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Come cambia la comunità? Tra paure, risorse e futuri possibili

Comunità prossime. Una prospettiva di nuove interdipendenze?

Piergiuseppe Ellerani
During the pandemic period, the community was evoked as a kind of antidote, to be opposed to forced, physical, sanitary distance, and to reduce the spread of the virus. The complexity contained in the term and the concept of community has been reduced, forcing only a posssibles few meanings and perspectives. Although recognized, during the emergency, as a safe perspective, are evidents some contradictions generated by the reductionism of community principle. New possible scenarios are...

Dai processi agli untori ai processi agli errori: perché (non) impareremo dalla pandemia di COVID-19

Ferdinando Spina
The paper questions how to implement processes of cultural and institutional change under the COVID-19 pandemic. Drawing on the risk society and reflexive modernization framework, the paper highlights that the political value of disasters depends on the collective recognition of risks. As in previous centuries, such recognition relies on the detection of causality and attribution of responsibility. The paper warns against recourse to the scapegoating mechanism in the interpretations of the pandemic.

La pandemia COVID-19 e la tutela dei diritti umani nel sistema delle Nazioni Unite

Giuseppe Gioffredi
Covid-19 has put a strain on, among other things, the stability of States with regard to the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms: the consequences produced by the pandemic on the effective enjoyment of these rights have been numerous and serious freedom, indeed. For this reason, this paper aims to examine the current health crisis in the context of the UN system for the protection of human rights. The interventions of the Human Rights...



Specchi deformanti e illusioni ottiche. Immagini pubblicitarie di genere nella lettura dei professionisti del settore = Deforming Mirrors and Optical Illusions. Gendered Advertisements in the Practitioners' Reading

Paola Panarese
Deforming Mirrors and Optical Illusions. Gendered Advertisements in the Practitioners' Reading. The relationship between gender and advertising is a classic object of socio-communicative research (Goffman 1977), investigated more in content than in public or production. Many articles have focused on sexual stereotyping (Barthel 1988; Belkaoui, Belkaoui 1976; Furnham, Bitar 1993; Furnham, Schofield 1986; Furnham, Voli 1989; García-Muñoz et. al. 1994; Livingstone, Green 1986; Gilly 1988; McArthur, Resko 1975; Mazzella et. al. 1992; Rak, McMullen 1987;...

Combating extremism in a public sphere at risk: platforms' affordances, dilemmas and opportunities of social media campaigns

Sara Monaci
The spread of social media highlights controversial changes in the public sphere: new opportunities of access and expression in fact go alongside aberrant phenomena of extremist propaganda. In recent years, civil society institutions and bodies have responded to the wave of hatred and violence on social media through online awareness-raising campaigns aimed at combating ideological propaganda and offering alternative narratives to vulnerable individuals. The essay develops a critical reflection on some of these initiatives in...

Immaginario collettivo e iconografia della rivolta nella storia contemporanea = Collective imagination of riot: iconography of uprisings in contemporary History

Andrea Massera
Collective imagination of riot: iconography of uprisings in contemporary History. The purpose of this article consists in finding recurrent iconographies in urban riots during Contemporary History. After a brief description of what can be considered a riot nowadays, it analyzes visual material that represents the most known social protests in contemporary History. From the French riots in 1830 and 1848 to the most recent events such as G8 Summit of Genoa, banlieues riots, Arab Spring,...

La social tv nella produzione televisiva. Il caso di Un Posto al Sole = Social TV in television production. The case history of \"Un Posto al Sole\"

Francesco Marrazzo
Social TV in television production. The case history of "Un Posto al Sole". In recent years, social tv has become part of the cross-medial strategy of broadcasters, a new focus for advertisers and market researchers, and has been increasingly seen as a new chance of creating public value for the public service media. Starting from these premises, the aim of this contribution is to explore the ways by which social tv strategies can become part...

Forecasting an explosive time series

Suresh Chandra K & S. Prabhakaran
Forecasting is an important exercise in Time series analysis. For a statio-nary time series, there are theoretically strong forecasting methods which canprovide most accurate forecasts for the future (Karlin and Taylor (1975)).For most non stationary time series Box Jenkins methodology is a usefulforecasting technique. Essentially, the Box Jenkins methodology assumesthat any non stationarity time series can be conveniently modeled as anAutoregressive Intregrated Moving Averages (ARIMA) model with sucientnumber of unit roots in the linear stochastic...

An Application of Transformed Distribution: Length of Stay in Hospitals

S. Harini, M. Subbiah, M. R. Srinivasan & Michele Gallo
Length of stay in hospitals are mostly characterized as asymmetric, right skewed and leptokurtic in nature. Earlier studies have considered parametric distributions like gamma, Pareto, lognormal for studying length of stay of patients in hospitals. However, in this study we have proposed transformed distributions to be the best choice for characterizing the length of stay. For this study, we have considered paediatric asthma dataset and identified that transformed Weibull-Pareto as the best fit. For a...

Os caminhos de abril. Anacronias e (pós)colonialismo no romance Vinte e zinco, de Mia Couto

Maria Aparecida Fontes
This article aims to reflect on the coexistence of several temporalities in post-colonial Portuguese-language expression narratives, based on the analytical study of Mia Couto's novel Vinte Zinco (1999). I intend to examine how the author interpreted the historical dynamics triggered by the Colonial Wars and the 'Revolução dos Cravos' and their effects on Portuguese colonies, specifically Mozambique. The narrative, whose structure based on the assemblage of discrete, heterogeneous and irregular temporalities, reveals diverse experiences and...

Nel cuore della ferita. Rubens Figueiredo: Passageiro do fim do dia (2010)

Caterina Pincherle
The novel Passageiro do fim do dia (2010) by Rubens Figueiredo has a contrapuntal structure, going to and fro between the reading of a text which is very distant from the events and time of the novel itself – a divulging book about Darwin – and urban contemporary daily life. While the observation of the stranger scientist reaveals itself inadequate for a satisfactory knowledge of reality, the "weak" viewpoint of the main character adquires a...

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L'essere molteplice. Macunaíma tra interferenza e indifferenza

Ettore Finazzi-Agrò
A "citational" and at the same time very original work, Macunaíma o herói sem nenhum caráter represents the (auto)ironic and, at the same time, (self)compliant mirror in which a Brazilian identity reflects itself - a longly sought for identity, at least since the second decade of the nineteenth century. Therefore, a fatally modernist text, yet stuffed with different and distanced times and places: a work that combines the archaic and the present in an inextricable...

How to do things with modes. Transmodality in slides

Patrizia Anesa
Slideshows are ubiquitous in today's academic events such as university lectures. Thus, it appears imperative to investigate the evolution of the modes which are implemented in processes of knowledge communication through slideshows. In particular, this study focuses on the complex relations between texts and images and on the multifaceted functions that different modes assume. A corpus of lecture slides drawn from the MIT OpenCourseWare site is investigated from a transmodal perspective by adopting a qualitative...

Discursive construction of ethos-based framework for public identity. Investigative congressional hearings

Cinzia Giglioni
The construction of ethos-based self-representation in public discourse is particularly evident when it comes to politicians and corporate leaders who, in their public prominent role, may need to convince their audience they behave and have behaved ethically. This seems to be even more evident in case of suspicion of wrongdoing, which is typically the reason why investigative congressional hearings are conducted. The hearings can give researchers the possibility to discover whom the Congress is listening...

L'uso della punteggiatura in testi dell'amministrazione accademica: i verbali

Antonio Montinaro
The paper analyzes the use of punctuation in Academic Administrative texts. In particular, it examines some reports of Department Councils to verify the repertory of the punctuation signs and to illustrate their functions and their sharper deviations from the correct standard use.

Dante e la codificazione grammaticale nel XVI secolo

Pierluigi Ortolano
The article aims to analyze the image of Dante within the grammatical codification in the Italian Renaissance. As it is well known, the grammarians took as their model the thirteenth-century language of the Three Crowns to develop the rules to be applied later to the written language. If the language of Petrarch and Boccaccio fixed the model to follow for poetry and prose, in this century the language of Dante experienced a sort of "Bembian...

Palaentological evidence of piscivorous habits of some pycnodonts from the Middle Cenomanian of Lebanon

Luigi Capasso
L'autore presenta due casi di resti di pasto di picnodonti ritrovati nel calcare Cenomaniano Medio di En Nammoura, Libano; essi consistono in un coprolite ed un rigurgito. Entrambi sono icno-fossili conseguenti alla nutrizione del picnodonte Acrorhinichthys poyatoi. Il coprolite ha una struttura spiralata, indicando che l'ultimo tratto dell'intestino dei picnodonti era, probabilmente, rappresentato da una valvola a spirale, similmente a quanto accade nei selaci e negli actinopterigi primitivi (storioni). Il coprolite contiene alcune scaglie, parzialmente...

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