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Per una mitologia critica. La favola della realt� e la realt� della favola

Andrea Tagliapietra
Myth has long been regarded as something, which is not capable of grabbing the traditional notion of truth. Hans Blumenberg defined this pre-comprehension, which denies every legitimacy to the mythical apparatus, �absolutism of reality�. Because of this historical and theoretical prejudice, the Truth seems to have forgotten its proper history: it has implicitly denied the narration of its own history, backing out of the practice of tale and fable. The Truth, in short, denies of...

La metafora dei Proci. Esperienza del limite ed etica della jouissance

Mimmo Pesare
In the classical mythology and in greek tragedy, there are some metaphor concepts which, all along, represent and propose again the essential nucleus of human sensitivity. Among these, the concept of hybris, probably, deserves a place of crucial modernity and preeminence. Hybris is arrogance, the feeling of the excess, of prevarification, of pride, the crossing limits of human acting. As for Homeric mythology, among the most representative personalities in terms of arrogance, we can find...

L'industria culturale di Adorno e Horkheimer: una proposta di rilettura

Alberto Abruzzese
The essay by Adorno and Horkheimer about The Culture Industry (in the volume Dialectic of Enlightment) represents for Alberto Abruzzese the starting point of a reasoning on the intellectuals' role, the crisis of humanistic and academic knowledge and the new �screen and network� society. The author uses The Culture Industry as a text on the western civilization's sunset and at the same time on the metamorphosis of mass cultural production. Abruzzese refers to those scholars...

Effetti di senso della comunicazione ambientale in rete

Filippo Maria De Matteis
Which type of environmental communication do the media talk about? How many Natures are being told through the network of texts of environmental communication? Which is the influence of the new media on environmental communication at an expressive and narrative level? The aim of this paper is to answer these questions investigating some distinctive texts. The new possibilities to create meaning through environmental messages will be explored in the light of the evolution of media....

Zur Semantik der ethnischen Schimpfnamen

Maria Laura Tenchini
This article aims to advance a theory of the semantic status of racial epithets able to account for the relationship between the denotation and connotation of these terms. The more common approaches to the topic are considered and some of their drawbacks are illustrated. Then, a solution based on the speech-act theory is offered. It is claimed that a speaker, when using a racial epithet, performs two different speech-acts, one of which is always an...

Control affine systems on solvable three-dimensional Lie groups, II

Rory Biggs & Claudiu C. Remsing
We seek to classify the full-rank left-invariant control affine systems evolving on solvable three-dimensional Lie groups. In this paper we consider only the cases corresponding to the solvable Lie algebras of types III, V I, and V II in the Bianchi-Behr classification.

On the Dooley-Rice contraction of the principal series

Benjamin Cahen
In [\textsc{A. H. Dooley and J. W. Rice}: \textit{On contractions of semisimple Lie groups}, Trans. Am. Math. Soc., \textbf{289} (1985), 185--202], Dooley and Rice introduced a contraction of the principal series representations of a non-compact semi-simple Lie group to the unitary irreducible representations of its Cartan motion group. We study here this contraction by using non-compact realizations of these representations. \end

Complete independence of an axiom system for central translations

Jesse Alama
A recently proposed axiom system for Andr�e�s central translation structures is improved upon. First, one of its axioms turns out to be dependent (derivable from the other axioms). Without this axiom, the axiom system is indeed independent. Second, whereas most of the original independence models were infinite, finite independence models are available. Moreover, the independence proof for one of the axioms employed proof-theoretic techniques rather than independence models; for this axiom, too, a finite independence...

Maximal sector of analyticity for $C_{0}$-semigroups generated by elliptic operators with separation property in $L^{p}$

Giorgio Metafune, Noboru Okazawa, Motohiro Sobajima & Tomomi Yokota
Analytic continuation of the $C_{0}$-semigroup $\{e^{-zA}\}$ on $L^{p}(\mathbb{R}^{N})$ generated by the second order elliptic operator $- A$ is investigated, where $A$ is formally defined by the differential expression $ Au = -{\rm div}(a{\nabla}u) + (F\cdot{\nabla})u + Vu$ and the lower order coefficients have singularities at infinity or at the origin.

R�cit de titane � grandir. L�historique et l�ontologique dans l�appr�ciation du surr�alisme. Une critique d�un article recent

Andrea D'Urso
Abstract � By analysing the concrete example of an article published in the journal �Synergies Canada� n�3 (2011), which is representative of a bigger range affecting the historiography of Surrealism, this paper aims to give a contribution in the demystification of ontological (and therefore ideological) approaches reducing the accuracy and the seriousness of �scientific� appraisals of Surrealism, mainly when they prefer to follow less the facts and the documents than the metaphysical chattering, or even...

Un episodio del pensamiento franc�s de la autonom�a. Benjamin Constant y las id�es tr�s ing�nieuses

Francisco Gelman Constantin
This paper attempts a consideration of the significance of Benjamin Constant�s aesthetic thoughts within the context of the history of the concept of �aesthetic autonomy�. With that in mind it reevaluates his transformation of the German tradition, by way of its binding to the social theory corresponding to the cultural and historical analysis of early French Romanticism. Taking the coinage of the expression �art for art�s sake� as a starting point, this paper reconstructs the...

El an�lisis l�xico en funci�n de la actividad de traducci�n

Simone Greco
The purpose of this study is to demonstrate that lexical analysis of a text is a necessary phase in the translation process, fundamental in guaranteeing the efficacy of the language at the diaphasic,diastratic, diatopic and diamesic levels, even across inter-linguistic lines. Neither the decodifying of the original message nor its rewriting in the newcode can be done without individuating idiomatic and evidently cultural aspects, constantly subordinated to the potential combinations of words involved. Lexical analysis...

La distribuzione dei farmaci tra esigenze di competitivit� e tutela della salute: un'analisi comparata

Carlo Ciardo
The sector of distribution of drugs, with reference to the territorial and demographic criteria for the opening of new pharmacies, was recently amended by the Italian legislator and is also the subject of numerous rulings by the administrative courts. The pharmaceutical distribution is differently regulated among the EU countries. For this reason, it is necessary to do a comparative examination among the laws of some important European countries, Britain, France and Germany, thanks to which...

Nixon e la crisi di Cienfuegos: Cuba, autunno 1970

Immacolata Petio
Compared to the missile crisis of 1962 faced by President Kennedy, the �crisis� derived from the construction of a Soviet base for nuclear submarines in Cienfuegos Bay, on the southern coast of Cuba, is far less known. It dates back to the late summer-autumn of 1970, as the leaders of the United States and the Soviet Union were moving tentatively toward what became the d�tente of the 1970s. There was no public clash or crisis,...

I paradossi della democrazia protetta

Antonio Cardigliano
The �defensive democracy� may be defined as the set of rules of a democratic system that forbids and punishes political behavior of certain movements, or illiberal parties, considered threatening the constitution. The �defensive democracy� institutional model was first theoretically and philosophically, then technically and legally analyzed through the comparison of four different legal systems belonging to Turkey, Spain, Germany and Italy. Theoretically, �defensive democracy� may be historically rooted in Hobbes' doctrine, but its more complete...

Intervista a Kerry Kennedy

Francesca Salvatore

On the existence of orthonormal geodesic bases for Lie algebras

Grant Cairns, Nguyen Thanh Tung Le, Anthony Nielsen & Yuri Nikolayevsky
We show that every unimodular Lie algebra, of dimension at most 4, equipped with an inner product, possesses an orthonormal basis comprised of geodesic elements. On the other hand, we give an example of a solvable unimodular Lie algebra of dimension 5 that has no orthonormal geodesic basis, for any inner product.

The Paradox of the Female Participation in Fundamentalist Movements

Luca Ozzano
Throughout the world, religiously-oriented conservative political movements are well known for their defence of �traditional models� in terms of both family conception and gender roles. Therefore, one should expect to find a limited social and political mobilization of women within them as well as in right-wing religiously conservative parties. However, many significant movements have built strong female branches in which militants usually perform roles apparently contradicting the religious conservative ideologies the movements support. This paper...

The Christian Support Networks for Immigrants in Palermo

Marie Bassi
Based on a fieldwork conducted in Sicily, this paper analyses how, when faced with the emergence of immigration, Christian organisations in Palermo become involved with the migration issue, notably thanks to the pioneering commitment of certain clerics. It draws attention to the heterogeneous nature of the Christian sphere, the internal secularisation of the religious organisations working with migrants, and the transformations of the church-related associative sector from a volunteering to professional expertise model. In sum,...

Religious World-Denying and Trajectories of Activism in the Field of Strongly-Religious Corporative Actors

Olga Michel
This comparative case study links together the scholarly discourses on religiously-motivated world-rejecting and religious activism. It provides empirical evidence for differentiation between four ideal-typed patterns of religious activism as they relate to different trajectories and spheres of religious world-denying in strongly-religious movements: Pattern I (world conquerors) targets inner-worldly sphere of activism in the particular state, using the full scope of political tools to promote its religiously-fueled ideology and theocracy. Pattern II (world transformers) creatively combines...

The Political Influence of Islam in Belgium

Sergio Castano Riano
Belgium is one of the Western European countries in which Muslims have reached more relevance. The immigration process initiated in 1960s brought thousands of people from Turkey and from the Arab World to the major cities of the country. As consequence of their cultural and religious particularities Muslims were progressively claiming their own space in public life. Then, in the analysis of the Muslim political participation in Belgium two stages must be differentiated: The first...

Tra vecchi Olimpi e post-moderni paradisi: il marketing come nuova mitologia?

Silvia Gravili
This paper aims to discuss whether or not marketing can be considered a post-modern mythology. For this reason, the main characteristics of myth are examined, even under a sociological point of view, as well as the conceptual evolution of �marketing�, under a managerial and historical perspective. As a result, marketing is proposed as a hermeneutic instrument, useful for a deeper understanding of our times, besides any ethical or psychological judgement.

Mitologie 2.0: Digital Platforms and umbrella terms

Fabio Cirac�
In this paper, the use of the term "digital platform" is discussed in the context of Web 2.0. This attitude entails the risk of a conceptual misunderstanding incident to the so-called "umbrella terms", for example the term "wiki". This paper tries to deconstruct the net-neutrality myth through the analysis of the concept "digital platform", highlighting the ideological danger. Summary: 1. Words eating words 2. The web as a digital platform 3. Platforms and social media:...

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