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Cultural Policies as a Driver For A Participatory Transformation of Democracy in the European Union

Maria Francesca De Tullio
Across Europe, culture is acquiring an increasing constitutional relevance by fostering experiments of bottom-up reflexive and self-organised participation able to bring policymakers closer to citizens. This paper adopts a European Union (EU) standpoint, observing how the EU could use cultural programs to support these practices and promote democracy and inclusion in the wake of the 'crisis of political representation'. The objective is to draw recommendations for EU institutions to connect with local communities by multiplying...

Oxynotus centrina (Oxynotidae) from the Tunisian coast (Mediterranean Sea)

Christian Capapé, Sihem Rafrafi-Nouira, Mohamed Mourad Ben Amor, Khadija Ounifi-Ben Amor & Christian Reynaud
The authors report in the present paper the capture of two specimens of a rare shark, angular rough shark Oxynotus centrina (Linnaeus, 1758), from the northern coast of Tunisia. A first specimen was a juvenile female caught off Ras Jebel, the second specimen was a juvenile male caught off Kelibia. These captures occurred after two decades in the area where it appears that the species is not totally exctincted. The Mediterranean distribution of O. centrina...

New findings of Nudipleura (Mollusca: Gastropoda) along the central-eastern coast of Sicily (Ionian Sea)

Andrea Lombardo & Giuliana Marletta
The present short note reports the finding of five Nudipleura species: one (Taringa cf. telopia) new for the Mediterranean, two (Doto maculata and Okenia longiductis) new for Sicily, one (Berthella stellata) new for the central-eastern coast of Sicily and, finally, a new record of Taringa tritorquis for the same area. For each species, information on date and site of finding, external morphology, taxonomic history, previous reports and remarks, are discussed. The finding of these species...

Sailfin velifer, Velifer hypselopterus Bleeker, 1879 (Perciformes, Veliferidae) in Oman waters: a new substantiated record from the Arabian Sea coast of Oman

Juma M. Al-Mamry & Laith A. Jawad
The first substantiated records of Sailfin velifer, Velifer hypselopterus Bleeker, 1879 in Omani waters are reported based on 10 specimens ranging in total length 300-430 mm, which have been collected by gill net on the coast of Al-Ashkharah City, 319 km south of Muscat City, Arabian Sea, Oman. Morphometric and meristic data are provided and compared with those of several specimens of this species from other parts of the world. This study reports on the...

Inga Simpson's undestory, A life with trees. A taxonomy of Australian landscape

Nunziana Mastrangelo
This essay focuses on Inga Simpson's Understory: A Life with Trees (2017) through which Australian flora and fauna become a powerful expression of her ecological activism and bioregional awareness. This will be analyzed by using Riane Eisler's biocultural partnership-domination paradigm to highlight the relationship between Australian culture and its natural environment, in particular the threatening impact of human beings and climate change. Simpson's interest in the 'cognitive' functions of plants (recognitions, learning mechanisms and remembrance)...

La cuestión terminológica en torno a los fenómenos de adquisición y aprendizaje de lenguas extranjeras (LE). Los 'lingüismos'

Maria Dolores Asensio
Getting inside the many areas surrounding the phenomenon of acquisition and learning of foreign language (FL), which is already arduous, may be hindered by the large number of meanings that are attached to the relationship between languages, that is to say 'lingualisms'. As the world has become interdependent, ethnolinguistic diversity has been reflected in human relations in general and, as a consequence, a multitude of linguistic situations, which previously did not exist or were very...

Totemismo e cultura dialettale. Alcune evidenze a partire dal repertorio paremiologico e fraseologico siciliano

Francesco Scaglione
The present work sheds light on the relationship between totemism and dialectal culture starting from the analysis of a range of Sicilian proverbs and phraseologies regarding wild animals (birds, insects and reptiles). The corpus is made up of proverbs and idioms from macro- and micro-areal lexicographical or paremiological repertoires, also considered on the basis of demo-ethnographical studies dealing with Sicilian customs, beliefs and superstitions. The article is aimed both at explaining, from a motivational view...

Estudio del refrán 'aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda' desde la perspectiva paremiológica

Julia Sevilla Muñoz
With the aim of delving deeper into a genre of oral literature, the proverbs, this paper contains the study of the Spanish proverb Aunque la mona se vista de seda, mona se queda (the correspondence to You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear) from a paremiological perspective. After analysing the formal features of a proverb, its key idea is specified and its meaning is explained, to then find out what variants...


Regionalism on the Run: ASEAN, EU, AU and MERCOSUR Responses Amid the COVID-19 Crisis

Daniella da Silva Nogueira de Melo & Maria (Mary) Papageorgiou
The transnational nature of COVID-19 created expectations of regionally-led initiatives to address this global challenge. The pandemic has transcended health issues accounting for several political and socioeconomic implications. This study seeks to investigate four regional organisations' responses during the 'first wave' to unravel regionalism's role in a time of crisis. To do so, the method of comparative analysis has been employed. ASEAN, EU, AU and MERCOSUR, four distinct organisations were selected to evaluate their responses...

Beyond the Migration Crisis, Deep Values. Where Does Hostility to Immigrants Come from?

Davide Angelucci, Lorenzo De Sio & Aldo Paparo
Immigration has become a key issue in electoral competition in Italy. Several studies have demonstrated the weight of immigration on voting choices of Italian voters, as well as the importance that this issue has had for the electoral success of certain parties, namely the League. However, it is still unclear why voters are mobilized on this issue and, more generally, what are the underlying factors of individual attitudes towards migrants. In this paper we explore...

Lockdown and Breakdown in Italians' Reactions on Twitter during the First Phase of Covid-19

Giovanni Boccia Artieri, Francesca Greco & Gevisa La Rocca
The article focuses on Italians' reactions to the pandemic on Twitter. During the first phase of the 2020 lockdown (from the beginning of March 2020 - to the beginning of May 2020), a real-time dataset was built, linking data scratching to three events related to the introduction of the Prime Minister's decrees and his press conferences. The chosen observation point is Twitter, platform that allows us to monitor the emergence of discussions on public issues,...

Why not talk about repression? Radical Activism and its Responses to Repression

Rune Ellefsen
By exploring silence as a response to repression, this study contributes to the literature on the dynamic relationship between protest and repression; it examines the ways in which certain radical activists responded with silence to the escalating repression they were experiencing. Analysis explains how and why they remained silent, and the consequences of that silence for individual activists and collective mobilization. Based on a case study of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC) campaign in...

Is Democracy Effective against Coronavirus? An Analysis of Citizens' Opinions in Italy

Andrea Pedrazzani, Marco Maraffi, Simona Guglielmi, Ferruccio Biolcati, Antonio M. Chiesi, Giulia M. Dotti Sani, Riccardo Ladini, Francesco Molteni, Paolo Segatti & Cristiano Vezzoni
The social and political implications of the COVID-19 pandemic are receiving increasing attention in the literature. This article aims to contribute to this fast-growing research programme by focusing on the degree to which Italian citizens perceive democratic institutions as effective in coping with crises like the COVID-19 emergency. We put forward a set of hypotheses whereby negative evaluations of the effectiveness of democracy can be associated with social proximity to the disease and with perceived...

COVID-19 in Greece: From the Government's Clash with the Greek Church to the Diffusion of Anti-Mask Supporters

George Kordas
By March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had reached Greece, forcing the Greek government to enforce lockdown for two months. While governmental measures included banning citizens' mobility, except for a six-bullets catalogue, the church was excluded, remaining open for its believers. That resulted in an official clash, having on the one side, the state and the scientists, while on the other was the official church. After the decline in the number of COVID-19 cases during the...

A note on weakly $s$-normal subgroups of finite groups

Changwen Li
In this paper, we investigate the influence of the certain subgroups of fixed prime power order on the $p$-supersolubility of finite groups. Many recent results are extended.


Comics and webcomics: super-heroes, over-heroes and poser-heroes

Heraldo Aparecido Silva
This article aims to analyse the superhero subgenre in comic books and webcomics. First, the study focuses on the characteristics of hero, superhero and antihero categories. Then we briefly describe some contemporary aspect of the history of the stories in superhero comics to propose the inclusion of two new sub-categories: the over-hero and the poser-hero. The theoretical foundation is based on authors such as: Moya (1977; 1994; 2003), Eco (1993), Mix (1993), Beirce (1993), Bloom...

The Queen's Gambit. Un perfect match tra immaginario ludico e calcoli algebrici = The Queen's Gambit. A perfect matching between game imagery and algebraic strategies

Paolo Marocco
The streaming video platforms, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, continue to grow up the original content titles, proposing changes and variation without being choked by the production costs. Something that would have been impossible in the past decade. Today, the platforms can provoke such broad interest exploiting in one shot a double effect of revenue maximizing and effort minimizing: a combination of executives' intuition and analytics suggestion about the best-watching movie or series. The...

Confini e nemici. Immaginario e frame delle migrazioni nel discorso pubblico italiano = Borders and Enemies. Imaginary and frame of migrations in Italian public debate

Marco Binotto & Marco Bruno
Over the years many researchers have investigated the public debate on migrations, providing a restricted panorama drawn by some consolidated frames, a repertoire of recurring argument, images and iconic representations. This contribution will report on three prevailing public definitions of immigration, adding to these representations a fundamental aspect to understand its strength and effectiveness. In fact, when reconstructing the definitions of the situation, we will combine the metaphorical formulas that are used by speakers with...

La persistenza di Sherlock Holmes nell'immaginario tardomoderno = The persistence of Sherlock Holmes in the late modern imagination

Alessio Ceccherelli
This article aims to reflect on the character invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle at the end of the nineteenth century, as well as to explore the crossmedial nature of this figure, who managed to quickly enter modern imagination, reaching the present day. Sherlock Holmes can be interpreted as a foreshadowing of something that did not exist at the time of his invention: the network/digital technology. We claim that his way of reasoning, of memorising,...

Estudos de imaginário do jornalismo no Brasil = Imaginary studies of journalism in Brazil

Otávio Daros
This article intends to examine, in a documented and systematized way, the main contributions of scholars of the imaginary to research in journalism in Brazil, since the mid-1990s. It begins by presenting the idea of Juremir Machado da Silva ("journalism as an operation of information and mythologization"), followed by Vera França ("journalism as a form of sociability"), both postgraduates under Michel Maffesoli's guidance, in France. Then, the theses of Gislene Silva ("journalism as a mythic-symbolic...

La costruzione dell'immaginario M5S attraverso i social media: qual è stato il ruolo del Direttorio? = The construction of M5S imaginary through social media: what has the role of the Directorate been?

Federico Pilati & Flavio Piccoli
Over the last decade, the term populism has become increasingly popular. However, due to the mutability of populist movements and the diversity of the contexts in which they have developed, it has been difficult to place the different manifestations of the populist phenomenon within a single ideology. In fact, a populist narrative seems to resort to the cultural toolkit at its disposal, drawing from time to time on different components of the social and cultural...

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