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Le concordanze devianti nel portoghese popolare brasiliano (PPB). Il caso del parlato filmico dei favela movies e dei sertao movies nel Korpus PE/PB Unisalento

Francesco Morleo
This research aims to describe the main aspects of the flexive morphology in the Brazilian-Portuguese language (spoken by the lower classes), following the results of the variationist sociolinguistics research carried out so far. In detail, the research will deal with the linguistic phenomenon of agreement violation, that is to say, the lack of agreement in number and person in the noun phrase and in the verb phrase. The corpus used for the research consists in...

\"Les traductions\" du texte theatral. Bashir Lazhar entre auteure, traducteurs et professionnels de la mise en scene

Fabio Regattin
In this article, we will describe the series of textual manipulations that allowed to move from a theatrical text in French, written by a Quebec writer, to its Italian stage reading during a festival held in Rome in October 2011. This passage implied many different manipulation: an interlingual translation (Jakobson) from French to Italian was followed by its intralingual revision by the actor and director; lastly, via an intersemiotic translation, the latter written version was...

Apuntes historiograficos de la fraseologia espanola: La variedad argentina

Virginia Sciutto
This paper aims to make a panoramic study of the phraseological investigation on Spanish,particularly about the Argentinian variant. In this sense, we present an interpretative analysis of the most significant linguistic methods realized by Spanish and Argentinian researchers starting from the first lexicographical studies. The goal is to recover the highlights and to show that each investigation and model of scientific analysis is justified in a given historical context that contributes to the clarification of...

The Salento Aquarium of Santa Maria al Bagno - Nardo

G. Belmonte, F. Denitto & M.E. Posi
Un Acquario pubblico e stato realizzato e aperto al pubblico in Santa Maria al Bagno (Nardo-Lecce, Italia) grazie ad un finanziamento europeo (programma ETCP Greece-Italy 2007-2013) che ha visto l'Universita del Salento come Leader Partner (altri partner: Provincia di Lecce, Municipalita di Nardo, Universita di Patrasso, Municipalita di Cefalonia). L'acquario propone una vista sugli ambienti naturali sommersi della costa Salentina, e una rassegna di relitti, in 4 sale che accolgono un totale di 17 vasche....

Atypical characteristics in the longnosed skate Dipturus oxyrinchus (Linnaeus, 1758) from the coast of Syria (Eastern Mediterranean)

C. Capape, M. Ali, A. Saad, H. Alkusairy & C. Reynaud
A specimen of sharpnosed skate Dipturus oxyrinchus (Linnaeus, 1758) presenting snout and tail abnormalities was captured off the Syrian coast. It is an adult female with a shortened and rounded snout, lack of second dorsal fin and a reduced and rounded caudal fin. This abnormal specimen is described in the present note, and it appears that both snout and tail abnormalities did not affect their development and they reached similar parameters and swimming activities than...

European Cosmoscapes. The case of the Festival of Europe in Florence

Dario Verderame
The aim of this essay is to offer an empirical contribution to the understanding of cosmopolita-nization processes, centred on Europe. Specifically, the subject of my study is the Festival of Europe, an event dedicated to European themes that is held every two years in the city of Florence (Italy). By means of this case study I intend to analyse those elements that enable or constrain the formation of a European cosmopolitan imaginary within a concrete...

Europe and its Jews: a Cosmopolitan Journey with Jurgen Habermas

Robert Fine
After the Holocaust European antisemitism did not simply vanish into thin air and critical theorists drew attention to the new or secondary forms of antisemitism that arose in the postwar period. Among them Jurgen Habermas, a leading figure in the younger generation of critical theorists, is remarkable for confronting the legacy of European antisemitism in his his vision of a new Europe. His approach to the postnational constellation emphasised the importance of ongoing engagement with...

Welfare institutions, resources, and political learning. Interacting with the State as an Incentive for the Political Participa-tion of Long-Term Unemployed Youth

Jasmine Lorenzini & Marco Giugni
This paper examines the impact of interactions with welfare institutions on the political partici-pation of long-term unemployed youth in two cities. We assess the role of resource redistribution and of political learning on engagement in protest activities. We use a unique dataset of long-term unemployed youth to predict the probability that long-term unemployed youth participate in protest activities and be-come politically alienated as a result of their interactions with the state. Our study suggests that...

Symposium on Mario Diani's book. An Introduction

Manuela Caiani

Manoscritti medievali salentini

Marco Maggiore

Testi salentini nel progetto ADATest (Archivio Digitale degli Antichi Testi di Puglia)

Antonio Montinaro

Le lingue della minoranza ebraica in Salento

Fabrizio Lelli

Interferenze tra salentino, griko e italiano regionale

Ekaterina Golovko

La varieta arbereshe di San Marzano di San Giuseppe

Giovanni Belluscio & Monica Genesin

Il dialetto salentino nei prodotti cinematografici

Alessandro Bitonti, Antonio Romano & Claudio Russo

Capitale sociale e senso di appartenenza: l'impatto sociale del Festival \"La Notte della Taranta\" sulla comunita che lo ospita

Giuseppe Attanasi & Giulia Urso
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the intangible effects of one of the most important folk music festival in Europe, "La Notte della Taranta" Festival (in the South of Italy), in terms of both production of mutual trust among residents participating in the event and strengthening of their sense of belonging to the place. Unlike other previous studies we carried on within the same research project, this analysis only considers the sample made...

The low basin of the Arno River (Tuscany, Italy) as alien species hotspot: first data about Rhithropanopeus harrisii (Crustacea, Panopeidae)

J. Langeneck, M. Barbieri, F. Maltagliati & A. Castelli
1 - Harbours and ports, especially if located in the nearby of brackish-water environments, can provide a significant chance to biological invasions. To date, in the Livorno port, twenty alien species have been recorded, fifteen of which are established. 2 - Presence, abundance, size and sex ratio of the mud crab Rhithropanopeus harrisii, a newly introduced invasive species, have been assessed in six sampling stations along the brackish-water canals between Pisa and Livorno towns. Samplings...

Water monitoring with hyperspectral techniques

T.M.P. Cattaneo, G. Bazar, A.A. Gowen, G.F. Greppi, S. Mura & R. Tsenkova
1 - The poor of the world depends directly on water and other natural resources for their livelihoods. Water resources must therefore be managed in a sustainable manner in order to maintain the economic, social and environmental functions and to contribute to the livelihoods of people. 2 - Advancements in sensor technologies and processing algorithms have resulted in technical capabilities that can record and identify Earth surface materials based on the interaction of electromagnetic energy...

Selecting an HPLC method for chemotaxonomic analysis of phytoplankton community in Mediterranean coastal lagoons

A. Leruste, E. Hatey, B. Bec & R. De Wit
1 - Phytoplankton observations are commonly used to contribute to the assessment of aquatic ecosystem health and their trophic status. Compared to other methods, chemotaxonomic analysis based on High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) presents many advantages (e.g., rapidity, reproducibility, and capacity to include pigments from all cell sizes), but its use in coastal lagoons studies is still not very common. The method of Wright et al., (1991) recommended by the UNESCO (Jeffrey et al., 1997)...


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