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Il cibo in memoria. Un secolo dopo Das Grab als Tisch di Mathias Murko

Gian Paolo Gri
The presentation reports on a work developed around a series of archival documents (Friuli, 15th-18th centuries: wills, obituaries, registers of brotherhoods, in particular) containing legacies that obliged the heirs to disitribute food to poor members or each family of the community on the occasion of their funerals, for anniversaries or on ritual occasions throughout the year related to the cult of the dead (Spring Rogations, Four Tempora, Good Friday, All Saints and Commemoration of the...

Valvasor e la buona tavola: passeggiata tra sapori, usanze e curiosità nella Carniola del Seicento

Maria Bidovec
In his monumental work Die Ehre Deß Hertzogthums Crain (The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola), 1689, an essential point of reference for Slovenian culture, Johann Weichard Valvasor (1641-1693) provides, among other things, a lot of information on the typical products of that area which today roughly corresponds to central and western Slovenia, and on the nutrition of its inhabitants. If some notes on the culinary uses of the Carniolans, contained in the 3,532 pages...

La badia degli acciugai: il cibo delle feste nell'area alpina occitana

Davide Porporato
It is a well-known fact that food represents the deepest substratum of traditional ritual time. Starting from this consideration, the essay analyzes the relationship between food and the feast in the Occitan Alps. This border area is characterized by the presence of "badìe", festive associations that still today organize the cycle of the year and of life. In this context, the festive dynamics of the "badìa" of Sant'Anna di Celle di Macra will be explored,...

Domani, ovvero un paradosso della modernità

Eugenio Imbriani
Modernity does not follow a linear path, it instead produces confusion and uncertainty. Imagining the future requires a strong democratic commitment, based on respect for the environment and the recognition of people's rights.

Osservazioni sul folklore per una teoria della cultura e delle istituzioni politiche

Lia Giancristofaro
This essay observes the Italian situation in order to make an "anthropology of the sciences of culture" and in order to highlight the contribution that the sciences of culture could offer for a better understanding of the political processes that are taking place. In fact, some political problems of today could be interpreted through the particular lens of "demology", or study of "popular culture", which was a very important part of the Italian anthropological sciences....

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Some properties of the mapping $T_{\mu}$ introduced by a representation in Banach and locally convex spaces

E. Soori, M.R. Omidi & A.P. Farajzadeh
Let $ \mathcal{S}=\{T_{s}:s\in S\} $ be a representation of a semigroup $S$. We show that the mapping $T_{\mu}$ introduced by a mean on a subspace of $l^{\infty}(S)$ inherits some properties of $\mathcal{S}$ in Banach spaces and locally convex spaces. The notions of $Q$-$G$-nonexpansive mapping and $Q$-$G$-attractive point in locally convex spaces are introduced. We prove that $T_{\mu}$ is a $Q$-$G$-nonexpansive mapping when $T_{s}$ is $Q$-$G$-nonexpansive mapping for each $s\in S$ and a point in a...

Frame measures for infinitely many measures

F.Z.Z. Farhadi, M.S. Asgari & M.R. Mardanbeigi
For every frame spectral measure $ \mu $, there exists a discrete measure $ \nu $ as a frame measure. If $ \mu $ is not a frame spectral measure, then there is not any general statement about the existence of frame measures $ \nu $ for $ \mu $. This motivated us to examine Bessel and frame measures. We construct infinitely many measures $ \mu $ which admit frame measures $ \nu $, and...

Communities reclaiming power and social justice in the face of climate change

Maria Fernandes-Jesus, Brendon Barnes & Raquel Farias Diniz
As the climate crisis accelerates and disproportionately affects marginalised communities and countries in the global South, the need for power and social justice approaches is particularly important. Community psychology, with a long interest in the impacts of power discrepancies on the well-being of groups and communities, can offer theoretical and practical tools for addressing climate change and environmental problems without reproducing or intensifying existing inequalities and injustices. This special issue looks at communities' struggles for...

\"Nothing green can grow without being on the land\": Mine-affected communities' psychological experiences of ecological degradation and resistance in Rustenburg, South Africa.

Garret Christopher Barnwell, Louise Stroud & Mark Watson
Extractive industries have a deleterious impact on social ecologies. Mining is one of South Africa's main industries, and communities' resistance takes place in these extractive zones. This qualitative case study aims to explore and describe mine-affected community members' psychological reactions and community responses to land and environmental injustices in the mining community of Rustenburg, South Africa. Data collection took place in August 2019. Individual semi-structured interviews were conducted with 10 participants who were non-affiliated to...

Impacts of climate change on rural poverty in the Brazilian Northeast and South

Elívia Camurça Cidade, James Ferreira Moura Junior & Verônica Morais Ximenes
The objective is to analyze how climate change impacts affect rural poverty dimensions of residents of communities in the backlands of the Northeast and South of Brazil. This study has a qualitative design. Seven focus groups were conducted with 79 participants from impoverished rural communities in the Northeast and South of Brazil. The content of the material collected was analyzed. The research participants simultaneously experience various levels of deprivation in the form of multiple shortcomings,...

Why we need to build a planetary sense of community

Donata Francescato
The aim of this position paper is to argue that after Covid19, we have a terrific opportunity to develop a planetary sense of community to confront systemic problems such as climate change, racism, sexism, socioeconomic and power disparities. This tangle of different crises is making both the earth and us human sick and spreading huge amounts of physical, psychological and political pain. Only if we all become more aware of the interconnections between the crisis,...

Discrimination and Classification model from Multivariate Exponential Power Distribution

Akinlolu Adeseye Olosunde & A. T. Soyinkab
It is common to assume a normal distribution when discriminating and classifying a multivariate data based on some attributes. But when such data is lighter or heavier in both tails than the normal distribution, then the probability of misclassification becomes higher giving unreliable result. This study proposed multivariate exponential power distribution a family of elliptically contoured model as underlining model for discrimination and classification. The distribution has a shape parameter which regulate the tail of...

Economic growth and mental well-being in Italian regions

Fabrizio Antolini & Laura Grassini
Measuring economic growth is not only an arithmetic problem, it also involvesan economic vision and a philosophy for the choice of indicators (i.e.Gross Domestic Product). Today it seems more relevant to measure not onlythe economic well-being as it is, using Gross Domestic Product, but also thepeople's well-being, considering other dimensions such as health and happiness.Over the years, national accounts and Gross Domestic Product havenever changed their nature, instead combining social and economic indicatorscan oer important...

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Communication and community. An ELF perspective on critical contexts

Barbara Seidlhofer
This paper examines current ways in which the concept of 'community' has been operationalized in sociolinguistics and how they relate to thinking about communication. It argues that in the age of globalization, well-established ideas about community need to be radically re-thought in order to ensure compatibility with contemporary life, characterized by de-territorialization, fluidity and virtuality. This is particularly crucial when it comes to high-stakes encounters in critical contexts, such as international conflict mediation, interpreting, asylum...

Communication strategies in BELF e-mailing: 'Only' a matter of shared understanding?

Paola-Maria Caleffi
Research in BELF (English as a Business Lingua Franca) has increasingly focused on pragmatic and sociolinguistic aspects of business communication (Kecskes 2019). In particular, a number of studies has explored the employment of Communication Strategies (CSs) in interactions in the workplace, both in oral communication (Franceschi 2019; Haegeman 2002; Poncini 2004) and in digital written exchanges (Incelli 2013; Ren 2018; Zummo 2018). CSs have mainly been analysed from a perspective of 'problematicity' (Bialystok 1990), in...

Exploring ELT practices, teachers' professional profile and beliefs: Analysing data from the PRIN survey and envisaging pedagogical projections

Marina Morbiducci
This paper presents selected findings emerging from the survey related to the PRIN Prot. 2015REZ4EZ questionnaire, created and administered by the Unit 3 of the same PRIN project. This tool of investigation was specially devised in order to research and acquire the main values and beliefs ascribable to a volunteer group of teachers, operating in the Italian territory and catering for different levels of education in the national system. From the authentic data collected, it...


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