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Quand la nuit vient à être plus riche que le jour. Pierre Deffontaines et la lutte contre le rythme nycthéméral

Antoine Huerta
Among many unknown texts of the French geographer Pierre Deffontaines, the Introduction to a geography of sleep and night is interesting for two reasons: it is one of the last articles he publishes (1966) and he represents not only his conceptions of geography, but also the direction he wanted to give it to. This text should be considered in its context of production; it would be a condition to understand this geography of the night...

«Eugesta», electronic journal of gender studies in Antiquity

Jacqueline Fabre-Serris & Judith P. Hallett
«Eugesta», is an international electronic journal on gender studies in Antiquity, directed by J. Fabre-Serris (Lille) and J. Hallett (Maryland). It was created in 2011 in connection with the research network of the same name, the “European Network on Gender Studies in Antiquity”. The journal is published in Open Access and hosted on the site of the University of Lille. Promoting multilingualism, «Eugesta», is conceived as a virtual meeting place between North American and European...

Géographies de la nuit / Geographies of the night / Geografie della notte

Luc Gwiazdzinski, Marco Maggioli & Will Straw
Bollettino della Società Geografica Italiana, Series 14 Vol 1 No 2 (2018)

Pubblici uffici e competenze grafiche nell’età carolingia: una relazione biunivoca? Il caso di Lucca

Antonino Mastruzzo & Gaia Elisabetta Unfer Verre
The authors examine the way in which the paleographic analysis can enrich the historical knowledge of the public administration in a local context of the Carolingian age. In particular, the case of Lucca is examined. In fact, Lucca offers a privileged point of observation due to the extraordinary richness of its surviving documentation. The analysis focuses on only one type of contract: the exchange that involves ecclesiastical institutions. Finally, the possibility of a more in-depth...

A Travelogue of Women’s World: The Story of «Pakistan Journal of Women’s Studies: Alam-e-Niswan»

Tahera Aftab
This paper presents the unique story of Pakistan’s pioneering journal of Women’s Studies «Pakistan Journal of Women’s Studies: Alam-e-Niswan» («PJWS»), and provides testimony to the dedication, commitment and resolution of a small group of scholars of Women’s Studies at the University of Karachi, who stood together to promote and generate feminist scholarship. «PJWS» first appeared in 1994 and since then it has attempted to act as a bridge between academics and activists, to produce interdisciplinary...

Hi-Tech waste as “Urban Mines” of precious metals: new sustainable recovery methods

Angela Serpe
Precious metals (PMs) are valuable components of Hi-Tech goods such as electrical and electronic equipment, catalysts, advanced materials. These relatively recent applications and the growth of their market due to the fast technological development, heavily contribute to the high rate of element consumption and Hi-Tech waste accumulation of the modern consumer society. Looking at these wastes with new eyes, encouraged by the recent world-wide regulations aimed to the sustainable waste management and raw materials preservation,...

«Arenal. Revista de Historia de las Mujeres». Trayectoria e impacto en los Estudios de las Mujeres y en la historiografía feminista

Cándida Martínez Lópezcandidam@Ugr.Es
This article addresses the origins and development of «Arenal. Journal of Women’s History» as a research journal focusing on a critical analysis and reflection on the historical experience of women, the social relations of gender and processes of social transformation. It explores the initial debates on objectives and resources, and the relationship to academic feminism and international historiographical trends. It also examines the conceptual approaches and themes that have shaped monographs and studies throughout its...

Lotta contro la povertà e lotta per il diritto. Il femminismo russo di fronte alle rivoluzioni

Antonella Salomoni
Until the 1917 revolutions, women’s organizations invest substantial effort to combat the economic and cultural poverty of women in Russia. To measure the quality of the debate and the data that field research was quickly able to produce, the essay examines, as a privileged observatory, the symposiums of the various women’s organizations with particular regard to the activity of Russian Society for the Protection of Women, the all-Russian congress of women, and the first congress...

Gold parting with nitric acid in gold-silver alloys

Iacopo Ciabatti
This article is an overview of gold parting with nitric acid on a both industrial and laboratory scale, supported by more recently reported experimental and theoretical studies on the gold dealloying process for the fabrication of nanoporous gold material.

Karyological variability and chromosomal asymmetry in highland cultivars of Chenopodium quinoa Willd. (Amaranthaceae)

Sreetama Bhadra & Zhi-Quan Cai
Chenopodium quinoa Willd. is rapidly gaining importance worldwide as a superfood. However, structural diversity and asymmetry analyses of chromosomes of different cultivars of the species are largely understudied primarily owing to their small chromosomes. In this paper, karyomorphological investigations were performed on 21 cultivars of C. quinoa with varying seed morphology cultivated widely in the highland regions of the Andes, which is the center of domestication of this species. Somatic chromosome number was found to...

Between Cry and Hope. World War I in Croatian Literary Avant-Garde

Ivica Matičević
This paper is an informative and analytical description of the thematization/presence of the topic of World War I in the Croatian avant-garde creation (1917-1925). The theme of World War I plays such and important role in the poetry, prose and drama of literary Expressionism that without it, the corpus of artistic texts of Croatian expressionism and Croatian literary avant-garde would be significantly impoverished. The course of elaboration of war themes and of the very end...

Revitalizing Political Agency: Contextual Politics against Discrimination

Valeria Venditti
This article centres on the predicament of political discrimination insofar as inclusive policies fail to address it and end up impoverishing political agency. On the one hand, inclusion plays out as a powerful political tool, as people are believed to gain access to forms of recognition granting legal protection and social visibility. On the other hand, however, my claim is that most models of political inclusion require people’s adhering to fixed policy matrixes that do...

Citizenship and Political Agency. A Focus on Forms of Participation for Immigrants at Local Level

Silvia Mocchi
Immigrants’ political agency is undermined by political marginalization and disenfranchisement. Standardly citizenship acquisition is considered the key to improve immigrant’s exercise of political agency. By contrast, I propose, following Bauböck (2015), a “system of differentiated membership rights” that complements citizenship acquisition with the right to vote in local councils (based on a ius domicilii principle) and with law-making procedures based on a proportionality principle (Brighouse & Fleurbay, 2010). Distribution of power should hence be determined...

Il caso Grzymała Lubański

Alessandro Cifariello
The purpose of this article is to examine the personal and professional life of Henryk Grzymała Lubański. A Polish Garibaldian who was completely erased from public memory after his death, Lubański was extremely active in promoting the Russian and Polish languages and Russian and Polish literature among Italians. This article, which is based on a variety of unpublished archival sources, is the first to be entirely dedicated to this subject. This work contributes to a...

Leonora Falbetti sulle scene di corte tra Firenze e Parigi (1654-1662)

Leonardo Spinelli
The archival documents of the Medici fund kept at the State Archive of Florence, allow us to reconstruct the biography and a large part of the career of the Florentine soprano Leonora Falbetti. Leonora belonged to a ‘family of art’ that between the 17th and 18th centuries worked within an international performance circuit that connected the Italian theatres with the French and Imperial ones: it also included her older sister Lisabetta and her son Francesco...

The Social Bases of Self-Respect. Political Equality and Epistemic Injustice

Federica Liveriero
This paper investigates the limitations of the ideal of political equality under non-ideal circumstances and focuses specifically on the way in which structurally unjust social contexts endanger individuals’ perception of their own worth. Starting from Rawls’ definition of the social bases of self-respect as a primary good to be fairly distributed, the paper main goal is to provide normative arguments in favor of a power sensitive theory of political agency. A power sensitive theory, in...

Perspective and Spatiality in the Modern Age

Fausto Fraisopi
the domain of Art critique and becoming a philosophical argument. How can we think of Perspective as symbolic Form? Is Perspective really a symbolic form? Why is Perspective so important? Because at the beginning of the Modern Age, Perspective as spiritual figure grounds many symbolic or even many scientific constructions. We could we say that perspective open the foundation of modern science as such. The “Geometrization” of Vision, beginning with perspective, will be for us...

Judo training for older individuals with control group: An anthropometric evaluation

Simone Ciaccioni, Giancarlo Condello & Laura Capranica
The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of a 4-month judo training (1-hr training session, twice a week) on anthropometrical variables in older individuals (age: 60-76 yrs). The experimental group (JG) included 19 (F=9, M=10; 68.9±3.7yrs) participants to a 4-month judo programme, whereas the control group (CG) encompassed 14 (F=7, M=7; CG: 69.9±4.9 yrs) sedentary controls (CG). The considered anthropometric variables were: weight (Wt), height (Ht), body mass index (BMI), waist circumference...

Естественнонаучные и традиционные методы в исследовании Хлудовского глаголического палимпсеста XI в. (ГИМ, Хлуд. 117). Предварительные результаты

Elena Uchanova, Michail Žižin, Aleksandr Andreev & Aleksej Pojda
The article is devoted to the new stage of the Chludov glagolitic and latin palimpsests from the study of a 14th-early 15thcentury manuscript (SHM, Chlud. 117). The method of a multispectral imaging and subsequent software processing of palimpsest digital images allows us to read four pages of this manuscript. They contain services of a small (selected) glagolitic Menaion of the 11thcentury, made in southwestern Bulgaria under the influence of south Italian Latin and Byzantine manuscripts....

The pink adipocytes

Saverio Cinti
Most of white and brown adipocytes, in spite of their well-known different functions: i.e. storing energy (white) and thermogenesis (brown), are contained together in visceral and subcutaneous depots (adipose organ) in all mammals including humans (1, 2). A growing body of evidence suggests that the reason for this anatomical mixture could reside in the fact that adipocytes have peculiar plastic properties allowing them to convert directly each other under appropriate stimuli (3). Under chronic cold...

Politica e recitazione a Firenze prima del principato

Paola Ventrone
This paper deals with the farces and the political and moral comedies performed during the meals of Florentine Signoria, at the beginning of 16th century, in order both to offer an amusement to its members, and to communicate political, ethical and moral messages related to the current situation and needs. Through the analysis of some plays and their authors, the author aims to underline how this type of dramaturgy was utterly peculiar to Florentine culture...

Phenomenology of Social Integration and Social Exclusion. An Essential Task of Political Collective Agency

Marco Di Feo
In this paper the author is going to talk about an essential task of political agency: social integration. He analyzes it from a phenomenological perspective, identifying its essential elements in order to achieve an eidetic view of it. The author roots the analysis of social integration in a stratified view of the social world that appears essentially composed of four different forms of social interaction: community interaction, characterized by solidarity relationships; territorial interaction, characterized by...

Sarcoglycan sub-complex in the adipose organ: a molecular and immunofluorescence study

Saverio Cinti, Giuseppina Rizzo, Giovanna Vermiglio, Cecilia Spoto, Antonio Centofanti & Giuseppina Cutroneo
The sarcoglycan sub-complex (SGC) is made up of six glycoproteins which connect the cytoskeleton to the extracellular matrix in skeletal muscle. Recent data show that this complex is also expressed in epithelial tissue such as gingival, breast and prostatic ones [1]. The adipose organ is organized in multiple fat depots consisting of white and brown adipose cells. White adipocytes can store energy in triglycerides; brown adipocytes can dissipate energy for thermogenesis. It has been demonstrated...

Praxis and Logos. The Archetype of Human Transformation in Słowacki and Norwid

Marina Ciccarini
Post-Hegelian philosophy and French utopian socialism find a point of convergence in the so-called ‘philosophy of action’ that was devised in Poland. Its implications were both original and fruitful, and represent the underlying doctrinal theory of the poetics of several writers of Polish literary romanticism. This article analyzes the presence of some instances of the philosophical system of August von Cieszkowski in the poetics of C.K. Norwid and J. Słowacki. Special emphasis is placed on...

Knowledge and innovation, privileged tools of the agro-food system transition towards full sustainability

Inge Van Oost & Anna Vagnozzi
The two strategic documents for the future of Europe post 2020 (Green Deal) and agriculture in Europe (From Farm To Fork) recognize the important role of knowledge and innovation systems in accelerating change towards food sustainability. Researchers and advisors, together with the other actors of the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System, have the mandate to cooperate more closely to supportall on this transition path. This includes stronger and more structured networking, increased information sharing and...

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