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Il fondo e la forma. La semiosi, la semiotica, l’umano

Andrea D'Urso

Il volto nel pensiero contemporaneo

Maurizio Daggiano

Le stanze della modernità

Adrian Ndreca

Adresse à ceux qui se trompent de (notre) jeunesse! Une mystique de rèsistance dans Le mystère de la charitè de Jeanne d’Arc et Notre jeunesse

Roger Dadoun
.- Two works by Charles Peguy compared: Le Mystere de la Charite de Jeanne d'Arc and Notre jeunesse. The first has as its protagonist Jeanne d'Arc, the second Bernard Lazare. Many are the differences between these two characters, from sex, but also social status, religion and even the reputation. Despite these differences, it is the study of twins of the works that Dadoun chose to devote himself. Their common core is not but, in fact,...

“Mettere al mondo il mondo” e poi occuparsene. Donne e ricerca

Marisa Forcina
.- As the political citizenship is not to be considered only by looking at the register of the inclusion or exclusion of women regard an institutional context working with safeguards, rights and legal safeguards, but looking at the series of relationships that women have established with the social political order in which they are and have been included and to the degree of civilization that they have been able to build, so for a recognized...

La Filosofia si interroga sulla semantica del nulla

Aurelio Rizzacasa
.- The essay traces some of the most significant moments of the philosophical and, sometimes artistic-literary reflection, concerning the semantics of nothing and developing, among other things, Heidegger’s insights about the alleged opposition between being and nothing. The concept of nothing, conceived beyond Kantian’s limits of metaphysics specialis as well as those of a Hegelian dialectic of the negative, becomes the key to the understanding needed for a new approach to philosophy, now sheltered from...

Lo storico e il suo oggetto Individuo, società e storiografia in Paul Ricoeur

Luca Maria Possati
.- The issue of history passes through all the philosophical thinking of Paul Ricoeur. This essay tries to show a critical point of Ricoeur's theory of history: the problem of the object of history. In the second part of Temps et recit, the paper analyzes the conditions of possibility of what Ricoeur calls the analogical extension of the character of the fictional character to the objects of historical discourse, the societies, because the irreducible object...

Nell'arco di tempo della gestazione. Un'analisi filosofica

Graziella Morselli
Women’s experience of procreation does not pertain exclusively to the body’s vicissitudes. In fact, it sets in motion and involves the psychophysical whole of the organism, and transforms its sensations into knowledge and action even through the roughest conflicts, up to the generative bond that unites the world’s subjectivities under the common horizon of history. Phenomenological analysis, with the help of the neurosciences, can throw light into the essence of gestation, penetrating the meanings it...

Nel nome di Asclepio il tarantismo oltre la lettura di Ernesto De Martino

Romualdo Rossetti
The anthropological study developed by Ernesto De Martino in The land of remorse comes to an essentially sociological interpretation of the phenomenon of Salento Tarantism neglecting its most archaic origins. Rossetti proposes a new hypothesis of investigation by finding an implicit thesis but not outlined in the De Martino’s researches and, perhaps, unconsciously neglected. Tarantism, as a form of choral/musical exorcism, would be rooted in the early history of Magna Graecia, as related to pre-Hippocratic...

L'Italia come non-Nazione nello \"Zimbaldone\" di Giacomo Leopardi

Giovanni Invitto
Leopardi, in his Zibaldone, describes a certainty: Italy is not a nation. Italians were once very active for their enthusiasm, while in 1820, the poet found them distracted by a sort of dream or by a dreamlike state from which they could not go out if not trying to imitate foreign national contexts. In Italy, according to this analysis, there was a continuous and mutual misunderstanding that nobody could emerge for his own real value....

La Ragione \"oltre\" la ragione. Una nuova sfida per L'occidente

Emanuela De Riccardis

Tornare ai miti. Diverremo statue di sale o ci riconosceremo?

Luciano Provenzano

Nietzsche e il buddismo

Emilia Misurale

Per una filosofia della persona in chiave ricœuriana

Vinicio Busacchi

Modalities of the sublime modal categories between reason, understanding and sensibility

Maurizio Candiotto
Kant distinguishes between the «mathematical» and the «dynamical» Sublime: the former is experienced by the disproportion in size between the viewer and what is given to her sight, the latter by unlimited forces deployed by nature. However, Kant’s «dynamical» categories include modal notions also; in facts, there exists a Sublime that is essentially marked by them, too. One can experience it by purely intellectual means (without prejudice for any artistic attempt to transpose it into...

P. Laín Entralgo e la letteratura riflessiva: La espera y la esperanza

Carmine Luigi Ferraro
The author analyzes the opera La espera y la esperanza (1956) by the Spanish author Pedro Lain Entralgo (1908-2001), one of J. Ortega y Gasset’s and X. Zubiri’s students. For Entralgo, hope is a fundamental characteristic of human ontology: it is one of the habits which determine and form human existence. Entralgo’s work focuses on five questions (1. What did men hope throughout history? 2. How did men hope what they really hoped? 3. How...

Di un'uguaglianza finita

Antonio Stanca

Etica della cura e dolore della differenza

M.G. Furnari
Reasoning about the concept of "rule", the Author deals with the subject of the therapeutic relationship referring to the "suffering due to the difference," interpreted as the difference between normality and pathology, but also as the "suffering" due to the separation between chronic and disabled patients from the world of healthy/normal people. All this as regards the ethics of the therapy, in which the question about the meaning of acting arises: rethinking the health care...

Macintyre: Thomistic Aristotelianism or Aristotelian Thomism?

Piergiorgio Della Pelle

The restoration of the Colosso di Barletta: EDXRF analysis

G. Buccolieri, V. Nassisi, D. Delle Side, E. Giuffreda, M. Marabelli, A. Buccolieri, V.N. Iacobellis, F. Paladini, F. Vona & A. Castellano
The Colosso di Barletta is an imposing outdoor bronze statue, dating back the V century, located near the Basilica of “Santo Sepolcro” in Barletta (Apulia, Southern Italy). The monument underwent a structural restoration in 1981, during which the Central Institute of Restoration in Rome performed cleaning treatments and consolidation of the patinas. Currently, the Laboratory of Archaeometry of the University of Salento is carrying on a campaign of non-destructive and in situ measurements by using...

The use of Laser ablation-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS) in the study of Cultural Heritage

D. Fico, A. Pennetta & G.E.. De Benedetto
Several analytical techniques are actually employed for the study of Cultural Heritage and permit to identify production methodologies, constituent materials, degradation products, dating and provenance of the objects examined; elemental analyses provide precious information to archaeologists, art historians, restorers and analysts, opening a door into the past. Those techniques capable of ensuring versatility of application, sensitivity and non-destructive or micro-invasive analysis are generally requested. Laser ablation–inductively coupled plasma–mass spectrometry (LA-ICPMS), by virtue of its effective...

Study of Faraday cups for fast ion beams provided by a LIS source

D. Delle Side, L. Velardi, E. Giuffreda, G. Buccolieri, A. De Benedittis, F. Paladini & V. Nassisi
Faraday cups are widely utilized to characterize ion and electrons beams. Owing to the secondary electron emission (SEE) induced by the collision of beams with collectors, wrong measurements could emerge from these detectors. To overcome this problem a polarized grid is utilized in front the cup collector at a negative voltage with respect to the collector. Unfortunately, the high voltage connection of the Faraday cups is hard to obtain. Then, in this work we want...

Comparative photoemission study between nanocrystalline diamond films and nanodiamond layers

L. Velardi, A. Massaro, G.S. Senesi, M.A. Nitti, G. De Pascali, D. Melisi, M. Valentini, A. Valentini & G. Cicala
Diamond films exhibit interesting properties, such as a wide bandgap (5.5 eV) and very low electron affinity which favours the electron photoemission. Diamond based cold photocathode is well known and demonstrated, due also to its chemical stability and mechanical robustness. In this work, a comparative study on photoemission of nanocrystalline diamond (NCD) film and nanodiamond (ND) layers obtained by microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition and pulsed spray technique, respectively, is presented and discussed evidencing...


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