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Gold nanoparticles produced by laser ablation in liquids for diagnostic imaging improvements

N. Restuccia, L. Torrisi & I. Paterniti
Pulsed Nd:YAG laser at $10^10$ W/c$m^2$ intensity was employed to induce gold ablation in liquids. Gold nanoparticles are generated with 10-100 nm size and different solution concentrations. Nanoparticles were characterized using different physical analyses (optical spectroscopy, SEM, TEM, XRF,…). The solution was monitored through optical transmission spectroscopy in the visible wavelength range at concentrations from 1 mg/ml to 100 mg/ml. Surface plasmon absorption resonance was investigated. The biocompatible solution was injected by Biologists in living...

Misure di assorbimento di raggi X per la determinazione degli spessori delle corone d'oro del Museo \"MArTA\" di Taranto

G. Buccolieri, D. Delle Side, F. Paladini, E. Degl'Innocenti, R. Cesareo, A. Castellano & A. Buccolieri
Taranto (dal greco Taras) nel VIII secolo a.C. fu invasa dai coloni greci provenienti da Sparta e Laconia che conquistarono il villaggio messapico di Taras sul fiume omonimo e fondarono una nuova Taras. Taras divenne ben presto una delle città più importanti della Magna Grecia. Tra IV e II secolo a.C. diversi laboratori orafi, attivi in città, hanno prodotto gioielli di ottima qualità. Gli artigiani hanno abilmente riprodotto modelli greci attraverso la propria reinterpretazione. Taras...

Novità in Radioterapia: Flattening Filter Free

Elisa Donno, Antonella Papaleo, Elisa Cavalera, Serena Leo & Donatella Russo
Il Flattening Filter (FF), ossia il filtro di attenuazione, omogenizza energia ed intensità del fascio di Raggi X durante l'erogazione di un trattamento radioterapico. Nei trattamenti stereotassici (trattamenti che prevedono la somministrazione di elevate dosi di radiazioni in una singola o in un massimo di 5 sedute ad un piccolo volume), il FF determina una limitazione in termini di durata del trattamento. Quando è presente il FF, i fotoni vengono da esso assorbiti, con conseguente...

Automatic segmentation of glioblastoma for radiation therapy treatment planning

G. De Nunzio, M. Donativi, B. Tafuri, M. Vannini, L. Mazzoni, G. Rubino, A. Castellano & L. Pirtoli
During the radiation therapy (RT) process, the treatment is planned and simulated with a treatment planning system (TPS): the organs at risk (OAR) and the tumor target are identified and contoured, and the RT dose, delivered by the planned photon beams, is obtained for optimization of the resulting plan. The contouring work-up of tumor target identifies the Planning Treatment Volume (PTV), i.e. the physical RT treatment volume. PTV of glioblastomas (GB) includes, after expansion, Gross...

P and TIT: A computer tool for predicting prototypical transcription promoter and terminator elements by conserved motifs

Marco Di Salvo, Eva Pinatel, Gianluca De Bellis, Adelfia Talà, Clelia Peano & Pietro Alifano
Over the last few decades, computational genomics has tremendously contributed to decipher biology from genome sequences and related data. Considerable effort has been devoted to prediction of transcription promoter and terminator sites that represent the essential "punctuation marks" for DNA transcription. In this study we have investigated the possibility to identify putative promoters and Rho-dependent terminators in prokaryotes on the basis of evolutionarily conserved motifs. The final aim of this work is to develop computer...


Esiste una Ginevra del Sud? L'eterodossia a Lecce tra Sei e Settecento

Maria Antonietta Manca
The Protestant reform found no reception in the religious and cultural circles of Lecce, but gradually penetrated it through the preaching of the Waldensians. The diffusion of the doctrine of the reformed did not long survive in the city of Salento, especially when the local inquisition with the bishop Luigi Pappacoda (1639-1670) became effective and all-engaging.

La questione ebraica in Lutero e nel pensiero di alcuni studiosi salentini

Giovanna Rossella Schirone
This project briefly retraces the history of anti-Semitism between the 13th and 16th centuries in Europe. Special attention is given to the situation of Jews in Germany and to Luther's thinking and writing, to verify whether the Reformer's ideas on Jews are indeed at the root of 20th century anti-Semitism, as declared by the Nazi Streicher. This project investigates how 'anti-Judaism' would be a more apt term than 'anti-Semitism' to consider European society in Luther's...

Per una Chiesa 'democratica'. La proposta di C. A. Pilati (1733-1802), fra Riforma d'Italia e satira libertina

Emilio Filieri
Jurist, historian, publicist, Carlo Antonio Pilati from Tassullo (1733-1802) was engaged between Trento and the Hansburg Austria, but his thinking spread also in the Reign of Naples, on the basis of Grozio, Pufendorf and of freethinkers. In contact with the nobles Salis-Marschlins in the canton of Grisons, he devoted himself to the text A Reform of Italy (1767), for the anticurial and jurisdictional redefinition of the state, with the Episcopalian option of a national Church,...

ANTONIO RESTA, Luigi Russo, Adolfo Omodeo. Carteggio 1924-1946

Luigi Montonato

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From the VVINGPP construction to the VVING pattern. A descriptive account

Cristiano Broccias & Enrico Torre
In the first part of this paper, we assess Goldberg's (2006, pp. 50-52) account of the English syntactic pattern she labels "VVingPP construction" (e.g. The toddler went screaming down the street), which is based on five constraints concerning argumenthood, verb types, transitivity, extended meaning, and constituency. On the basis of an analysis of data collected from dictionaries, corpora, and literary works, we argue that Goldberg's account needs to be refined. A much more complex picture...

Docente di lingua straniera e docente di disciplina in ambiente CLIL. Prospettive a confronto

Letizia Cinganotto
The paper aims at comparing the data gathered from a questionnaire about teachers' reactions to CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning), delivered to 675 Italian foreign language teachers and 822 subject teachers engaged in an online training initiative on CLIL and learning technologies. Among the results, particularly interesting is the subject teachers' need to be supported by the foreign language teachers especially as far as the subject specific language for CLIL is concerned. The data...

Learners' awareness and attitude towards ELF. A pilot study in an Italian University context

Anna Maria De Bartolo
This paper presents the initial results of a pilot study conducted at the University of Calabria, (Italy). The purpose was to investigate learners' attitudes and beliefs towards ELF issues and the relationship between ELF awareness and classroom practices. In particular, it aims to explore learners' awareness of the plurality of English in evolving sociolinguistic environments and their attitudes towards learning and teaching English as a second language at the University level. It is argued that...

Notas sobre la traducción de la oralidad en el doblaje al italiano de Almódovar

María J Valero Gisbert
Oral speech in audiovisual text is characterized by a series of features that lead to classify it as 'prototypic' oral speech (Briz 1998), rather than speech that was written to be spoken. The present study illustrates how dubbed films versions achieve the same level of spontaneity as the original film. The film clips chosen for this study have been selected from a number of Almodóvar's movies. Our working hypothesis is that the degree of expressiveness...


Modeling the impact of climate change and agricultural management practices on soil erosion in the agricultural basin of Lakes Prespa

Alma Ahmeti, Spiro Grazhdani & Adriana Zyfi
Erosion and sediment delivery are currently problems of interest for the Lakes Prespa basin. The potential for global climate changes to increase the risk of soil erosion is clear, but the actual damage is not. A model analysis of climate change impacts on runoff and erosion in this basin was not performed previously. The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of climate change and agricultural land management on channel and soil surface...

New floristic records for Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park

Ermelinda Gjeta, Ornela Poçi, Alfred Mullaj, Peçi Naqellari, Blerina Pupuleku & Bajram Kullolli
In this article we present data for new floristic records on the flora of Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, which extends at north – east of Librazhdi town, in the border with Macedonia. It has a total surface 33,927.66 ha and the altitude varies from 300 m to 2264 m a. s. l. The Park is under the administration of Elbasan Regional Administration of Protected Areas (RAPAs) and is one of the largest Albanian National Parks, with...

The assessment of water quality of shushica river (vlora) based on preliminary data of benthic macro invertebrates

Bledar Pepa, Erjola Keçi, Anila Paparisto & Hajdar Kiçaj
This study was carried out on Shushica River, a branch of Vjosa River, located in the Vlora district south west Albania, during 2017. This river flows from the Kuçi area parallel with the main road in all her longitude. The recent process of rehabilitation of this road and the process of human population growth in this region is expected to have a severe impact in watershed and water quality of this area through reduction of...

Considering landscape and water in the Dumrea region: challenges for integrated planning and sustainability

Laura Shumka
In this paper is presented the Dumrea Lake District, a unique landscape and geographical feature in the central part of Albania. Beside the importance landscapes were neglected, while the current state of affected water bodies is clear indicators of a non sustainable and integrated development. Integration of WFD and Landscape Directive into planning is another aspect of this contribution. An integrated landscape and water management plan can increase the quality of life in particular for...

Forested wetland community description and analysis. A pre-emerald ash borer study in an era of global change

Jonathan Titus
Trees in 11 900 m2 plots at four headwater wetland sites (Elm Flats, Bonita Swamp, Frog Valley and Bentley) have been identified and measured for 9 years. At Elm Flats trees exhibited a hump-shaped basal area distribution with a high proportion of shade tolerant trees in the larger size classes. This is indicative of a forest that has been subjected to limited anthropomorphic disturbance and possibly retains some old growth characteristics. The older forests also...

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