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Meeting with Joyce

Jan Parandowski
Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies, No 5 (2015)

Apprendimento in digitale e processi cognitivi: problemi aperti e riflessioni da ri-avviare

Antonio Marzano, Rosa Vegliante & Iolanda Sara Iannotta
Il contributo intende esaminare gli apporti di ricerche empiriche, nazionali e internazionali, realizzate nell’ambito della Media Education, con particolare riferimento al rapporto tra tecnologie, supporti digitali e processo di apprendimento. Nella prima parte del contributo è delineata la cornice teorica di riferimento per ricostruire il passaggio da una società monosensoriale ad una multisensoriale sempre più dominata dagli artefatti digitali. La seconda parte si concentra sui supporti digitali di lettura, in particolare sull’e-book. Dopo aver analizzato...

From the Frontiers of Writing: Pol/Ir/ish Intertexts

Fiorenzo Fantaccini & Luigi Marinelli
Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies, N° 5 (2015)

La città. Un ecosistema di beni comuni

Piero Bevilacqua
Le maggiori analisi storico-sociologiche che con diversi approcci, nel corso del ’900, si sono occupate di habitat e ambienti urbani, hanno tratteggiato la città come insediamento funzionale allo scambio di prodotti, centro di flussi di un mercato in progressiva espansione. L’idea che si possa considerare la città non solo come snodo di scambio di prodotti, ma come ‘frammento’ di una più ampia rete ecosistemica è una recente conquista del pensiero sociale. La cultura ambientalista e...

Where to “Rock”? Choice of retreat sites by a gecko in a semi-arid habitat

Andreia Penado, Ricardo Rocha, Marta Sampaio, Vanessa Gil, Bruno Carreira & Rui Rebelo
The Selvagens gecko (Tarentola boettgeri bischoffi Joger, 1984) is a medium sized gecko endemic to the Selvagens archipelago, Madeira, Portugal. The biology of this gecko is poorly known and in this study we present the first evidence regarding its habitat use. In 2010 (spring and autumn) and 2011 (spring), we collected data on the characteristics of the habitat surrounding 168 rocks used by these geckos as retreat sites, as well as on 75 randomly selected...

Nonylphenol affects activity of human reproductive cells

Mariana Di Lorenzo, Maurizio Forte, Angela Lucariello, Giuseppina Iachetta, Vincenza Laforgia & Maria De Falco
Nonylphenol (NP) is an industrial compound belonging to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) with xenoestrogenic activity abundantly present in the environment. Its xenoestrogenic activity was demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo. Estrogens play an important role in development and growth of human endometrium and prostate. Since NP mimics endogenous estrogens, it could have a negative influence on normal physiology of both organs. In this study we examined the effects of NP and 17-β-estradiol (E2) on...

Re-description of the external morphology of Phyllomedusa iheringii Boulenger, 1885 larvae (Anura: Hylidae), with comments on the external morphology of tadpoles of the P. burmeisteri group

Samanta Iop, Victor Mendes Lipinski, Bruno Madalozzo, Franciele Pereira Maragno, Sonia Zanini Cechin & Tiago Gomes Dos Santos
Phyllomedusa iheringii is a leaf frog endemic to the Uruguayan Savanna, which reproduces in water bodies in open areas. Here, based on the lack of some informative characteristics observed on the first description of this species, we re-describe the larval external morphology of P. iheringii from localities in Brazil and Uruguay, and compared them with other species from the P. burmeisteri group. The tadpoles of P. iheringii belong to the suspension-rasper guild. The body length...

Ringraziamenti / Acknowledgements

Fiorenzo Fantaccini, Arianna Antonielli & Samuele Grassi
Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies, No 5 (2015)

L’evento educativo: uno sguardo pedagogico al “pensiero indipendente” di Hannah Arendt

Marta Ilardo
The article aims at seeking the possible connection between Hannah Arendt’s thought and a few categories of the “pedagogical problematicism”. Key Concepts like Evil, Action and “Vita Activa” are investigated in relation to the “educational event” and its implications for the pedagogical reflection.

Gramsci e il movimento per l’educazione nuova. Alcuni spunti di riflessione

Daniele Martinez
This paper traces the considerations of Gramsci about the New Education Movement. We have analyzed the relationships between the Educational Activism and the Gramsci’s work. In particular we evaluated similarities and differences with the Pragmatism of Dewey, with the Educational Spontaneism, inspired by the tradition of Rousseau, and with the Italian Neo-idealist Pedagogy represented by the figure of Lombardo Radice. In conclusion, in the history of the italian school after the Second World War, we...


I Direttori
Studi sulla Formazione, Anno XVII, I-2014

John L. Bell: A biographical note

Alberto Peruzzi
Born in 1945, John Lane Bell is not only one of the greatest logicians of our time, but he is also one the most gifted in the art of writing, as witnessed by the success of his introductory texts, many of which were originally written as lecture notes: their essential clarity is an exemplar of the Attic style. More generally, Bell’s works are a rare example of how rigour and sophisticated elegance can coexist.

Anthropometric indices of adiposity and fasting glucose metabolism in breast cancer survivors: effects of aerobic physical activity

Jacopo Antonino Vitale, Eliana Roveda, Andrea Caumo, Letizia Grassi, Eleonora Bruno, Franca Carandente & Angela Montaruli
Adiposity and hypersinsulinemia are factors involved in cancer mortality including BC (1). Physical activity (PA) has the potential to counterbalance these risk factors. In fact, PA has been shown to produce beneficial effects on adiposity and glucose metabolism (2). We thus designed a randomized controlled trial to test the effect of an aerobic PA program on anthropometric indices of adiposity and fasting glucose metabolism in BC women included in a dietary intervention trial for prevention...

Learning the “language of connections”. The value of art in the thinking of Gregory Bateson

Silvia Demozzi
The article presents a brief analysis of the role of art in the thinking of Gregory Bateson. This is the starting point for a pedagogical reflection that may emphasize, in the educational processes, the languages of connection, typical of art and metaphor, and may propose alternative paths to «single thought» and simplification.

Ripensare l’estetica nel tempo “mostruoso”

Paolo Mottana
The text reads again the notion of esthetic above all as symbolic sensibility, sensibility to the secret language of world, to her intimate correspondences, to the network of affinity in which it’s interweaved. Today this sensibility appears secondary and anesthetized, with effects of decline that reflect in many aspects of our life. It’s necessary to reactivate as soon as possible this sensibility and the resulting responsibility through the exercise of an accurate and receptive look,...

Collaborare online per la progettazione educativa. Un ambiente web di scrittura collaborativa come laboratorio nella formazione universitaria

Giuseppe Pillera
How can we support group collaboration about designing human and social change? This paper reports three years of blending laboratory at university course about pedagogic models for educational planning and it especially explores about methodology, tools, participants, activities and assessment, with regard to group-based collaborative writing set in a specially made web environment.

Three-dimensional analysis for the evaluation of left ventricular aneurysm and pseudo-aneurysm after myocardial infarction

Giuseppe Anastasi, Maria Cinquegrani, Demetrio Milardi, Antonio Duca, Gianluigi Vaccarino, Giuseppe Santoro, Maria Righi & Ludovico Magaudda
Myocardial Infarction (MI) is an ischemic heart disease representing one of the main causes of death for acute cardiac pathologies. Two important consequences of MI are left ventricular (LV) aneurysm and pseudo-aneurysm. The aim of the present study is to highlight anatomical and functional changes in LV undergoing post-ischemic remodeling by means of three dimensional-Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and three dimensional-Computed Tomography (CT), which are useful techniques for the diagnosis and evaluation of accurate clinical...

L’umanesimo di Aristotele fra politica, conoscenza e educazione

Marco Salis
According to the author of this study, the nature of Aristotle’s work is, at the same time, humanistic and anthropocentric, unlike Plato’s work, which is hu- manistic and theocentric. The author arrives at this conclusion through exami- nation of the philosopher’s pedagogical ideas: the definition of the purposes and means of education is related to the quality of the responses on the organisation of human societies, on the problem of the common good, and on...

Note sulla fanciullezza nel pensiero di Leopardi

Michele Zedda
Childhood is a central topic in Leopardi’s literary production. The poet describes the child’s mind very carefully: his memory, imagination, attention and his pe- culiar points of view. These descriptions haven’t a direct pedagogical purpose, but it is possible to find in them important ideas on education.

Fractal analysis of alveolarization in hyperoxia-induced rat models of bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Andrea Porzionato, Diego Guidolin, Veronica Macchi, Gloria Sarasin, Anna Rambaldo, Davide Grisafi, Arben Dedja, Cinzia Tortorella, Patrizia Zaramella & Raffaele De Caro
Many morphometric approaches have been proposed for quantitative evaluation of alveolarization in experimental models of bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD), such as alveolar number, alveolar size and variability, mean linear intercept (Lm), surface-to-volume ratio, or radial alveolar count. Conversely, no papers are available about potentiality of fractal analysis in this matter. Thus, in the present study, we performed a comparative analysis between Lm and fractal parameters (fractal dimension (D) and lacunarity (λ)), in experimental hyperoxia-induced models of...

Age structure, growth and longevity in the common toad, Rhinella arenarum, from Argentina

Clarisa Bionda, Silvia Kost, Nancy Salas, Rafael Lajmanovich, Ulrich Sinsch & Adolfo Martino
Age structure, growth and longevity was determined in the common toad, Rhinella arenarum, from a suburban pond located in the Pampa plains, central Argentina during two breeding seasons, in 2000 and 2008 by using skeletochronology, which relies on the analysis of the annual lines of arrested growth (LAGs) in bones. Both females and males were captured in 2008, while only males were recorded in 2000. Females were significantly larger than males. Mean population age was...

Basal frequency of micronuclei and hematological parameters in the Side-necked Turtle, Phrynops hilarii (Duméril & Bibron, 1835)

Maria Latorre, Evelyn López González, Pablo Siroski & Gisela Poletta
The present study aimed to evaluate basal frequency of micronuclei (MN) and hematological values in adult Phrynops hilarii in order to propose this aquatic turtle, broadly distributed in our region, as a biological monitor for future studies of environmental pollution assessment. Thirty-two adult turtles from a semi-natural environment located at the Zoological Experimental Station (Santa Fe, Argentina) were used. Blood samples were taken and the following parameters were determined: basal frequency of MN (BFMN), total...

Haplotype variation in founders of the Mauremys annamensis population kept in European Zoos

Barbora Somerova, Ivan Rehák, Petr Velenský, Klára Palupčíková, Tomáš Protiva & Daniel Frynta
The critically endangered Annam leaf turtle Mauremys annamensis faces extinction in nature. Because of that, the conservation value of the population kept in European zoos becomes substantial for reintroduction programmes. We sampled 39 specimens of M. annamensis from European zoos and other collections (mainly founders, imports and putatively unrelated individuals), and also four specimens of Mauremys mutica for comparison. In each animal, we sequenced 817 bp of the mitochondrial ND4 gene and 940 bp of...

A multi-scale investigation of biological niches within human calcified aortic valves helps to understand the pathological biomineralization process

Michela Relucenti, Valentina Cottignoli, Giovanna Agrosì, Elena Cavarretta, Loris Salvador, Ezio Battaglione, Adriana Maras & Giuseppe Familiari
Calcific aortic valve stenosis (CAVS) is the most common form of heart valve disease in the industrialized countries, being an important public health problem [1]. Ectopic calcifications within aortic valve leaflets are strictly associated with CAVS, interfering with cusps opening, they lead to ventricular outflow obstruction [2]. Up to date no proven medical therapy stops CAVS course progression, so valve replacement is the only possible treatment of severe CAVS. Unfortunately, the degenerative valve calcification process,...

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