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The experience of illness and the needs of women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis (2014)

Lorenzo Montali & Elisabetta Camussi
Data are based on a qualitative study concerning to experiences and needs of women with an ovarian cancer diagnosis. The ovarian cancer is the second by spread among gynecological cancers, and in Italy involves about 40,000 women. The experiences of women diagnosed often create unsatisfied needs in a wide range of domains (physical, psychological / emotional, cognitive, social, informative, spiritual, existential) that have not been adequately addressed during and beyond diagnosis and treatment. Due to...

Transnational coverage of news in European Union (2010)

Andrea Fracasso, Nicola Grassano & Giuseppe Vittucci Marzetti
Data are based on a study on the systemic factors correlated with the transnational media coverage of foreign news. The dataset matches information provided by various data sources in order to performs a quantitative assessment of the systemic determinants of the network of EU transnational citations through the articles published in the main national media.

The main source consists of a large dataset created by Economisti Associati on the transnational coverage of foreign news...

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