing Tools for Reflection: a concept-driven approach

Maliheh Ghajargar

Computational Thermal Fluid Dynamic Analysis of Cooling Systems for Fusion Reactor Components

Phani Kumar Domalapally

Non-local orders in Hubbard-like low dimensional systems

Serena Fazzini

On the P vs NP question: a proof on inequality

Angelo Raffaele Meo

Infrastructures and Algorithms for Testable and Dependable Systems-on-a-Chip

S. Di Carlo

BIM and Facility Management for smart data management and visualization

Francesca Maria Ugliotti

Graphene-based Supercapacitors

Arnaud Nicolas Gigot

Frequent Itemset Mining for Big Data


WebGis Architectures for Emergency Response


A first thermodynamic interpretation of the technology transfer activities

Simone Ripandelli & Umberto Lucia

Keratin Based Material For Perspective Bio-Application

Hossein Rajabinejad

Development of a novel gerotor pump for lubrication systems of aeronautic engines

Andrea De Martin

Mathematical methods for magnetic resonance based electric properties tomography

Alessandro Arduino

Group Theoretical Hidden Structure of Supergravity Theories in Higher Dimensions

Lucrezia Ravera

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