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La traduzione delle forme idiomatiche dal francese letterario in italiano: il caso di Amélie Nothomb.

Ecografia bidimensionale e con mezzo di contrasto nello studio delle patologie gastro-intestinali del gatto

L’ecografia del tratto gastroenterico è una delle metodiche d’elezione nella valutazione diagnostica delle patologie gastrointestinali nel gatto. In questa tesi dottorale sono presentati i risultati di tre studi in cui l’ecografia convenzionale e con mezzo di contrasto è stata impiegata in gatti sani o con patologie gastroenteriche. Lo scopo del primo studio, prospettico, è stato quello di determinare lo spessore ecografico dei singoli strati di parete nell’intestino tenue in una popolazione di gatti sani. Lo...

Reinhold Niebuhr and the Nuclear Dilemma: Conceptualising the Cold War

Hamish Stirling
This article re-examines the thought of Reinhold Niebuhr through the framework of his views on the nuclear dilemma. Recent historiography has questioned the theoretical consistency of Niebuhr’s approach to this issue. However, the article demonstrates that his approach is based on a common misunderstanding of the ‘realist’ thrust of Niebuhr’s thought, particularly his conception of the national interest and the potential for limiting conflict between states. In exploring his political philosophy more deeply, we can...

Radical Motown, Radical Heritage: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers

Olivier Maheo
The essay proposes a short history of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers, a radical left-wing organization founded in Detroit in 1969. Even though the League disappeared in 1971, its role was significant, and it allows us to write a more complex history of the Black Power Movement by linking the Old Left with the New Left. Its internal quarrels were not only due to clashes of ego but, instead, reflected actual political differences.

El amotinamiento de las legiones romanas en Panonia y Germania. Culpa y perdón

Antonio Hermosa Andújar
En el presente artículo se estudia el amotinamiento de las legiones romanas en Panonia y Germania, pero no desde un punto de vista historiográfico, sino psicológico, ético y político. En el trayecto que va desde el surgimiento de la rebelión hasta su sofocamiento final nos encontramos con individuos que de manera deliberada, racional y organizada reivindican sus derechos de una manera cada vez más violenta. Cuando las autoridades romanas intentan poner fin a la rebelión...

(Non)local Γ-convergence

Serena Dipierro, Pietro Miraglio & Enrico Valdinoci
We present some long-range interaction models for phase coexistence which have recently appeared in the literature, recalling also their relation to classical interface and capillarity problems. In this note, the main focus will be on the Γ-convergence methods, emphasizing similarities and differences between the classical theory and the new trends of investigation. In doing so, we also obtain some new, more precise Γ-convergence results in terms of ``interior'' and ``exterior'' contributions. We also discuss the...

The Influence of Stream Corridor Parameters on Fish Species Richness in the Clearwater River, Id, USA

Ahmed N. Bdour & Ziyad S. Tarawneh Ezeh
This paper presents the results of a statistical analysis performed at the micro scale (stream corridor) level in the South Fork of the Clearwater River (SFCR) watershed, which is located in North central Idaho. Using multivariate techniques along with factor analysis, relationships between Fish Indicators and man-made disturbances, watershed landscape, water discharge and geometry, channel morphology, river water depth, and temperature were established. At the micro scale level, this analysis was performed for 4 tributaries...

Factors that affect land values and the development of land value maps for strengthening policy making in Vietnam: The case study of non-agricultural land in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam

Nguyen The Chinh, Nguyen Phi Son, Lai Van Manh, Nguyen Thanh Thuy, To Ngoc Vu, Nguyen Trong Hanh & Le Phuong Linh
This study is a part of the outcomes of Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology’s project on “Establishing the evaluation method and the process of transferring values of natural resources into the national account system in Vietnam (Climate Change code 14/16-20). The overall objectives of the study are: re-systemizing the classical and modern theories as well as identifying the factors affecting the land values in Vietnam; developing procedures and methods of mapping suitable land value...

Evaluation of endocrine disruptors in the environment of Eket Metropolis in Nigeria: an insight into public health and risk assessment

Victor Eshu Okpashi, Agnes Edet Asuquo Offiong, Etim Nkanu Efut & Ogre Gabriel Ogre
The adverse effect of some environmental contaminants on the endocrine system was investigated using the Risk Analysis Framework. The aim was to ascertain the level of EDCs in fish species and potable water. The research employed ecological examination approach. The samples from the environmental media with serious threat and links to humans and animals exposed to endocrine disruptors were water and fish. Twelve boreholes water samples were disproportionately and purposefully collected, while another twelve water...

Evaluation of Physico-chemical water quality treatment efficiency: A Case study of Jambussi Water Headworks in the Upper West Region of Ghana

Napoleon Jackson Mensah, Emmanuel Amankwah, Thomas Atta-Darkwa & Godfred Etsey Sebiawu
Water is very important for the sustenance of life and has no substitute and therefore its quality cannot be compromised. This research is to examine the treatment efficiency and the physicochemical quality of drinking water from the Jambussi water headworks from the raw water source to the final consumer at the tap to establish the quality of the water being treated for drinking in the Wa West District and the Wa Municipality, Upper West Region...

Collage di carta, collage digitale: concetti di architettura a confronto

Anna Rosellini
piano b. Arti e culture visive, Vol 4, No 2 (2019): Collage di carta, collage digitale: concetti di architettura a confronto

The transposition of musical knowledge in intellectual education

Carla Cuomo & Maria Rosa De Luca
The construction of European citizenship in the era of complexity requires that the transmission of knowledge be directed towards an intellectual formation, that is, the ‘shaping’ of a critical mind, one that is able to problematize, and hence to discern. This can be achieved by educating towards comprehension. In facing this issue, musicologists ask themselves ‘what to teach’ and ‘how to teach’ it, in order to prepare students to the comprehension of music – these...

Music education in Italian schools from the Unification to today

Nicola Badolato & Anna Scalfaro
This paper examines the main stages in the history of Music Education in the Italian school system, from the Unification up to our day, in order to reconstruct the political-cultural debate around the importance of musical disciplines in the education of citizens. This reconstruction aims at showing how both the technically-oriented idea of teaching that was typical of programmes in the first half of the 20th century, and the lucid-evasive vision that emerged from the...

Communicating certainty and uncertainty in everyday life: An introduction

Letizia Caronia
This introduction focuses on the relevance of certainty and uncertainty in social life. We will firstly underscore the structuring role of certainties as it was outlined by the phenomenological approach to the life-world in the first half of the XX century. Drawing on the bottom-up perspective advanced by the interactionist turn in social sciences, we then consider how people routinely (re)construct these certainties in ordinary life through their everyday mundane practices. To empirically illustrate how...

Audiovisual prosody of uncertainty: An overview

Charlotte Wollermann, Bernhard Schröder & Ulrich Schade Fraunhofer
The goal of this work is to give an overview of research conducted in the field of audiovisual prosody and uncertainty. We refer to previous studies investigating the relevance of prosodic cues for both the production and perception of uncertainty in natural conversation. Afterwards, we present our own experiments dealing with the role of prosodic cues of uncertainty and also of context for pragmatic focus interpretation. In a next step we discuss which role uncertainty...

Precision in gestures and words

Laura Vincze, Isabella Poggi & Francesca D’Errico
This paper investigates the notion of precision in cognition and communication, it overviews the gestures conveying precision analysed in the literature on multimodality and provides an analysis of the precision gesture of the beak in a corpus of oral university examinations. Based on a corpus of transcribed Italian real speech, a linguistic analysis is also proposed of the beak’s lexical affiliates (the adverbs esclusivamente, proprio, appunto) and of their possible meanings.

Investments in renewable energy sources: the relationship with nuclear power consumptions

Antonio Angelo Romano & Giuseppe Scandurra
The aimof this study is to analyze the driving of investment in renewable energy sources in countries with, or without, nuclear power plants. To address these issues, a dynamic panel analysis of the renewable investment in a sample of 29 countries is proposed. Results demonstrate that investments in renewable sources present an inverse relationship with share of nuclear power generation in countries with nuclear power plants but in the countries with power generation based on...

An alternative to Kim and Warde’s mixed randomized response technique

Housila P. Singh & Tanveer A. Tarray
The paper proposes two mixed randomized response techniques as an alternative to the Kim and Warde’s (2005) randomized response technique. The properties of the models have been studied and found that the proposed mixed randomized response models are better than the Kim and Warde’s (2005) mixed randomized response models in some realistic situations. We extend the proposed model to stratified sampling. Numerical illustration is given in support of the present study.

Terahertz and Millimetric Rectennas

Mazen Al Shanawani

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