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The Building sector commitment to promote the sustainability of construction products: a common European approach for the Environmental Product Performances

Caterina Gargari, Chris Hamans & M. Chiara Torricelli
The industry of construction products plays an important role in Europe in promoting the sustainability of the built environment in a life cycle perspective. Within the framework of the European initiatives for a sustainable competitiveness, manufacturers are interested in promoting a life cycle approach along the building chain. However both, institutions and building operators, in general still have to go a long way on designing and applying a sustainable and competitive industrial policy. This paper...

Search paths for the actions of energy retrofit and new quality of housing

Martino Milardi
HOPUS (Housing Praxis for Urban Sustainability) is a research project conducted by the department DASTEC Mediterranean University of Reggio Calabria, with various community and local partners. The project aimed to implement and promote the use of design codes for building sustainable development in European cities and create a local support group for testing the codes. The objective to start this process was to establish a synergy between research centers, governments and enterprises, in order to...

The case of Via Barzoni 11. ‘Tailored’ participatory planning of social housing

Paolo Carli
The social housing complex located in Via Barzoni 11, Milan, was singled out in 2009 for a demolition and rebuilding plan, featuring a volume growth, strongly opposed by the inhabitants. Between April and June 2012 ALER1 Milano, with the involvement of Comune di Milano – Direzione Casa2, commissioned a working group supervised by Anna Delera, Politecnico di Milano, to devise an alternative plan aiming at preserving the social and typological characteristics of the complex, in...

Italian summary

TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, TECHNE 6 (2013): Quality and effectiveness of the building process

New mediterranean elements in contemporary housing. The case of Barcelona

Vincenzo Bagnato
In the face of increasing and differentiating the low-cost housing demand and the trend of establishing new paradigms in the contemporary housing design, the architectural investigation has replaced into its disciplinary statement the topic of housing as central question in research and design experimentation. The city of Barcelona has codified in the last years innovative modalities of public management in social housing, offering interesting points of reflection on the idea of housing and of Mediterranean...

Thoughts on basic training for the design: relationships with research innovations

Rossana Raiteri
If research, also in the technology field, produces interesting results, little attention has devoted to education and to the relationship between the first and the second. But the wealth of knowledge now available (even for web accessibility) is profoundly changing the approach to design and, therefore, to university education. This contribution is to open up a debate and to encourage a confrontation on this issue. One critical point concerns the alternation between the conceptualization and...

L’assistenza alle madri nell’Europa del Cinquecento

Lucia Felici
During he sixteenth century the establishment of public and private welfare institutions for the care of the needy puerperae increased in the Reformed world as well as in the Catholic states. This new spread of welfare institutions is due to a new attention to the family, conceived as the basic centre of religious and civil education, and to the deep changes in the public assistance, which bereft many social categories of their traditional subsidies. Women...

Environment and development in Reconstruction Plans in L'Aquila territory

M. Cristina Forlani
The operational engagement on the Plans for Reconstruction (earthquake 2009) could allow to propose territorial development in terms of sustainability, informed by energy considerations and the opportunity to establish new activities, related to local economies, based on the search for possible sources of renewable energy and virtuous use of water and waste cycle. In particular, the reclassification of settlements could predispose transition elements, oriented to new concepts of living, which prelude to the definition of...

The meteor of the Neighbourhood Contracts through the case of the San Siro district in Milan

Maria Fianchini
The study deals with the San Siro public housing neighbourhood in Milan, whose size and amount of issues make the district as a system in itself disjointed to the urban context. Features and conditions of this area, would require an hard work (and simultaneously offered great opportunities) for researching and field-testing innovative solutions for building and social rehabilitation of the great public housing settlements, as originally outlined in the «Neighbourhood Contracts». On the contrary, funds...

Industrial archaeology and suburbs: two cases of technological and environmental design

Luciano Cupelloni
This text describes two works that apply the criteria of environmental sustainability and technological innovation, in the field of architectural and urban redevelopment. The first is an intervention that renovates an historic complex in the city centre, the second consists in the transformation of a featureless suburban car park area. These cases are very different in terms of intervention category and urban condition, but completely similar in their methodological approach and even in certain characteristics...

Corpo delle donne, diritti universali, procreazione medicalmente assistita

Francesco Saverio Trincia
There is no technical reason, there are no technicalities, to be referred to, to explain why a female body —the body which produces reproduction— connects in itself like no other body biology and values. Bioethics, like biopolitics, should help to understand that the problem of the freedom of choice can and should be regulated by law, but still it remains a problem of freedom which is rooted in the body of each woman. Contemporary possibilities...

Project for a renewable energy research centre

Andrea Giachetta
In Liguria, where sustainable approaches to the design, construction and management of buildings enjoy scant currency, the idea of a company from Milan (FERA s.r.l.) setting up a research centre for studies into renewable energy resources, could well open up very interesting development opportunities. The project includes: environmental rehabilitation (restoration) projects; strategies for the protection of water resources and waste management systems; passive and active solar systems (solar thermal and experiments with thermodynamic solar energy);...

Identity, Flexibility and Sustainability for the new Social Housing

Cesare Sposito
Pubblica (lit. Public Residential Construction), undergone over the last sixty years in Italy, have brought about new lines of thought with regard to places to live. The high cost of renewal and re-functionalization of the E.R.P. areas, the absence of services, which have transformed them into dormitory suburbs, have led us to rethink new urban environments as places possessing a sense of identity, in which to provide communal services and spaces for neighborly relations. Moreover,...

La prospettiva della storia culturale e l’approccio autobiografico

Luisa Passerini
Cultural history can contribute to age studies in many ways: by using literary texts, memory sources (both written and oral), and visual images from art and the cinema, it can give a sense of the plurality of ways of aging in various ages and places. It recognizes the centrality of the body for this type of research on subjectivity and it considers the autobiographical approach essential for the study of aging. The author includes her...

Il particulare italiano da Guicciardini a Banfield Tra l’auto- e l’etero-riconoscimento

Pierluca Birindelli
Nel 1958 la pubblicazione dell’indagine di Edward Banfield The Moral Basis of a Backward Society, suscitò un fervente dibattito nella comunità dei sociologi italiani e stranieri — la disputa sull’amoral familism, il concetto esplicativo centrale, è ancora aperta. Considerare primigenia l’interpretazione dello studioso statunitense è tuttavia un errore. Ampliando lo sguardo analitico si rintracciano spiegazioni analoghe e di gran lunga antecedenti dell’arretratezza sociale, economica e politica italiana: il “paese del tornaconto personale” di Leon Battista...

Endothelin-1 (ET-1) modulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT), which contributes to kidney tubulo-interstitial fibrosis in angiotensin II-dependent hypertension

Anna Sandra Belloni, Teresa Maria Seccia, Diego Guidolin, Brasilina Caroccia, V. Sartor, Lucia Petrelli & GianPaolo Rossi
The origin of myofibroblasts remains uncertain, but studies suggest that the epithelial cells may acquire a fibroblast-like phenotype via epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT). Objective of the study was to investigate whether EMT may contribute to the development of kidney fibrosis in a model of angiotensin II-dependent hypertension and to identify the role of ET-1 via ETA/ETB receptors. Transgenic rats TGRen2 (n=35) received for 4 weeks one of the following treatments a) irbesartan, b) bosentan, non selective...

The construction of urban qualities. The case study of the centrality of Torre Spaccata in Rome

Eliana Cangelli & Maurizio Sibilla
The evolution of the settlement arrangements in Rome is determined, in large part, by the implementation of the 18 centralities under the New Town Planning, which will be a testing ground for experimenting with new living profiles. Using a case study of Torre Spaccata, the authors demonstrate the contribution of the environmental project to the construction of an urban development model that is attentive to the energy and environmental characteristics of the settlement arrangements. The...

Social Housing: the case of Parma

Sonia Peron
The first intervention of Social House at the national level co-financed by the Funds Integrated System (FIS) and the first one that has actually implemented the housing plan launched by the government in 2009 was born in Parma. The project was conceived for the realization of total 2477 accommodation, to be implemented in two stages, in relation to the availability of the areas. The end that has moved the initiative was to promote housing models...

A role for apoptosis in temporomandibular joint disc degeneration. A contemporary review

Concetta Galanti, Giuseppe Musumeci, Jessica Valentino, Salvatore Giunta & Sergio Castorina
The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects the mandible to the skull. TMJ disorders induce degenerative tissue changes in TMJ disc that are largely the result of maladaption to abnormal joint loading. Histopathological studies have documented an association between TMJ arthropathy and loss of tissue cellularity, via apoptosis-related processes, that result in diminished extracellular matrix generation, organization, and repair. However, the exact molecular mechanisms underpinning the development and progression of such degenerative changes are still unclear. We...

New standards for new poverties. Ecosystemic strategies and governance of the chain

Carola Clemente
The impact and duration of the economic crisis we are experiencing is having a profound influence on the extended construction chain, it conditions the productive system, the system of products and services, and the system of demand, that is, the community of users of the built product. Manmade territory is the site of the clash between competing stakeholders and is the location of some of the most critical social, economic and environmental areas. To put...

L’andamento nel tempo delle disparità scolastiche in Italia e il rebus delle classi medie sovrascolarizzate

Carlo Barone
This article presents empirical evidence on trends over time in educational inequalities in Italy and focuses on the school attainment of middle classes. The analyses are based on a cumulative dataset that covers with large numbers the cohorts schooled over the past century, including the most recent cohorts. Class of origin is defined according to the EGP schema, rather than the traditional Cobalti-Schizzerotto schema. Results point to a long-term trend of declining inequality in education...

Sulla libertà e il potere

Graziella Di Salvatore
La nota critica pone a confronto i testi filosofico-politici di Laura Bazzicalupo (2011), Eroi della libertà. Storie di rivolta contro il potere, Il Mulino, Bologna, e di Giacomo Marramao (2011), Contro il potere, Bompiani, Milano. Riflettendo sulle dinamiche e i problemi più prettamente di ordine “pratico” che i due autori sviluppano nei loro lavori discutendo i concetti libertà e potere che si sono avuti ed evoluti nello spazio e nel tempo della civiltà occidentale, il...

Environmental Design with Regard to Emergency and Scarce Resources: a few Method Reflections

Fabrizio Tucci
The essay illustrates a few method or project approach reflections on a range of questions: the ones faced by all branches of knowledge of ‘Environmental Design’. Today, those branches are asked to tackle the broader ‘environmental question’ in a more and more crucial and binding way, and to provide answers to more and more frequent emergency situations, dealing also with increasingly scarce resources in our cities and territories. A few questions are posed: which logic-cognitive...

Effect of nonylphenol on gastric epithelial cells

Lucrezia Manente, Angela Lucariello, Angelica Perna, Ivan Cavallotti, Emilia Pollio, Anna Sellitti, Maria De Falco & Antonio De Luca
Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, Vol 115, No 1/2 (Supplement) 2010

(Industrial) Research on Building Production: results and future developments

Giuseppe Alaimo
In accordance with the most recent management mandate, ISTeA (Italian Society of Science, Technology and engineering of Architecture) has devoted its efforts to outlining those topics which are of fundamental importance for the activity of its stakeholders, in line with the road maps of national and Community funding programmes and with the strategic objectives of (Industrial) Research which range from the energy-environmental performance of buildings and districts to automation in construction within the context of...

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