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Nazionalismo etnico-culturale e nazionalismo religioso

Arianna Montanari
The process of globalization has followed logics that have not take account of borders and national economic interests. The states appear in difficulty while under and above them are being defined relations and economic flows that transcend them, when they do not ignore them. In addition the massive migration due to wars, famines and hunger are transforming the nations in multi-ethnic and multi-cultural states. The advance of identity fragmentation and the loss of national power...

Il postsecular turn: politica, religione e società oltre la secolarizzazione?

Ilaria Biano
The debate over the concept of ‘postsecular’ has grown in the last decades gathering both supporters and critics. Originated from the formulation made by Jürgen Habermas, the ‘postsecular turn’ became one of the most successful concepts in the long history of the theory of secularization. Many contemporary analysis of the role of religion in society and politics can be read in the postsecular frame. The aim of this paper is to sum up different aspects...

Political Empowerment of European Citizens. A Comparative Public Opinion and Approach

Antonio Alaminos Chica & Ignacia Perea Crespo
Over time, the European Union has undergone a number of highly significant integration processes on an economic, social and political level. With the structure of States, it has implemented a number of actions aimed at empowering citizens by harmonising different rights and producing relevant processes in first-generation political rights. Through the EU members’ public opinion, this article analyses the effects of European foreign migrants’ electoral rights in both local and European elections. With the analysis...

Aspetti demografici ed ideologici del populismo in Europa

Carlo Ruzza & Enzo Loner
This article explores the socio-economic and attitudinal profile of voters of radical right populist in ten European countries. It provides confirmation of the so-called syndrome of the ‘losers of globalization’ which the literature indicates as a predictor of the radical right vote and which consists in perceptions of declining standard of living, blaming of migrants and generalized concerns with personal security. In addition, it examines the propensity to vote for radical right parties when they...

Zvi Enrico Jolles Pioneer in Applied Chemistry

Irene Bainbridge
When I brought to Florence the death mask of Prof. Angelo Angeli, earlier this year, I was greeted most warmly but with some puzzlement as to how it came to be in my possession. I discovered that my father, a pupil of Angeli and later a rising figure in Florentine chemistry between 1924 and 1938, had been completely forgotten there after he was expelled from Italy to comply with the fascist Racial Laws of 1938....

The Early History of Polyaniline: Discovery and Origins

Seth C. Rasmussen
Prior to the discovery of its conductive properties in the 1960s, polyaniline was studied and applied as a variety of colored materials and dyes. The history of the discovery and origins of polyaniline are presented beginning with the initial oxidation of aniline by F. Ferdinand Runge in 1834 and concluding with the first electrochemical oxidation of aniline by Henry Letheby in 1862. In the process, the reports of aniline oxidation products between 1834 and 1862...

The Master and the Slave. A glance at the social life of molecules

Henri Bouas-Laurent & Jean-Pierre Desvergne
Low energy interactions induce the formation of molecular assemblies that can display a large variety of sizes and shapes such as dimers, oligomers, colloids, gels, helices, cylinders, etc. These grouping modes mimic human relationships, as people generally flock together according to their affinities. Moreover, chemical reactions, undergone under strong energy interactions, that result in bond breaking and formation of new compounds, can also be compared to human behaviour. The fables usually involve animals but rarely...

Evaluation of adaptability potentials in seven iranian pomegranate cultivars based on comparison of physiological characteristics and leaf minearl composition

B. Jamali & A.R. Bonyanpour
Present study was carried out to compare leaf mineral composition and some physiological parameters in seven Iranian pomegranate cultivars for evaluation of their adaptability differences in Arsenjan region/Fars province/southern Iran and selecting probable more abiotic tolerant cultivars in this region. Uniform and healthy rooted plants of seven commercial pomegranate cultivars were purchased from a commercial nursery and planted in a completely randomized block design in an orchard site in Arsenjan region. After full establishment the...

Characterization of volatile compounds in Mentha spicata L. dried leaves

E. Masi, S. Caparrotta, C. Taiti, F. Ieri, P. Fiume, N. Moselhy, S. Mancuso & A. Romani
Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) is one of the most common techniques used to measure and to characterize volatile organic compounds (VOCs). At the same time, the proton transfer reaction time-of-flight mass spectrometry (PTR-ToF-MS) represents a recent innovative tool that allows the on-line monitoring of VOCs providing the whole mass spectra with short response time, high mass resolution and without sample preparation. We reported as major constituents of headspace in spearmint dried leaves the monoterpenes carvone,...

Fungal colonization improved growth and modulated the expression of myrosinase in black cabbage

R. Del Carratore, A. Podda & B.E. Maserti
The role of beneficial microorganisms, such as mycorrhizas, in improving the resistance to environmental stress of colonized plants is well-known. Plants of Brassicaceae family are of large economic importance, especially for the synthesis of anticarcinogenic compounds such as glucosinolates and their derivatives isothiocyanates. The endophyte fungus Piriformospora indica is able to colonize them and improves their growth and response to environmental stress. However, no information are available on the impact of colonization on glucosinolate metabolism....

On Experiencing Meaning: Irreducible Cognitive Phenomenology and Sinewave Speech

John Joseph Dorsch
Upon first hearing sinewaves, all that can be discerned are beeps and whistles. But after hearing the original speech, the beeps and whistles sound like speech. The difference between these two episodes undoubtedly involves an alteration in phenomenal character. O’Callaghan (2011) argues that this alteration is non-sensory, but he leaves open the possibility of attributing it to some other source, e.g. cognition. I discuss whether the alteration in phenomenal character involved in sinewave speech provides...

Embodied Mind – Ensocialled Body: Navigating Bodily and Social Processes within Accounts of Human Cognitive Agency

Joe Higgins
There is a prevalent tension within recent cognitive scientific accounts of human selfhood in that either bodily processes or social processes are explanatorily favored at the expense of the other. This tension is elucidated by the body-social problem (Kyselo, 2014) and at its heart is ambiguity regarding the body’s role within embodied cognitive science. Drawing on a range of phenomenological and empirical insights, I propose that we can avoid the problem by embracing the concept...

La valutazione nella pianificazione urbanistica: un approccio multicriterio per la scelta di Piani Operativi alternativi a Cava De’ Tirreni

Pasquale De Toro & Silvia Iodice
The aim of the paper is to provide support to an evaluation in urban planning, creating a useful approach for the choice of future alternative Operational Plans in Cava De’ Tirreni (Salerno). They represent planning tools that are usually formed after public announcements to select the interventions to be implemented in the areas of transformation identified by the general Municipal Urban Plan. A suitable system of territorial indicators to verify the achievement of such goals...


Quaderni di Linguistica e Studi Orientali, Vol. 3 (2017)

The voiced and voiceless outcomes of intervocalic -SJ- in Old Tuscan

Stefano Canalis
This paper deals with the non-systematic voicing of intervocalic sj in Old Tuscan. Old Tuscan displays both voiceless [ʃ] and voiced [ʒ] as outcomes of intervocalic sj, without an obvious phonological conditioning determining them. None of the existing attempts to account for this dual outcome – the search for a Neogrammarian regularity, the supposed introduction of [ʒ] through lexical borrowing, the hypothesis of a variable sound change – is completely satisfactory. It will be proposed...

How do we recognize a good scientist?

Pietro Greco
Substantia, Vol 1 No 2 (2017)


Clara Silva
Rivista Italiana di Educazione Familiare, n° 1 gennaio-giugno 2017

L’impiego delle fonti orali nella ricostruzione delle storie di famiglia. Una rassegna storiografica

Barbara Coppini Orlandi
This article offers an overview of studies that used oral sources in order to tell some of the possible paths taken by Italian families during the Twentieth Century. While the Introduction talks about the development that the use of such sources has gone through in our Country, highlighting the stages and some significant methodological aspects, in the remaining five paragraphs, the treatise continues focusing on those authors who, starting from the Sixties of the Twentieth...

Studi e riflessioni per la salvaguardia e valorizzazione della cripta di Sant'Eusebio a Pavia

Alessio Cardaci & Antonella Versaci
Located in Pavia, in an area that owes its importance to the Longobards era, the crypt of St. Eusebius is today the only surviving evidence of an ancient Germanic Cathedral, perhaps dating from the reign of King Rotari. Cited by Paolo Diacono in his Historia Langobardorum, it was over time affected by various alterations, devastations and assaults, alternated with long and dusty periods of neglect, which inevitably affected its dignity. This important 'monumental ruin', for...

Archeologia ferroviaria: la stazione di Fermo e le opere d’arte della Ferrovia Adriatico Appennino.

Mauro Saracco, Leonardo Petetta & Chiara Cecchi
The italian railway network has several disused lines and many of them cross high-quality landscapes. The artifacts, built to realize these infrastructural networks, remain in rural and mountain areas as 'archaeological ruins' of larger and extensive works. The conservation and enhancement of these 'ruins', allows not to miss an important historical and material evidences, of social and economic development of many Italian regions. In this perspective has been addressed the study of the Railway Adriatico-Amandola,...

San Michele Arcangelo a Metelliano, Pieve in val D’Asse: metodologie per il rilevo, la documentazione, la conservazione e la valorizzazione

Giovanni Pancani
The Pieve of San Michele Arcangelo in Metelliano is part of the the territory of Arezzo, in particular is located near Cortona, in the Val d'Esse, at the edge of the Chiana Valley. The eleventh century church, built in a phase immediately preceding to the full maturity of the Romanesque, was rebuilt by the architect Maginardo from Arezzo. The paper considers the problem of the methods and investigation protocols relating to the historical archaeological monuments....

I cambiamenti delle pratiche genitoriali attraverso la narrazione di sé

Francesca Dello Preite
Family education and parenting practices are areas and human processes in continuous transformation. As it happens for all the other social life fields, they are closely connected to the cultural, political, economic system belonging to specific places and historical periods: hence, they evolve, resulting in more complex and totally new educational styles and relationships between parents and children. From these considerations, this essay aims at analyzing and approaching these changes, using autobiographical narration of some...

Massimo Perriccioli (a cura di): RE-Cycling Social Housing. Ricerche per la rigenerazione sostenibile dell’edilizia residenziale sociale

Michele Conteduca
TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, TECHNE 13 (2017): Theories Practice Design

Una possibile risposta alla crisi della partecipazione e della rappresentanza: il partito-movimento e il caso Podemos

Raffaella Fittipaldi
The article deals with the new political forms of organisation and the party change, in a sociological and political science perspective. Wondering about the electoral success of new political actors and the crisis of the traditional one, it is introduced by the party-movement category. The article is divided into three parts. The first part discusses the salience of the classical political categories, while the second part provides an analysis of a single case study: the...

Nicholas McDowell, The English Radical Imagination. Culture, Religion, and Revolution, 1630-1660, Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2003

Mario Caricchio
Cromohs - Cyber Review of Modern Historiography, Vol 10 (2005)

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