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Ostia Antica e le province africane: contatti, scambi, influenze ed eredità. Problematiche di studio e prospettive di valorizzazione

Maria Grazia Turco & Sonia Gallico
The essay is part of the studies regarding Ostia Antica, focused on its relations with African provinces – today in Tunisia – characterized by diversified influences, legacies, and cultural bonds. In Ostia, the intertwining of interests and cultures is also testified by various cults and religions coming from all over the Mediterranean Sea. The present study is aimed at highlighting Piazzale delle Corporazioni (Guild square) urban role: it is a structure built behind the theater...

Il paesaggio del turismo oltre il COVID-19: prospettive per una Firenze resiliente

Elena Tarsi & Massimo Carta
Le misure anti-contagio legate all’emergenza sanitaria da COVID-19 decise da molti governi nazionali, hanno avuto un impatto devastante sull’industria del turismo, mettendo in luce con estrema chiarezza la fragilità di un sistema che, pur producendo enormi profitti, trasforma profondamente i luoghi interessati, la percezione che ne hanno abitanti e visitatori e la loro capacità di resilienza. Il contributo riflette sul caso di Firenze e sulla progressiva specializzazione turistica del suo centro storico, presentando un bilancio...

Altri, altrove, altrimenti

Annalisa Metta
Terminata la fase più intensa e drammatica del contagio da Coronavirus, l’osservazione di alcune sue conseguenze sugli spazi aperti urbani potrebbe essere utile per l’avanzamento del progetto, al di là della contingenza emergenziale. In particolare, si sollevano due questioni. La prima: dopo che l’assenza degli umani ha rivelato la presenza di altri esseri viventi, vegetali e animali, nello spazio urbano, potrebbe ora essere possibile e persino desiderabile stabilire con essi rinnovate condizioni di compresenza, alla...

Cities after covid-19: how trees and green infrastructures can help shaping a sustainable future

Francesco Ferrini & Antonella Gori
There is no doubt that metropolitan areas are, and will increasingly be, the engines of economic growth and fertile grounds for the development of technology, creativity and innovation and this will need a shift in the future cities planning and management especially regarding the increase in green areas. This must be done through a regeneration process that can only refer to the 17 objectives of sustainable development (UN, 2019) that are frequently neglected in regeneration...

The Organ Care System as a new promising tool for donor heart ex vivo preservation

Antonella Bonetti, Giovanni Benedetti, Cristina Cantarutti, Veronica Ferrara, Magali Contin, Nicoletta Finato, Sandro Sponga, Gennaro Esposito, Ugolino Livi & Fulvia Ortolani
Heart transplantation remains the gold standard treatment for end-stage heart failure. To face actual donor shortage, heart warm perfusion with the Organ Care System (OCS) was introduced alternatively to usual cold ischemic storage [1]. Here, OCS-preserved hearts were matched against those subjected to cold ischemia in terms of (i) perioperative clinical parameters, (ii) histopathological, immunohistochemical, and ultrastructural features of pre- and post-implant left ventricle biopsies, and (iii) cardiomyocyte metabolism by NMR spectroscopy of blood samples....

Remanentes socio-históricos y culturales de la esclavitud urbana en el centro Histórico La Habana Vieja

Inaury Portuondo Cárdenas
Transatlantic slavery as a process has been stereotyped in many bibliographies emphasizing plantation slavery. However, urban slavery and its characteristics are always overlapping “under the city’s comfort” that the owners could offer. In the Havana Historic Center, this view has a great impact on the history, culture and development of a city close to its 500th anniversary. However, the optimal visualization and socialization of the subject with its just historical treatment has been a debt...

Peer assessment practices in an online context: does the group size matter?

Chiara Pelati, Valentina Grion, Lan Li & Anna Serbati
The present study examined how group size may impact students’ participation, perceptions, and work quality in an online peer assessment activity. One hundred sixty-three college freshmen were randomly assigned into three conditions that consisted of either 3-student groups, 6-student groups, or 9-student groups. Students reviewed each other’s projects within their groups. Upon receiving peer feedback, students improved their own work. The data analysis suggested that students in bigger groups more actively participated in peer review...

Update in progress. Urban metabolism strategies: an application case

Federico Orsini
Time acts as a fundamental variable of urban transformation. In fact, changing needs can make an architecture or a technological unit obsolete over time. Precisely, this unexpected deficiency in performance can no longer be interpreted as a limitation but rather as potential to update the architecture itself. This paper fits into this framework and investigates both the potential and limitations of architecture considered an upgradeable system in which time, and the need for changes, become...

Effects of the endoplasmic reticulum signaling pathway on cadmium-induced impairment of the blood brain barrier

Jacopo J.V. Branca, Mario Maresca, Gabriele Morucci, Ferdinando Paternostro, Lorenzo Di Cesare Mannelli, Massimo Gulisano & Alessandra Pacini
Due to its high permeability to blood-brain barrier (BBB), cadmium (Cd) has been regarded as a possible etiological factor for human neurodegenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and Huntington’s disease [1]. However, the mechanism underlying cadmium-induced BBB permeability remains unclear. In this study, we investigated the effect of Cd in RBE4 cells (rat brain endothelial cells) and delineated the signaling pathway that, triggering endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress and caspase 3 activation, leads to...

Self-Assessment in the university context: a systematic review

Beatrice Doria & Valentina Grion
Assessment is an emerging educational topic and the need to make education a practice aimed at improving university student’s learning is growing. The interest in self-assessment as a lifelong learning strategy is also part of this framework. A systematic review of the literature was conducted in order to investigate self-assessment as a learning strategy in the university context and to understand its real benefits. The obtained evidences highlight the positive aspects and the potential of...

Rome babylon

Rosario Pavia
TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, TECHNE 17 (2019): Horizontality/verticality in architecture

Promote Informal Formative Assessment practices in Higher Education: the potential of video analysis as a training tool

Lisa O’Keeffe, Alessandra Rosa, Ira Vannini & Bruce White
This article presents the theoretical and methodological framework, objectives and phases of a project of the University of Bologna aimed at promoting Informal Formative Assessment (IFA) practices in university teaching. The paper has two elements – the first, the use of video analysis in teacher training to develop the skills required for implementing IFA are examined through the University of South Australia example provided. The second – the IFA construct outlined within the project and...

Schedule quality evaluation for Construction Project Management

Marco Alvise Bragadin & Kalle Kahkonen
The construction schedule is the most important construction document as it indicates total project duration, project stages and times of activities, costs, logical sequences, quality and safety. Hence, the quality of a phase schedule presented by a contractor must be assessed by the owner’s consultant either before the commencement of works or during the bidding phase. Only few international standards concerning schedule quality exist, and most of them are not specific for construction. A construction-oriented...

La Sociedad Abakua Enigmas y realidades di Ediel Gonzales Herrera, Ediciones Extramuros, La Habana, 2017

Giovanna Campani
Comparative Cultural Studies - European and Latin American Perspectives, Vol 3 No 6 (2018)

Does Pelvic Incidence Influence the Morphology of the Sacroiliac Joint?

Giorgio Cacciola, Federico De Meo, Angelo Favaloro, Alessandro Pisani, Piero Cavaliere, Andrea Barbanera, Elena Filippini, Carmelo Milazzo & Debora Di Mauro
Pelvic Incidence is defined as the angle between the perpendicular line to the upper plate of S1 at its midpoint and the line between this point and the center of bicoxofemoral line, it describes the position of femural heads in relation to sacrum. Recently some authors described a direct correlation between high values of PI and large AP pelvic axis (horizontal pelvis) and a wide pelvic ring [1]. Also the acetabular orientation is influenced by...

The circular economy in transforming a died heritage site into a living ecosystem, to be managed as a complex adaptive organism

Luigi Fusco Girard
Climate change is a consequence of our difficulty to manage the currently conflicts and contradictions. It is configured as a process that makes human life on Earth increasingly uninhabitable, making the relationship between the Earth’s ecosystem and humanity increasingly difficult. A fundamental cause of the climate change is the way in which economic wealth is produced and distributed. The current economy produces also ecological and social poverty. The adaptive reuse of cultural assets is proposed...

Reference in Formal Semantics and Natural Language: A Methodological Route

Francesca Boccuni
In this paper, I will tackle the notion of reference of singular terms in the light of a classic analytic divide, i.e. whether its analysis, like the analysis of other basic notions, should be carried out in natural language or in the semantics of formal frameworks. I will incline toward the latter strategy, and consider reference in classical first-order logic as the simplest framework in which to investigate reference.

Evaluating online health information in terms of readability, understandability and actionability

Marco Masoni & Maria Renza Guelfi
Improving the population health literacy is one of the main objectives of 21st century medicine. Poor health literacy is associated with an inappropriate use of healthcare resources, a higher rate of unnecessary services and hospitalizations. The Internet could play an important role in increasing the level of the population health literacy. To this end, in addition to being of high quality, it is important that information provided to citizens has to be readable. Furthermore, it...

Antiproliferative analysis of aqueous extracts of cabreúva (Myrocarpus frondosus) on the Allium cepa cell cycle

Cassiane Ubessi, Luísa Gonçalves Rodrigues, Julia De Senna Pereira, & Solange Bosio Tedesco
Myrocarpus frondosus is widely used in Brazilian folk medicine for bronchitis, gastritis, ulcers and wound asepsis. However, there is a scarcity of scientific data proving the safe use of tea of this species or if there is any toxic effect on the human organism. This study aimed to evaluate the antiproliferative effect of aqueous extracts of cabreúva on the Allium cepa cell cycle. The aqueous extracts were prepared from leaves, bark and roots (dried material)...

Ambivalence et complexité des nuits urbaines contemporaines : le cas de Bordeaux

Cécilia Comelli
This article focuses on the night-time in Bordeaux, as a complex and ambivalent space-time. The urban night is a space-time no less complex than the daytime, as we will see with the example of the city of Bordeaux. Indeed, this space-time, according to the actors, may be attractive, denied or more normative than night owls could not or would not like to believe (Cauquelin 1977). The policies of requalification and revitalisation that has been running...


Storia delle Donne, Vol. 1 (2005): Concepire Generare Nascere

The Universe, the Light, the Earth, the Life: the Reality is Greater than We Are

Vincenzo Balzani
The pandemic caused by Covid-19 locked us at home for several weeks. Some clever town councillors took this opportunity to offer their citizens cultural pills. In my little town I was asked to present a few short lectures on general scientific concepts. I tried to link together four entities of reality (Universe, Light, Earth and Life) showing that reality is much more complex than we think and much greater than us. E.g.: age of the...


Dinora Corsi
Storia delle Donne, Vol 13 No 1 (2017): Storia delle Donne 13/2017 - Povertà

La représentation de la Nuit dans l’Antiquité grecque : fondements, spécificités, significations

Clara Granger
The representations and evocations of the night, as a luminary and a divinity, seem to be codified, at least systematized in Greek art. The Night, Nyx, is a goddess which is mostly depicted in opposition to other personifications, such as the Sun or the Moon. The reasons must be search both in iconography and mythology. Moreover, the representations of the Night and the figures opposed to her (but at the same time complementary) are symbolic...

Dalla Francia a Dresda. Le Bibbie portatili della Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek

Adriana Paolini
The Sächsische Landesbibliothek - Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek of Dresden preserves a very interesting collection of medieval and modern manuscripts, once in the most part belonging to the Electoral Library of the Saxon Dukes. The study of the ancient catalogues of the Library has revealed the presence of five portable Bibles copied in the 13th century in the North of France and acquired by the Saxon Court on the antiquarian trade during the 18th century, except...

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