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Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) for the evaluation of Public Healthcare Structures.

Carmine Viola & Marco Benvenuto
As stated in the Economist Intelligence Unit report (2011), the failure to develop a coherent plan of action in health care systems is linked to deeprooted problems related to the organization of health care structures. These problems form the starting point of this work: the aim of the present study is to develop the potential of a Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Model creating a non-parametric pattern for evaluating the eciency of healthcare structures in a...

The brace of a classical group

W. Rump
We exhibit incarnations of braces in the context of analytic, algebraic, and finite groups and discuss related old and new problems and conjectures

On the structure of involutions and symmetric spaces of dihedral groups

K. K. A. Cunningham, T. Edgar, A.G. Helminck, B.F. Jones, H. Oh, R. Schwell & J.F. Vasquez
We initiate the study of analogues of symmetric spaces for finite groups, with the current work focusing on the family of finite dihedral groups. In particular, we investigate the structure of the automorphism group, characterize the involutions within the automorphism group, and determine the fixed-point subgroup and symmetric space of each automorphism.

The intersection graph of ideals of a lattice

M. Afkhami & K. Khashyarmanesh
For a finite lattice L, we define and study the intersection graph of ideals, denoted by G(L). We study the interplay of lattice-theoretic properties of L with graph-theoretic properties of G(L).

Geometric programming approach in multivariate stratified sample surveys in case of non-response

Irfan Ali, Shafiullah Ullah & Sanam Haseen
This paper provides an attempt to utilize the geometric programming approach in multivariate stratified sample surveys in case of non-response. The problem has been solved in two phases. In first phase the multivariate stratified sample surveys in case of non-response has been formulated as geometric programming problem (GPP) and the solution is obtained. The obtained solution is the dual solution of the formulated GPP. In second phase with the help of dual solutions of formulated...

Variable control charts based on Exponential-Gamma distributions

Srinivas Rao Boyapati & Srinivas Kumar Challa
The well known variable control charts for mean and range of subgroups for a skewed distributions , Exponetial-Gamma are constructed by two different approaches. One from the first principles of using the percentiles of sampling distribution of sample mean and sample range and the other is based on the popular Shewart control limits. The coverage probabilities in both the approaches are computed through simulation and compared.

Schede bibliografiche e recensioni

Mario Capasso, Serena Ammirati & Marco Fressura

La noia di Jacqueline

Mario Capasso
Some observations on a review of an edition of Livius’ papyrological fragments.

Inheritance disputes and violence in women’s petitions from Ptolemaic Egypt

Eline Scheerlinck
This article uses formal petitions to the king or to officials as a source for our knowledge of women’s daily life in Ptolemaic Egypt. In contrast with the use of single petitions as source material, the collection of this corpus permits an inclusive overview of the legal problems women tried to solve independently with an appeal to the authorities. Two problems often recur among the diverse complaints and requests: inheritance disputes and acts of violence....

First record of yellowspotted puffer Torquigener flavimaculosus Hardy and Randall, 1983 (Osteichthys: Tetraodontidae) from Mediterranean Sea coasts of Syria

Waad Sabour, Adib Saad & Laith Jawad
The first record of the yellowspotted puffer, Torquigener flavimaculosus Hardy and Randall, 1983 in the Syrian marine waters is reported based on four 52-160 mm total length specimens collected from the Syrian coasts of Mediterranean Sea, between Ras Al-Bassit and Tartoos, 47’ N 39’’ 35º 17’ E 53’’35º and 20’ N 56’’ 35º 25’ E 44’’ 34º Morphometric and meristic data are provided and compared with those of 7 specimens caught off the north and...

Tradizioni e saperi attorno ad alcune varietà locali di Cucumis melo L. in Salento (Puglia)

R. Accogli, F. Nicolì & L. De Bellis
In the last years, demand for typical products and local varieties considerably increased, leading agricultural research institutes at detection and retrieval germoplasm to define the agricultural biodiversity in relevance area. Most of the characteristics of locally grown vegetable varieties do not match the food industry requirements. More over these varieties are old farmers' prerogative, who like to taste the flavor of a past time. The agricultural land abandon risks to induce these varieties to disappear...

Vitis x Koberi (Vitaceae) alle Isole Tremiti

D. Iamonico
The genus Vitis L. (Vitaceae Juss.) includes about 50 species. However, since the high morphological variability, and the hybridization, there is a disagreement among the botanists, and the number of the taxa ranges from 35 to 65. Moreover, the grapes were domesticated by humans (hundreds of cultivars) related to their remarkable importance from cultural and economic point of view. The European flora includes 9 taxa in the genus Vitis (hybrids are included) of which only...

OLIVER SACKS, Allucinazioni, Milano, Adelphi, 2013, 325 pp.

Gabriele Perrone

Ermeneutica del disegno. Progetto:Valutazione delle analisi su disegni infantili

Giovanna Durante

Spatial variability in the population structure of the Carcinus aestuarii in Varano lagoon

L. Cilenti, G. D'Errico, T. Scirocco, C. Manzo & A. Fabbrocini
1 - This study analyses some aspects of Carcinus aestuarii biology within the project MOLEVAR (Pilot Project For The Production Of Moleche (C. aestuarii): New Economy For Varano Lagoon) funded by FEP-Puglia 2007-2013 (European Funds for Fishing) in order to evaluate the crabs, Carcinus aestuarii, as a new economic resource for Varano Lagoon (Southern Italy). 2 - The Varano lagoon is located on the Northern coast of the Gargano Promontory (Southern Adriatic Sea). The lagoon...

Sensitivity of food webs to nitrogen pollution: a study of three transitional water ecosystems embedded in agricultural landscapes

R. Santoro, F. Bentivoglio, P. Carlino, E. Calizza, M.L. Costantini & L. Rossi
1 - Transitional water ecosystems constitute extremely complex and productive environments, a preferred route of migrating birds and optimal nursery locations for many fish species. In these interesting environments, descriptors of trophic relationships between species in a web have been suggested as potential integrative and sensitive endpoints for anthropogenic pressure. 2 - To better understand the effects of environmental disturbance on the resident macroinvertebrate assemblage structure, we analysed food webs in three neighbouring transitional water...

Friedrich Nietzsche (1901)

Malwida Von Meysenburg

Chiesa e socialismo (inedito, 1905)

Rosa Luxemburg

Individuo, valore, persona. Inediti filosofici (1938-1943) a cura di Giovanni Nicolì

Aldo Capitini

L'origine della filosofia (1939-1949) a cura di Sergio Franzese

Georg Misch

Il problema della parola (1953-1954)

Maurice Merleau-Ponty

Filosofia e liberazione (1991)

Paul Ricoeur

In lotta con l'Angelo (1991)

Sergio Quinzio

Forme del Riconoscimento e Teoria Critica. A proposito di Axel Honneth

Roberto Pettanati

Burkee e L'India

Paolo Armellini

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