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Deformation and meteorological data of the Khoko landslide, Enguri, Republic of Georgia (2016-2020)

Alessandro Tibaldi
The data have been collected in the framework of a research focused on the study of the active Khoko landslide in the Greater Caucasus, which is a mountain belt characterized by deep valleys, steep slopes and frequent seismic activity, the combination of which results in major landslide hazard. Along the eastern side of the Enguri water reservoir lies the Khoko landside, whose head scarp zone affects the important Jvari-Khaishi-Mestia road, one of the few connections...

Partecipanti al bando cheFare 2012, 2013/2014 e 2015 (2012-2015)

Lo studio Partecipanti al bando cheFare 2012, 2013/2014 e 2015 (2012-2015) raccoglie una serie di informazioni relative ai soggetti partecipanti al bando cheFare, edizioni 2012, 2013/2014 e 2015.
cheFare è un’agenzia per la trasformazione culturale nata nel 2012 come bando per progetti culturali innovativi; dal 2014 è un’associazione culturale che si occupa di produrre, narrare e aggregare pratiche concrete e riflessioni teoriche sui mutamenti culturali in corso.
L’attività di cheFare si articola tra la produzione...

Distance Educating, Emergency Educating (2020)

Maja Antonietti, Monica Guerra & Elena Luciano
This study aims to describe the actions implemented by educational services during the COVID-19 emergency in the spring of 2020, to understand how nurseries and preschools responded to the emergency.
The objective of the research is to understand how educators, teachers and pedagogical coordinators of 0-6 preschool services faced the lockdown period and consequently how the educational relationship, proposals, actions of involvement, training, design and pedagogical documentation were declined.
Through a questionnaire administered to early...

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