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Peer assessment practices in an online context: does the group size matter?

Chiara Pelati, Valentina Grion, Lan Li & Anna Serbati
The present study examined how group size may impact students’ participation, perceptions, and work quality in an online peer assessment activity. One hundred sixty-three college freshmen were randomly assigned into three conditions that consisted of either 3-student groups, 6-student groups, or 9-student groups. Students reviewed each other’s projects within their groups. Upon receiving peer feedback, students improved their own work. The data analysis suggested that students in bigger groups more actively participated in peer review...

Self-Assessment in the university context: a systematic review

Beatrice Doria & Valentina Grion
Assessment is an emerging educational topic and the need to make education a practice aimed at improving university student’s learning is growing. The interest in self-assessment as a lifelong learning strategy is also part of this framework. A systematic review of the literature was conducted in order to investigate self-assessment as a learning strategy in the university context and to understand its real benefits. The obtained evidences highlight the positive aspects and the potential of...

Promote Informal Formative Assessment practices in Higher Education: the potential of video analysis as a training tool

Lisa O’Keeffe, Alessandra Rosa, Ira Vannini & Bruce White
This article presents the theoretical and methodological framework, objectives and phases of a project of the University of Bologna aimed at promoting Informal Formative Assessment (IFA) practices in university teaching. The paper has two elements – the first, the use of video analysis in teacher training to develop the skills required for implementing IFA are examined through the University of South Australia example provided. The second – the IFA construct outlined within the project and...

Reference in Formal Semantics and Natural Language: A Methodological Route

Francesca Boccuni
In this paper, I will tackle the notion of reference of singular terms in the light of a classic analytic divide, i.e. whether its analysis, like the analysis of other basic notions, should be carried out in natural language or in the semantics of formal frameworks. I will incline toward the latter strategy, and consider reference in classical first-order logic as the simplest framework in which to investigate reference.

Evaluating online health information in terms of readability, understandability and actionability

Marco Masoni & Maria Renza Guelfi
Improving the population health literacy is one of the main objectives of 21st century medicine. Poor health literacy is associated with an inappropriate use of healthcare resources, a higher rate of unnecessary services and hospitalizations. The Internet could play an important role in increasing the level of the population health literacy. To this end, in addition to being of high quality, it is important that information provided to citizens has to be readable. Furthermore, it...


Storia delle Donne, Vol. 1 (2005): Concepire Generare Nascere

The Universe, the Light, the Earth, the Life: the Reality is Greater than We Are

Vincenzo Balzani
The pandemic caused by Covid-19 locked us at home for several weeks. Some clever town councillors took this opportunity to offer their citizens cultural pills. In my little town I was asked to present a few short lectures on general scientific concepts. I tried to link together four entities of reality (Universe, Light, Earth and Life) showing that reality is much more complex than we think and much greater than us. E.g.: age of the...

«Eugesta», electronic journal of gender studies in Antiquity

Jacqueline Fabre-Serris & Judith P. Hallett
«Eugesta», is an international electronic journal on gender studies in Antiquity, directed by J. Fabre-Serris (Lille) and J. Hallett (Maryland). It was created in 2011 in connection with the research network of the same name, the “European Network on Gender Studies in Antiquity”. The journal is published in Open Access and hosted on the site of the University of Lille. Promoting multilingualism, «Eugesta», is conceived as a virtual meeting place between North American and European...

A Travelogue of Women’s World: The Story of «Pakistan Journal of Women’s Studies: Alam-e-Niswan»

Tahera Aftab
This paper presents the unique story of Pakistan’s pioneering journal of Women’s Studies «Pakistan Journal of Women’s Studies: Alam-e-Niswan» («PJWS»), and provides testimony to the dedication, commitment and resolution of a small group of scholars of Women’s Studies at the University of Karachi, who stood together to promote and generate feminist scholarship. «PJWS» first appeared in 1994 and since then it has attempted to act as a bridge between academics and activists, to produce interdisciplinary...

«Arenal. Revista de Historia de las Mujeres». Trayectoria e impacto en los Estudios de las Mujeres y en la historiografía feminista

Cándida Martínez Lópezcandidam@Ugr.Es
This article addresses the origins and development of «Arenal. Journal of Women’s History» as a research journal focusing on a critical analysis and reflection on the historical experience of women, the social relations of gender and processes of social transformation. It explores the initial debates on objectives and resources, and the relationship to academic feminism and international historiographical trends. It also examines the conceptual approaches and themes that have shaped monographs and studies throughout its...

Revitalizing Political Agency: Contextual Politics against Discrimination

Valeria Venditti
This article centres on the predicament of political discrimination insofar as inclusive policies fail to address it and end up impoverishing political agency. On the one hand, inclusion plays out as a powerful political tool, as people are believed to gain access to forms of recognition granting legal protection and social visibility. On the other hand, however, my claim is that most models of political inclusion require people’s adhering to fixed policy matrixes that do...

Citizenship and Political Agency. A Focus on Forms of Participation for Immigrants at Local Level

Silvia Mocchi
Immigrants’ political agency is undermined by political marginalization and disenfranchisement. Standardly citizenship acquisition is considered the key to improve immigrant’s exercise of political agency. By contrast, I propose, following Bauböck (2015), a “system of differentiated membership rights” that complements citizenship acquisition with the right to vote in local councils (based on a ius domicilii principle) and with law-making procedures based on a proportionality principle (Brighouse & Fleurbay, 2010). Distribution of power should hence be determined...

Leonora Falbetti sulle scene di corte tra Firenze e Parigi (1654-1662)

Leonardo Spinelli
The archival documents of the Medici fund kept at the State Archive of Florence, allow us to reconstruct the biography and a large part of the career of the Florentine soprano Leonora Falbetti. Leonora belonged to a ‘family of art’ that between the 17th and 18th centuries worked within an international performance circuit that connected the Italian theatres with the French and Imperial ones: it also included her older sister Lisabetta and her son Francesco...

The Social Bases of Self-Respect. Political Equality and Epistemic Injustice

Federica Liveriero
This paper investigates the limitations of the ideal of political equality under non-ideal circumstances and focuses specifically on the way in which structurally unjust social contexts endanger individuals’ perception of their own worth. Starting from Rawls’ definition of the social bases of self-respect as a primary good to be fairly distributed, the paper main goal is to provide normative arguments in favor of a power sensitive theory of political agency. A power sensitive theory, in...

Politica e recitazione a Firenze prima del principato

Paola Ventrone
This paper deals with the farces and the political and moral comedies performed during the meals of Florentine Signoria, at the beginning of 16th century, in order both to offer an amusement to its members, and to communicate political, ethical and moral messages related to the current situation and needs. Through the analysis of some plays and their authors, the author aims to underline how this type of dramaturgy was utterly peculiar to Florentine culture...

Phenomenology of Social Integration and Social Exclusion. An Essential Task of Political Collective Agency

Marco Di Feo
In this paper the author is going to talk about an essential task of political agency: social integration. He analyzes it from a phenomenological perspective, identifying its essential elements in order to achieve an eidetic view of it. The author roots the analysis of social integration in a stratified view of the social world that appears essentially composed of four different forms of social interaction: community interaction, characterized by solidarity relationships; territorial interaction, characterized by...

La villa di Piero Del Tovaglia a Santa Margherita a Montici presso Firenze

Kamela Guza
Piero del Tovaglia — procurator and factotum of Ludovico Gonzaga in Florence – participated actively in the tormented affaire of the building of the Tribune in Santissima Annunziata, showing a complete loyalty towards the solution proposed by Leon Battista Alberti. This successful task led him into the very core of the architectural debate in Florence and allowed him to get in touch with the most important architects and patrons of the time. In the last...

Ancora sulle ville lombarde del primo Rinascimento

Luisa Giordano
Throughout the 15th century, among the suburban villas in Lombardy considerations and solutions of a productive and functional nature prevail upon the research of modern forms of building and dwelling. Even Ludovico Sforza’s official meeting with Giuliano da Sangallo and his wooden model of the villa of Poggio a Caiano remains without consequences. The case of the castle of Branduzzo appears particularly advanced and ambitious but still isolated: no defensive elements apart from the traditional...

Intuizioni linguistiche e filosofia sperimentale: metodi a confronto

Bianca Cepollaro
Nell’ultimo decennio si è infittito il dibattito sul ruolo della filosofia sperimentale rispetto alla cosiddetta filosofia ‘in poltrona’ (‘armchair philosophy’). La discussione, che riguarda i metodi della filosofia analitica in generale, ha ricadute di grande interesse per la filosofia del linguaggio in particolare. In questo articolo presento un caso in cui una questione centrale nello studio dei termini espressivi – cioè se il contenuto offensivo delle espressioni denigratorie sopravviva o no nell’interazione con operatori semantici...

What is the Phenomenological Approach? Revisiting Intentional Explication

Dermot Moran
In this paper I outline the main features of the phenomenological approach, focusing on the central themes of intentionality, embodiment, empathy, intersubjectivity, sociality and the life-world. I argue that phenomenology is primarily a philosophy of intentional explication that identifies the a priori, structural correlations between subjectivity and all forms of constituted objectivities apprehended in their horizonal contexts. Intentional description reveals the structurally necessary, meaning-informing interactions between embodied subjectivity (already caught in the nexus of intersubjectivity)...

Learning disability at university: a survey through the students’ perspective

Marco Nenzioni & Giacomo Guaraldi
The research, oriented by the pedagogical approach of the Student Voice, aims to explore the state of the art of the didactic inclusion of students with specific learning disorder in the universities of Bologna and Modena-Reggio Emilia. Students’ perceptions about the practices useful to promote access and participation in academic life are reported and discussed. With the promulgation of some laws in support of inclusion issue and thanks to the spread of many frameworks for...

Sulla pista, in scena. Le pantomime di Félicien Champsaur al circo Molier e al Noveau Cirque

Elena Mazzoleni
The varied universe of the performances of Molier circus and the Nouveau Cirque finds its synthesis in Félicien Champsaur’s pantomimes, Les Éreintés de la vie (Circus Molier, 6th and 11th June 1888) and Lulu (Nouveau Cirque, 1st October 1888), not just as spectacular form of entertainment, but also as awareness of the fin de siècle anxieties. These pantomimes attest, on the one hand, Champsaur’s style which, in line with the principles of the Cercle Funambulesque,...

Spinoza on Metaphysical Doubt and the “Cartesian Circle”

Marcos André Gleizer
This article offers an analysis and defense of the solution proposed by Spinoza to the “Cartesian circle” problem. Taking into consideration Spinoza’s sound analysis of the epistemic conditions of an authentic doubt, it will try to show, against the interpreters who maintain that Spinoza’s most explicit and consistent solution fails, that his solution offers a perfectly coherent account of the self-justification of the objective value of reason. I will also briefly indicate the intimate connection...

God, Eternal Truths and the Rationality of the World in Descartes

Ethel Menezes Rocha
In this paper I examine Descartes’s thesis of the free creation of eternal truths in conjunction with what he claims to be the divine attributes known by us. Considering the Cartesian claims of God’s simplicity and that eternal truths freely created by God include logical principles as the structure of finite minds, I argue that the Cartesian thesis of the free creation of eternal truths involves: a) God necessarily establishes (and thus creates) within/as himself...

Descartes e il problema della teodicea nella prima modernità

Alfredo Gatto
The article deals with the critical reception of the Cartesian theory of the eternal truths. It aims to analyze the central role played by Descartes’ doctrine in Early Modern Philosophy, with particular regard to the reflections of Leibniz, Malebranche and Spinoza. Indeed, part of their philosophy can be considered as an attempt to criticize the premises of the Cartesian theory in order to avoid their consequences. There are then strong reasons for believing that the...

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