135 Works

Fabrication and characterization of a microfluidic device for 3D cells analysis

Simone Benetto

L'autodeterminazione dello spazio nel carcere italiano

Valeria Bruni

Hydro-Mechanical Behaviour of Tailings in Unsaturated Conditions

Gianluca Bella

Optimisation of opaque building envelope components with Phase Change Materials

Ylenia Cascone

Internal waves in fluid flows. Possible coexistence with turbulence

Federico Fraternale

Modelli di misura delle performance competitive

Paolo Saluto

Proper Orthogonal Decomposition for Surrogate Models in Aerodynamics

Valentina Dolci

Signal processing techniques for GNSS anti-spoofing algorithms

Esteban Garbin Manfredini

Visualization and Human-Machine Interaction

Federico Manuri

Knapsack Problems with Side Constraints

Rosario Scatamacchia

One-dimensional Advanced Beam Models for Marine Structural Applications

Rehan Rehan

Rilievi integrati TMM. Progetto, outlier detection e modelli di moto

Cinzia Taglioretti

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