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Does acclimation at higher temperatures affect the locomotor performance of one of the southernmost reptiles in the world?

Jimena Fernández & Nora Ibargüengoytía
When an animal in the laboratory experiences a change in temperature, physiological processes are affected but they stabilize under the new temperature condition over a few weeks by a process of phenotypic plasticity called acclimation, but whether an organism can acclimate or not depends on the trait and the taxon. Liolaemus sarmientoi is one of the southernmost reptiles in the world, inhabiting the extreme and arid environment of Patagonia, Argentina, characterised by great seasonal climatic...

Collaboratori del volume

Annali del Dipartimento di Filosofia, XVII (2011)

Reproductive strategy of male and female eastern spiny lizards Sceloporus spinosus (Squamata: Phrynosomatidae) from a region of the Chihuahuan Desert, México

Aurelio Ramirez-Bautista, Barry Stephenson, Xóchitl Hernández-Ibarra, Uriel Hernández-Salinas, Raciel Cruz-Elizalde, Abraham Lozano & Geoffrey Smith
We examined the reproductive strategy of male (n = 84) and female (n = 62) S. spinosus from a single population in San Luis Potosí, México. The male reproductive cycle peaked in March and April and declined from May to September, and was not correlated with fat body mass, but was positively correlated with liver mass. The female reproductive cycle peaked in April and May and declined from June through November, and was not correlated...

Chemical skin defence in the Eastern fire-bellied toad Bombina orientalis: an ultrastructural approach to the mechanism of poison gland rehabilitation after discharge

Sara Quagliata, Cecilia Malentacchi, Filippo Giachi & Giovanni Delfino
Type I serous glands in the skin of the Eastern yellow-bellied toad Bombina orientalis released their product massively after 10-3 M nor-adrenalin (NA) stimulation, mimicking orthosympathetic control on poison emission in chemical skin defence. Features of cutaneous glands involved in this bulk discharge were observed under light and electron microscopes. Furthermore, restoration of depleted glands was followed after 1, 2 and 3 weeks, and compared with serous biosynthesis during larval gland development. Bulk discharge was...

Road mortality threatens small northern populations of the European pond turtle, Emys orbicularis

Giedrius Trakimas & Jonas Sidaravičius
Little is known about road mortality and the effects to European pond turtle Emys orbicularis populations at the northern border of its range. Survival of the turtle populations in suboptimal conditions depends heavily on longevity, regular annual breeding and relatively large clutch sizes, but additional unnatural mortality could alter their survival rates. Loss of only single turtle in majority of northern populations could mean a loss of 3-20% of subpopulation. But due to comparative rarity...

Unexpected phylogeographic affinities of Psammodromus algirus from Conigli islet (Lampedusa)

Miguel A. Carretero, Anna Perera, Pietro Lo Cascio, Claudia Corti & D. James Harris
The only Italian population of the lacertid Psammodromus algirus is found in Conigli islet whereas the species is absent from the nearby island of Lampedusa. The phylogeographic relationships of this population were investigated. Mitochondrial DNA (12S rRNA and 16S rRNA) fragment sequences were analysed and compared with already published sequences from the whole species range. In all the analyses, the sample from Conigli grouped with those from Morocco and not with the closer Tunisian ones....

La ruralità nella periferia e nel sistema locale

C. Cecchi
Aestimum, Aestimum 36 (1998)

Morphology of Peripheral Blood Cells from Various Species of Turkish Herpetofauna

Hüseyin ARIKAN & Kerim CICEK
In this study, measurements of morphological and size parameters of peripheral blood cells (erythrocyte, leucocyte, thrombocyte) on blood smear preparation devices stained with Wright’s stain were given for 87 species from Turkish herpetofauna (19 amphibian species including 7 urodeles and 12 anurans as well as 68 reptile species including 4 turtles, 30 lizards and 34 snakes). It was determined that erythrocyte and nucleus sizes showed great variations among the species of herpetofauna and even among...

Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in amphibians from the Po River Delta, Northern Italy

Gentile Francesco Ficetola, Alice Valentini, Claude Miaud, Andrea Noferini, Stefano Mazzotti & Tony Dejean
Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis is a pathogen infecting amphibians at the global scale and causing their decline, but knowledge of the distribution of this pathogen is far from complete. We sampled amphibians from three species (Hyla intermedia, Rana dalmatina and Pelophylax synklepton esculentus) to evaluate whether B. dendrobatidis infects amphibians in the Po River Delta Natural Park, Northern Italy. We detected the pathogen in one population of P. sk. esculentus (prevalence: 0.33). These findings expand the known...

Ontogenetic pattern change in amphibians: the case of Salamandra corsica

Wouter Beukema
Ontogenetic, post-metamorphic pattern development is a rarely studied topic in amphibian science. As there are indications that the pattern of Salamandra corsica might expand over time, digital image analyses were applied in order to measure several phenotypical variables which were related to the snout vent length. Results show a significant increase of patches which change to irregular shapes while SVL increases. Digital image analysis is identified as a suitable tool to explore pattern shape and...

Site fidelity in the Sichuan Torrent Frog (Amolops mantzorum) in a montane region in western China

Wen Bo Liao
I used mark-recapture technique to estimate site fidelity in a subtropical high-elevation torrent frog (Amolops mantzorum) during the breeding season in Fengtongzhai National Nature Reserve in western China. I captured, measured, and individually marked 30 males and 15 females in 20 May 2007. I recorded each individual’s initial positions using a Global Positioning System (GPS). For each night from 21 May to 10 June 2007, I recaptured the marked individuals and recorded capture points. The...

Amphibians of the Ausoni Mountains (Latium, Central Italy)

Luigi Corsetti & Antonio Romano
In this study we searched for amphibians in 89 potential breeding sites within the Ausoni Mounts, which are among the less investigated areas of Latium. Sixtynine spawning sites, and eight amphibian species (57.1% of the 14 amphibian species living in Latium region) were found. Reproductive activity was recorded for Salamandrina perspicillata, Triturus carnifex, Lissotriton vulgaris, Lissotriton italicus, Bufo bufo, Hyla intermedia, Rana italica and Pelophylax synklepton hispanica.

Longevity and body size in three populations of Dyscophus antongilii (Microhylidae, Dyscophinae), the tomato frog from north-eastern Madagascar

Giulia Tessa, Fabio M. Guarino, Cristina Giacoma, Fabio Mattioli & Franco Andreone
Age profile and body size were studied in three populations of the rare and understudied tomato frog, Dyscophus antongilii, from NE Madagascar. For each individual, a phalanx was clipped and the bone used for skeletochronology. Sexual dimorphism is significantly different between all three populations: females are larger and heavier than males, with males also being distinguishable by a more yellowish throat. Age structure analysis was possible on two populations (Antara, Lampirano). The age within the...

The Nguru mountains of Tanzania, an outstanding hotspot of herpetofaunal diversity

Michele Menegon, Nike Doggart & Nisha Owen
Despite the vicinity of a major road, the rainforests of the South Nguru Mountains in eastern Tanzania were virtually unexplored until 2004, particularly from a herpetological point of view. Several surveys were conducted between 2004 and 2006 with the aim of providing a comprehensive list of the amphibian and reptile species of this overlooked hotspot of biological diversity. The surveys resulted in this assessment of the herpetofaunal diversity, with 92 species recorded, of which 15...

La contraddizione come senso nelle Ricerche logiche di Husserl

Davide Pesaresi
In Husserl’s Logische Untersuchungen, contradiction is characterized as sense, that is to say it’s an expression, and not a nonsensical formulation. This fact is shown by Husserl’s characterization of noetic sense, which can be entirely found within the intentional essence of the act: this means that comprehensibility is what is required for a formulation to be noetically sensical, even if it’s somehow morphologically ‘incomplete’ or if it doesn’t admit (as just in the case of...

Reproductive output of the brown frog Rana kukunoris at high altitude of the Tibetan plateau

Wei Chen, Li Zhao, Ying Wang, Hua Li, Dujun He, Lina Ren, Zhonghai Tang & Xin Lu
Rana kukunoris is endemic to the eastern Tibetan plateau and its breeding ecology was not known so far. In this study, we investigated the reproductive output patterns of the species during the breeding periods of 2012 and 2013. Our results showed that clutch size and total clutch volume increased with maternal body size. However, no significant correlation between egg number and egg size was observed, which suggested that the tradeoff between offspring number and size...

La pianificazione del territorio extra-urbano di Potenza

P. Pontrandolfi
Aestimum, Atti del XXX Incontro di Studio (2000)

A skeletochronological study of parthenogenetic lizards of genus Darevskia from Turkey

Marine Arakelyan, Ruzanna Petrosyan, Çetin Ilgaz, Yusuf Kumlutaş, Salih Hakan Durmuş, Yahya Tayhan & Felix Danielyan
The skeletochronological method has been used to assess age distribution and age-related differences in body size among populations of the parthenogenetic lizards Darevskia sapphirina, D. uzzelli, D. armeniaca and D. unisexualis from Turkey and Armenia. The age distribution between D. armeniaca and D. unisexualis did not significantly differ and ranged from 1 to 8 years. Maximum age for both D. uzzelli and D. sapphirina was 6 years, and 8 years for both D. unisexualis and...

DataDotDNA: an alternative marking system for tortoises of genus Testudo

Luca Brugnola, Carlo Biancardi, Nicoletta Di Francesco, Luciano Di Tizio & Adrian Gheorghiu
It was analyzed the effectiveness of one method of individual and unique marking, alternative to the application of microchip, on 17 specimens of Testudo hermanni through DataDotDNA technology. This technology has proven to be an effective system of marking of Testudo spp., answering the need for unambiguous identification of individuals. Further advantages are the easy application and reading, the long-term resistance as well as the difficulties of possible fraudulent tampering.


Aestimum, Aestimum 38 (1999)

L'approccio degli Standard Minimi di Sicurezza come scelta di politica ambientale nella gestione delle risorse naturali

S. Romano
Aestimum, Atti del XXX Incontro di Studio (2000)


Filippo Guido Agostini
Aestimum, Atti del IX Incontro di Studio (1979)

Tra politica, clientele e senso dello stato: Bartolomeo Scala

Gian Carlo Garfagnini
Bartolomeo Scala’s life and writings are a definite portrait of florentine politics and culture in the second half of XV century. Public official, Medici family’s confidant and friend of Marsilio Ficino among many others intellectuals, Scala is author of a lot of literary and philosophical texts, orations and letters, historical and controversial works in defense of florentine independence. As Florence’s Prime Chancellor (1465-1497), Scala was the privileged witness of the transition of the city from...

Stanley Cavell su Emerson e la redenzione del linguaggio dalla filosofia

Agnese Maria Fortuna
The issue of skepticism emerges in Experience of Ralph Waldo Emerson. In Finding as Founding Stanley Cavell reads the Emerson’s essay as a contribute to the idealistic debate attempting to recuperate the Kant’s ‘thing in itself’. Placing that question in the ordinary space of the everyday life makes Emerson a precursor of Austin’s and Wittgenstein’s attacks particularly to philosophy and skepticism. The possibility to redeem our linguistic praxis and to gain some intimacy between language...

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