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I diritti delle donne in uno Stato laico. Le iniziative legislative di Salvatore Morelli

Rossella Bufano
Nel 1867 Salvatore Morelli, neoeletto deputato del Regno d'Italia, deposita alla Camera tre disegni di legge. Egli propone le riforme, a suo avviso, necessarie per fondare il nuovo Stato liberale: 1) la laicità dello Stato e il ridimensionamento dell'influenza della Chiesa; 2) l'obbligatorietà, la gratuità, la laicità e la parità dell'istruzione; 3) l'emancipazione civile e politica della donna. Battaglie che caratterizzeranno tutta la sua attività parlamentare, conclusasi nel 1880. Fanno da collante i principi cardine...

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Orientarsi al futuro. Educare la scelta nella scuola del III° millennio

Demetrio Ria

Orientamento e Mappatura dei bisogni

Ada Manfreda

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Silvia Barone, Maria Angela Gravili & Demetrio Ria

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Il mondo magico di Eduardo De Filippo. Sogno, illusione e realtà in due commedie del 1948

Francesco Della Costa
In 1948, Eduardo De Filippo, one of the major Italian playwrights of the 20th century, staged two comedies: La grande magia and Le voci di dentro. Respectively dedicated to investigate the themes of magic and dream, both are about the delicate relation between reality and illusion. And in that very 1948, Ernesto De Martino, the most relevant of Italian anthropologists, published his main work, Il mondo magico, facing the same question from a historical and...


Il diritto di migrare: ragioni umanitarie e illeciti penali

Roberto Tanisi
Premessi brevi cenni sui fenomeni migratori, anche sotto il profilo storico, l'articolo affronta alcune tematiche relative ai fenomeni migratori odierni, soffermandosi, in particolare, sul diritto di migrare, alla luce dei presidi costituzionali e di diritto internazionale. Analizzate le diverse tipologie di "migranti", cui corrispondono differenti regolamentazioni giuridiche, l'articolo si sofferma, poi, sulla rilevanza penale del fenomeno migratorio, riguardata sia con riferimento agli illeciti penali strettamente correlati al fatto stesso del migrare, sia con riferimento alle...

Pionierismo e durata della lezione di Marti leopardista

Beatrice Stasi
The Leopardian contributions of Mario Marti, since the pioneering of their debut, have continued to disseminate their critical and methodological lesson up to recent interventions by authoritative scholars.

Ricordo di Donato Valli

Antonio Lucio Giannone
In this paper we remember Donato Valli, longtime Professor of History of modern and contemporary Italian literature at the University of Lecce, one year after his death. In particular, we will examine his scientific activity, which includes several important studies on 20th century Italian poetry, on hermeticism, on the so called "fragment" and the "prose of art", as well as on the literary culture of Salento in the 1800s and 1900s. In the Appendix, there...

Il paesaggio salentino in Donato Valli tra arte e letteratura

Paolo Agostino Vetrugno
The essay is about the "view", a very important theme in Donato Valli's work. The study leads to a "street of dreams", walking along the Oriental coast of Salento peninsula up to Leuca. Donato Valli creates an "autobiographical space" thanks to his memory lane. It is supported by literary references of poets such as Vittorio Bodini and painters like Vincenzo Ciardo. Actually, Vincenzo Ciardo's works focus on olive tree leitmotiv, a traditional deity in Salento.


Excluding Emotions: The Performative Function of Populism

Emmy Eklundh
Populists are often excluded from political life on the basis that they are too emotional. Both social movements as well as political parties who are labelled as populist are accused of using demagoguery and manipulation in order to attract support and new membership. Often, these critiques emanate from the political establishment, creating a division between emotional and rational actors in politics. In this article, I argue that instead of seeing populism as a nominal or...

Visual Analysis and Right Wing (Populist) Groups

Angela Adami
The following article main contribution falls within the domain of methodology as it draws attention on the strength of visual analysis within the field of study of populism. The work elaborates on a visual analy-sis of the posters published to advertise two events – a concert in memory of Jan Palash and the World Congress of Families – organized in Verona in the early months of 2019 by a set of organizations linked to the...

Policy Framing and Party Competition: The Italian Political Debate on Local Public Services since the Economic Crisis

Valeria Tarditi
In recent years many European governments reacted to the economic crisis introducing austerity measures that particularly affected Local Public Services (LPSs) through outsourcing, privatization and marketization. While several studies have analysed the logics of instruments choice also in this policy sector, the political discourses and policy frames that accompanied the tools selection for the management of LPSs in the last years have been paid limited attention in the scholarly literature. Starting from these premises, the...

The role of Autophagy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Sara Sergio, Daniele Vergara & Michele Maffia
Autophagy is a cellular catabolic process in which cytoplasmic material is delivered to lysosomes for degradation. The autophagy process is regulated by highly conserved autophagy-related genes (ATGs) via different signalling pathways. Among the various biological functions of autophagy, the link between autophagy and cancer has been extensively studied, demonstrating its dual role, of tumor suppressor or promoter in cancer development. Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most lethal cancers that affects most of the...

Postpartum Hemorrage: Are There Physiological Mechanisms of Prevention?

Antonio Belpiede, Antonio Malvasi, Michael Stark & Andrea Tinelli
The postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) it is one of the worst complications of the pregnant woman and the leading cause of maternal mortality in the world, as it produces potentially catastrophic effects on patients, with high morbidity and morbidity. Likewise, the reduction in maternal mortality, which is particularly high in low income countries, but rising even in developed countries (as in USA), is one of the eight primary global health current goals of the WHO. In...

Mounier Kuhn Syndrome

Silvio Stomeo
Mounier Kuhn syndrome or tracheobronchomegaly is characterized by a marked dilatation of the trachea and main bronchi that can extend to the periphery of the lungs. Dilation is due to an alteration of the cartilaginous and membranous structure of the trachea and bronchi. It is a pathology much more frequent in men. The aetiology is unclear. The clinical case in question concerns a 67-year-old man who has reported recurrent episodes of bronchopulmonary infections and hemoptysis,...

Health Pedagogy and Narrative-based Strategies to Promote Healthy Eating Behaviours and Prevent Obesity in Schoolchildren: an Experimental Protocol Designed in Salento

Manuela Pulimeno, Prisco Piscitelli, Giuseppina Pacella, Emanuele Rizzo, Biagio Galante & Salvatore Colazzo
Overweight and obesity in paediatric population are becoming serious public health problems, reaching epidemic proportions in the world and being recognized as the "new pandemic of the twenty first century". Food choices and nutritional habits are strictly linked to the cultural dimension of communities and symbolic representations of food. Even in Italy, young generations are moving away from the culture of Mediterranean Diet (MD) – recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO – being...

Canonical Correlation Analysis of Principal Component Scores for Multiple-set Random Vectors

Toru Ogura & Hidetoshi Murakami
Canonical correlation analysis (CCA) is often used to analyze correlations between the variables of two random vectors. As an extension of CCA, multiple-set canonical correlation analysis (MCCA) was proposed to analyze correlations between multiple-set random vectors. However, sometimes interpreting MCCA results may not be as straightforward as interpreting CCA results. Principal CCA (PCCA), which uses CCA between two sets of principal component (PC) scores, was proposed to address these difficulties in CCA. We propose multiple-set...

On The Weighted BurrXII Distribution: Theory and Practice

Mohammed Shakhatreh & Abedel-Qader Al-Masri
We take an in-depth look at the weighted Burr-XII distribution. This distribu-tion generalizes Burr-XII, Lomax, and log-logistic distributions. We discuss the dis-tributional characteristics of the probability density function, the failure rate function,and mean residual lifetime of this distribution. Moreover, we obtain various statisti-cal properties of this distribution such as moment generating function, entropies, meandeviations, order statistics and stochastic ordering. The estimation of the distributionparameters via maximum likelihood method and the observed Fisher information ma-trix are...

La spettacolarizzazione mediatica del dolore: il caso della \"campagna Peci\" (giugno - agosto 1981)

Michele Pieroni
L'articolo esamina la spettacolarizzazione del dolore messa in atto dalle Brigate Rosse durante il rapimento di Roberto Peci, fratello di Patrizio, primo grande pentito dell'organizzazione terroristica. La cosiddetta "campagna Peci", condotta in particolare dal brigatista Giovanni Senzani e avvenuta tra il giugno e il luglio del 1981 per mano delle Brigate Rosse/Partito Guerriglia mediante una serie di comunicati contrassegnati dal ricorso alla sigla "Fronte delle Carceri", fu effettuata dopo il successo della precedente "campagna D'Urso"...


Il cibo e la festa nelle carte e nei disegni di Leonardo

Caterina Tisci
The present article retraces Leonardo's lifelong passion for cooking, moving from some attempts to introduce the nouvelle cuisine in Florentine inns during his apprenticeship in Verrocchio's workshop, towards his vivid interest in setting up sumptuous banquets and organizing spectacular feasts for Ludovico Sforza (also known as "Il Moro") in the Sforza's court in Milan. In the above-mentioned article it is also possible to find references to some of the artist-scientist's inventions he made to facilitate...

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