691 Works

The EU for Children: A Case of Web-mediated Knowledge Dissemination

„Jetzt und in der Stunde unseres Todes“. Sterben und Tod im Mittelalter

ROS As a Service: Web Services for Robot Operating System

Anis Koubaa

A Survey on Domain-specific Modeling and Languages in Robotics

Arne Nordmann

Modeling Electromechanical Aspects of Cyber-Physical Systems

Virtual Touring: The Web-Language Of Tourism

The effect of injector shearing of water-in-diesel emulsion on microexplosion behaviour

R. Heikal M.

On the implementation of Structured Surfaces to FS3D

M. Baggio

DNS-like simulations of atomization in the nozzle near field in plainorifice atomizers

R. Payri

La matematica al servizio della ristorazione

Morte in diretta. Spettacolarizzazione e uso politico di un tabù visivo

Complex multicomponent real-fluid thermodynamic model for highpressure Diesel fuel injection

C. Rodriguez

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