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Remanentes socio-históricos y culturales de la esclavitud urbana en el centro Histórico La Habana Vieja

Inaury Portuondo Cárdenas
Transatlantic slavery as a process has been stereotyped in many bibliographies emphasizing plantation slavery. However, urban slavery and its characteristics are always overlapping “under the city’s comfort” that the owners could offer. In the Havana Historic Center, this view has a great impact on the history, culture and development of a city close to its 500th anniversary. However, the optimal visualization and socialization of the subject with its just historical treatment has been a debt...

Rome babylon

Rosario Pavia
TECHNE - Journal of Technology for Architecture and Environment, TECHNE 17 (2019): Horizontality/verticality in architecture

La Sociedad Abakua Enigmas y realidades di Ediel Gonzales Herrera, Ediciones Extramuros, La Habana, 2017

Giovanna Campani
Comparative Cultural Studies - European and Latin American Perspectives, Vol 3 No 6 (2018)

Ambivalence et complexité des nuits urbaines contemporaines : le cas de Bordeaux

Cécilia Comelli
This article focuses on the night-time in Bordeaux, as a complex and ambivalent space-time. The urban night is a space-time no less complex than the daytime, as we will see with the example of the city of Bordeaux. Indeed, this space-time, according to the actors, may be attractive, denied or more normative than night owls could not or would not like to believe (Cauquelin 1977). The policies of requalification and revitalisation that has been running...


Dinora Corsi
Storia delle Donne, Vol 13 No 1 (2017): Storia delle Donne 13/2017 - Povertà

La représentation de la Nuit dans l’Antiquité grecque : fondements, spécificités, significations

Clara Granger
The representations and evocations of the night, as a luminary and a divinity, seem to be codified, at least systematized in Greek art. The Night, Nyx, is a goddess which is mostly depicted in opposition to other personifications, such as the Sun or the Moon. The reasons must be search both in iconography and mythology. Moreover, the representations of the Night and the figures opposed to her (but at the same time complementary) are symbolic...

Quand la nuit vient à être plus riche que le jour. Pierre Deffontaines et la lutte contre le rythme nycthéméral

Antoine Huerta
Among many unknown texts of the French geographer Pierre Deffontaines, the Introduction to a geography of sleep and night is interesting for two reasons: it is one of the last articles he publishes (1966) and he represents not only his conceptions of geography, but also the direction he wanted to give it to. This text should be considered in its context of production; it would be a condition to understand this geography of the night...

Géographies de la nuit / Geographies of the night / Geografie della notte

Luc Gwiazdzinski, Marco Maggioli & Will Straw
Bollettino della Società Geografica Italiana, Series 14 Vol 1 No 2 (2018)

Hi-Tech waste as “Urban Mines” of precious metals: new sustainable recovery methods

Angela Serpe
Precious metals (PMs) are valuable components of Hi-Tech goods such as electrical and electronic equipment, catalysts, advanced materials. These relatively recent applications and the growth of their market due to the fast technological development, heavily contribute to the high rate of element consumption and Hi-Tech waste accumulation of the modern consumer society. Looking at these wastes with new eyes, encouraged by the recent world-wide regulations aimed to the sustainable waste management and raw materials preservation,...

Lotta contro la povertà e lotta per il diritto. Il femminismo russo di fronte alle rivoluzioni

Antonella Salomoni
Until the 1917 revolutions, women’s organizations invest substantial effort to combat the economic and cultural poverty of women in Russia. To measure the quality of the debate and the data that field research was quickly able to produce, the essay examines, as a privileged observatory, the symposiums of the various women’s organizations with particular regard to the activity of Russian Society for the Protection of Women, the all-Russian congress of women, and the first congress...

Gold parting with nitric acid in gold-silver alloys

Iacopo Ciabatti
This article is an overview of gold parting with nitric acid on a both industrial and laboratory scale, supported by more recently reported experimental and theoretical studies on the gold dealloying process for the fabrication of nanoporous gold material.

Between Cry and Hope. World War I in Croatian Literary Avant-Garde

Ivica Matičević
This paper is an informative and analytical description of the thematization/presence of the topic of World War I in the Croatian avant-garde creation (1917-1925). The theme of World War I plays such and important role in the poetry, prose and drama of literary Expressionism that without it, the corpus of artistic texts of Croatian expressionism and Croatian literary avant-garde would be significantly impoverished. The course of elaboration of war themes and of the very end...

Il caso Grzymała Lubański

Alessandro Cifariello
The purpose of this article is to examine the personal and professional life of Henryk Grzymała Lubański. A Polish Garibaldian who was completely erased from public memory after his death, Lubański was extremely active in promoting the Russian and Polish languages and Russian and Polish literature among Italians. This article, which is based on a variety of unpublished archival sources, is the first to be entirely dedicated to this subject. This work contributes to a...

Естественнонаучные и традиционные методы в исследовании Хлудовского глаголического палимпсеста XI в. (ГИМ, Хлуд. 117). Предварительные результаты

Elena Uchanova, Michail Žižin, Aleksandr Andreev & Aleksej Pojda
The article is devoted to the new stage of the Chludov glagolitic and latin palimpsests from the study of a 14th-early 15thcentury manuscript (SHM, Chlud. 117). The method of a multispectral imaging and subsequent software processing of palimpsest digital images allows us to read four pages of this manuscript. They contain services of a small (selected) glagolitic Menaion of the 11thcentury, made in southwestern Bulgaria under the influence of south Italian Latin and Byzantine manuscripts....

Praxis and Logos. The Archetype of Human Transformation in Słowacki and Norwid

Marina Ciccarini
Post-Hegelian philosophy and French utopian socialism find a point of convergence in the so-called ‘philosophy of action’ that was devised in Poland. Its implications were both original and fruitful, and represent the underlying doctrinal theory of the poetics of several writers of Polish literary romanticism. This article analyzes the presence of some instances of the philosophical system of August von Cieszkowski in the poetics of C.K. Norwid and J. Słowacki. Special emphasis is placed on...

A zonzo per l’Europa centrale ovvero escursioni storiche, filosofiche e letterarie attraverso la Mitteleuropa

Andrea Trovesi
The new book of Czech author Martin C. Putna offers a ‘deep insight’ and at the same time a ‘wide overview’ of the main historical and cultural facts that contributed to shape East-Central Europe over the centuries. All historical parts of the former Habsburg Empire (Austrian) are crossed – from Vorarlberg in the far west to Bukovina in the far east, from the former Ottoman Bosnia and Herzegovina in the south to the Austrian region...

Двенадцать А. Блока между Россией и Италией

Чезаре Де Микелис
The perception of a literary text in a language and culture different from the author's can aid the analysis of the poetics and the translation of the work. Examples taken from mistaken translations and the Italian notes to the text in fact highlight the symbology of The Twelve. At the same time, it is possible to see some literary fragments—Italian, of course—which act as the hypotext of Blok’s poem.

Principles of Quoting the Holy Scriptures in Works by 17th Century Ukrainian Authors: Approaching the Issue

Larysa Dovga & Roman Kyselov
Ukrainian attitudes towards the holy scriptures, and the ways in which they were quoted and referred to, indicate the specificity of the Ukrainian intellectual culture and the range of freedom that this culture set as a frame for its own development. The Bible quotations used in the selected 17th century texts in Old Ukrainian (prosta mova) and Church Slavonic show that the scriptures were treated by Ukrainian religious intellectuals as the most authoritative source for...

Položaj i razvoj hrvatskoga jezika od 1918. do 1945. godine

Amir Kapetanović
This paper provides an overview of the position and development of the Croatian language from 1918 to 1945, including government involvement in language, norming work by Croatian linguists, and its stylistically stratified usage. After the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, the Croatian language found itself in a new situation, exposed to unitarist tendencies within a South Slavic state. During the Second World War and the fascist Independent State of Croatia, the linguistic freedoms of the...

Effect of drought and nitrogen fertilisation on quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa Willd.) under field conditions in Burkina Faso

Jorge Alvar-Beltrán, Coulibaly Saturnin, Abdalla Dao, Anna Dalla Marta, Jacob Sanou & Simone Orlandini
Chenopodium quinoa (Willd.) is an herbaceous C3 crop originating in the Andean Altiplano. Quinoa possesses a great deal of genetic variability, can adapt to diverse climatic conditions, besides of having seeds with high nutritional properties. An experiment conducted in Burkina Faso has determined the response of two quinoa varieties (Titicaca and Negra Collana) to different planting dates (November vs December), irrigation levels (Potential evapotranspiration-PET, 100, 80 and 60% PET), and N fertilization rates (100, 50...

Crescita economica e riduzione dei GHGS: un problema globale

Gaetano Perone
The environmental sustainability is probably one of the most controversial topics of national policy agendas. The needs to combine economic growth and well-being, have forced governments to introduce tools for reducing CO2 emission and avoiding climate change. This paper aims to assess the effectiveness of these measures in the 1990-2014 period for a sample of 188 countries; and to analyze the determinants of CO2 in the 2000-2014 period for a sample of 175 countries. The...

Technical efficiency and farm size: an analysis based on the Brazilian agriculture and livestock census

Carlos Otavio De Freitas, Erly Cardoso Teixeira, Marcelo Jose Braga & Amanda Massaneira De Souza Schuntzemberger
This paper analyzes the relationship between technical efficiency and farm size, considering different classes of area and efficiency levels in Brazil. Stochastic Frontier Production was used to obtain the technical efficiency and the Quantile Regression was used to identify their determinants. Microdata from the 2006 Brazilian Agriculture Census were used. It was found a positive and non-linear relationship between farm size and efficiency in all area classes. However, the more efficient the producers, the weaker...

La convenienza economica alla coltivazione di OGM in Italia: un’analisi sul campione della rete italiana di contabilità agricola (RICA)

Mafalda Monda & Antonella Tantari
The present paper examines the economic convenience of the cultivation of GMOs in Italy. In particular, a simulation was conducted on the effects of the adoption of GM corn for specialized Italian farms, through the comparison of the gross margin of GM and conventional maize. Results obtained on the sample of farms belonging to the Italian farm accountancy data network (FADN), in the 2013-2015 period, show that the gross margin obtainable with the use of...

The role of the CAP in fostering the diffusion of institutional hybrid arrangements: three case studies from Italy

Stefano Ciliberti, Gabriele Chiodini & Angelo Frascarelli
The last reforms of the CAP have promoted the diffusion of new regulatory tools to improve the coordination of decisions along the agri-food supply chain. Interbranch organizations, protection consortia, the regulation of the supply for PDO products and the extension of rules represent solutions aimed at fostering the diffusion of institutionalized collective arrangements in the presence of an increasing uncertainty surrounding transactions. In light of New Institutional Economics, this paper describes and evaluates some interesting...

Immigrants in agricultural sector in Sicily: the experience of Sicilia Integra project

Giuseppe Timpanaro, Paolo Guarnaccia, Dario Macaluso, Gabriella Ricciardi & Giovanni Dara Guccione
The overview of the most relevant literature on migration, whose main issues were human rights, work in agriculture, cultural and social inclusion, highlighted one common point: the need to foster the legal work of migrants as a driver for social integration. This finding was confirmed by a CREA-PB survey that, after outlining the role of foreign workers in Sicilian agriculture, has emphasised how their state of isolation derived mainly from their bad housing conditions directly...

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