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Existence and multiplicity results for a doubly anisotropic problem with sign-changing nonlinearity

Ahmed Réda Leggat & Sofiane El-Hadi Miri
We consider in this paper the following problem $ -\sum\limits_{i=1}^{N}\partial _{i}\left[ \left\vert \partial _{i}u\right\vert ^{p_{i}-2}\partial _{i}u\right] -\sum\limits_{i=1}^{N} \partial _{i}\left[ \left\vert \partial _{i}u\right\vert ^{q_{i}-2}\partial _{i}u\right] =\lambda f(u) \text{ \ }\ \text{in } \Omega,\\ $ $ u=0\text{ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ }\ \text{on }\partial \Omega. $ Where $\Omega $ is a bounded regular domain in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$, $% 1 p_{1}\leq p_{2}\leq ...\leq p_{N}$ and...

Despoblación y transformaciones sociodemográficas de los territorios rurales: los casos de España, Italia y Francia

Eugenio Cejudo García & Francisco Navarro Valverde
Este tercer volumen de la colección Perspectives in Rural Development ha reunido a 26 investigadores pertenecientes a 14 universidades y centros de investigación europeos de España, Italia y Francia, pertenecientes a ramas del conocimiento dispares y diferentes perspectivas teóricas y metodológicas, que, en sus propios idiomas -vehículo vernáculo primigenio de expresión y transmisión de sentimientos y pensares- abordan, desde realidades, similares a veces y distintas en otras ocasiones, el preocupante fenómeno de la despoblación, y...


Dinamiche insediative in Italia: spopolamento dei comuni rurali

Stefano De Rubertis

¿El turismo rural freno de la despoblación? El caso del sur de España

Juan Carlos Maroto Martos & Aida Pinos Navarrete

GUIDO TONELLI, Genesi. Il grande racconto delle origini, Feltrinelli, Milano 2019, pp. 224.

Hervé A. Cavallera

Non solo pianto e fiori. Turismo sui campi di battaglia della prima guerra mondiale

Ester Capuzzo
After the conflict a new form of tourism began to develop, dedicated to visiting battlefields of family members of fallen soldiers, veterans and curious to see the places of the battles. Tourism in war zones was promoted since 1919 by Touring Club Italiano, ENIT and many associations of former combatants. During the fascism it was also promoted by Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro and other mass organizations of the regime. Fascism would have used tourism on the...

Il \"Sedan-Panorama\" di Anton von Werner e la celebrazione dell'unificazione tedesca

Giuliana Iurlano
The battle of Sedan was a crucial junction of the Franco-Prussian war of 1870-1871, which completely changed the European international order. The proclamation of the German Empire, after the French defeat, represented an important moment in the rise of Prussia as a hegemonic power in Europe. The Panorama of Sedan, created by Anton von Werner, was intended to highlight the German victory and to create consensus within the new imperial political entity.

La Public History e gli apparati di istruzione

Roberto Maragliano
The critical theme of PH relates to what is History in educational institutions, schools and universities, and how it might change.

Recensioni Brevi



Vincenzo Nassisi

Effects of physical stresses on radish seed germination and growth

V. Nassisi, L. Velardi, V. Turco, L. Monteduro, E. Manno & M. De Caroli
In this work we explore the consequences on variable magnetic fields applied to radish seeds (Raphanus sativum L.) on germination and seedling growth. Three, different alternate magnetic fields have been tested having a high intensity, 40 mT, at very low frequency, 0.2 Hz (B0.2), a low intensity, 577 µT, at low frequency, 370 kHz (B370), and a very low intensity, about 250 nT, at ultra high frequency, 900 MHz (RF900). These last generate electromagnetic waves...

La fisiologia del sonno e l'interpretazione dei sogni nel De admirandis di Giulio Cesare Vanini

Gabriella Sava
In 1516, Giulio Cesare Vanini (1585-1619) published the most radical of his works: De admirandis naturae reginae deaeque mortalium arcanis. Libri quatuor. It includes a sharp criticism of Ancient Western philosophies, related to religion and transcendence, and a complete rejection of superstitions and irrational beliefs, to which follows the affirmation of materialistic naturalism. In the analysis of the psychophysiology of sleep and in the interpretation of dreams Vanini employs ancient sources and modern ones; what...

Vanini visto dagli studenti di oggi

Giuseppe Caramuscio

Dall'Homo sapiens all'Homo deus. Vanini alla ricerca del sapere universale

Ilaria Altamura
The essay runs through some fundamental stages in the construction of human knowledge, which is observed from the point of view of contemporaries who are divided, according to the well-known terminology adopted by Umberto Eco, into 'apocalyptic' and 'integrated'. Vanini's works represent an attempt to sum up the Aristotelian knowledge of his time and, at the same time, the attempt to overcome it, anticipating the "Collective Intelligence" of our days.

Tra Vanini e vaniniani

Aurora Legittimo
In the story, the figure of the Vanini suddenly breaks, almost by accident, into a school day of a student, who has nothing special compared to many others. After a brief moment of amazement, the two interlocutors were quick to weave an interview in which, behind the humorous technique of the misunderstanding of words, the comparison between past and present is revealed. The naïve questions that the two interlocutors ask each other on the one...

Mario Marti per me

Paolo Agostino Vetrugno

Francesco DANIELI, Casaranello e il suo mosaico. Per aspera ad astra

Mario Spedicato

Remigio MORELLI, Il giovane Rodolfo D'Ambrosio socialista anarchico (1890-1902)

Giuseppe Caramuscio

Carlo STASI, Otranto nel mondo. Dal \"Castello di Walpole\" al \"Barone\" di Voltaire

Giuseppe Caramuscio

Roberto PAZZI, Verso Sant'Elena

Paolo Vincenti

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