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Scuola, alfabetizzazione digitale e cittadinanza attiva. Verso un'educazione alla democrazia e all'incontro con l'altro

Antonietta Buonauro & Valentina Domenici
The article reflects on the central role of digital media and the need for a Digital and Media Literacy for students, in order to build a conscious and active citizenship. Studying the potential of the Internet as an instrument of knowledge is an important tool to make students digital literate, and it's also a resource for local communities, combining digital skills and innovation with traditional skills. Starting from the 2015 National Plan for a Digital...


Entertainment Highway in Cina. Il ruolo delle piattaforme online nell'analisi della reputazione sociale = Entertainment Highway in China. The role of online platforms in shaping the social credit system

Gianluigi Negro
This article provides an analysis on the history of the Chinese Social System taking into account three directions: first, it refers to policy documents issued by the State Council of PRC; second, it refers to the experience of Sina Weibo Credit System; third, it focuses on the failed experience of the Sesame Credit System. The present research has a double aim. First, it highlights the importance of the media history to frame relevant Chinese Internet...

Niente sarà più come prima. Il Covid-19 come narrazione apocalittica di successo = Nothing will ever be the same: COVID 19, an apocalyptic narrative of success

Luigi Giungato
The paper aims to investigate the interactions between public, media and authorities that emerged during the Covid-19 emergency as variables of a state of systemic anxiety, characteristic of information societies. The Coronavirus crisis involved around four billion individuals. No pandemic or traumatic event on a global scale, however serious or risky, had ever managed to lead authorities and multitudes to such a resolution. The measures prescribed for the containment of the pandemic implied maximum physical...

Debating evolutions in science, technology and society: Ethical and ideological perspectives. An introduction

James Archibald, Paola Catenaccio & Giuliana Garzone
This article introduces the theme of the Special Issue on "Debating evolutions in science, technology and society: Ethical and ideological perspectives." Its starts from the idea that new advances in science and in technology, new evolutions in society, politics and culture bring with them the need to update linguistic resources at different levels in order to be able to talk about them and accommodate new concepts. Thus they inevitably result in an impact on language...

Don't let the facts spoil the story: Foregrounding in news genres versus scientific rigour

Ruth Breeze
News producers habitually make use of the technique of "foregrounding", that is, deploying structures and resources that make specific elements in the text more or less prominent. This is closely linked to the media's overriding need to communicate one clear narrative, which is bolstered by a variety of foregrounding strategies that operate both textually and multimodally. This chapter tracks the discursive processes through which a health-related research paper emphasising the benefits of a non-meat diet...

La religione popolare tra storia e scienze sociali: un dialogo tra sordi?

Giuseppe Maria Viscardi

Introduzione. Popolarizzare il discorso specialistico nelle \"altre lingue\"

Gian Luigi De Rosa

Multimedialità e traduzione nei rapporti di Greenpeace Dirty Laundry e Panni Sporchi

Emanuele Brambilla
The scientific investigations commissioned by Greenpeace in the context of the Detox my Fashion campaign have identified a series of toxic chemicals that are commonly used in the fashion industry and regularly discharged into public waterways. In the light of these findings, Greenpeace has challenged top fashion brands to eliminate all hazardous chemicals across their entire supply chain; moreover, it has also aimed at raising awareness at the grassroots level by expounding chemistry and toxicology...


Eunomia, Anno IX n.s., n. 1

I Was Just Doing My Job! Evolution, Corruption, and Public Relations in Interviews with Government Whistleblowers

Cary A. Greenwood
This paper addresses public sector communication by exploring the role of government whistleblowers. It argues for the need to reconnect voices by creating platforms from which whistleblowers can speak without fear of retribution for the betterment of society. The paper presents 13 in-depth interviews with whistleblowers who worked for governmental entities in the United States or who worked as contractors to U.S. government entities. The goal was to understand their stories, including why they blew...


Marisa Michelini

Il tema dell'orientamento nella formazione degli insegnanti

Maria Assunta Zanetti
L'orientamento ormai da anni si configura come un processo che accompagna la crescita di ogni persona e pertanto diventa un aspetto che non può essere tralasciato nella formazione degli insegnanti. L'orientamento diventa quindi un completamento della funzione educativa del docente in quanto permette agli alunni di acquisire competenze decisionali, personali e progettuali necessarie per fare delle scelte non solo in funzione dei percorsi di studio. Tutto ciò trova una cornice teorica nel paradigma del life...

L'economia politica e la politica economica

Attilio Cabiati

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\"In fair Verona, where we lay our scene\". A multimodal analysis of the tourist gaze on Verona in travel blogs

Valeria Franceschi
The increasing presence and popularity of online travel blogs has recently added another layer to tourism discourse studies and to destination marketing, eliciting interest in research on user-generated content in tourism. Such blogs have been recognized as valuable sources of information as they are based on actual travel experiences; as a consequence, they can generate digital word-of-mouth communication to prospective visitors, potentially influencing their destination choices. This paper aims to investigate tourist perceptions and representations...

Dalla competenza sintattica alla competenza testuale: le narrazioni dei bambini italofoni dai 4 ai 10 anni

Patrizia Giuliano
The paper investigates the way Italian children of different ages manage syntactic and narrative competence in Italian L1. The data were elicited by the story Frog, where are you?, created in 1969 by Mercer Meyer and extensively used in several L1 and L2 studies. The study aims at identifying the cognitive prerequisites on which linguistic development is founded at the ages investigated (4, 7 and 10) together with the language specific influence that Italian may...

The practice and the training of text simplification in Italy

Elisa Perego
This paper reports on a subset of survey data to illustrate the status, the educational and the professional background of the Italian experts in the production of Easy-to-Understand (E2U) content. It opens with a definition of E2U in relation to the established terms Easy-to-Read Language and Plain Language, which are discussed and exemplified through examples in English, and it illustrates the European project EASIT on the implementation of E2U in the audiovisual context. After that,...

Introduzione. (De)costruire mitologie oggi

Gloria Politi


Resilience factors in women of refugee background: A qualitative systematic review

Clare Hawkes, Kimberley Norris, Janine Joyce & Douglas Paton
Women of Refugee Background (WoRB) are identified as being understudied within research, despite making up half of the world's refugee population. Resilience is a common characteristic ascribed to WoRB and if often identified as a core factor influencing long-term wellbeing. Despite this, there is increasing doubts regarding the validity of hegemonic Western understandings of resilience and associated theoretical frameworks when applied to refugee populations. The aim of this systematic review was to investigate factors endorsed...

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