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Companies’ preferences elicitation in selecting new graduates’ curriculum vitae (2015)

Franca Crippa, Paolo Mariani & Mariangela Zenga
Data are based on ELECTUS (Education-for-Labour Elicitation from Companies' Attitudes towards University Studies) research project, which is carried out in 2015 by the University of Padua in partnership with several other Italian universities with the aim of study the recruiters' preferences in selecting new graduates who apply for a job position in their companies.

In particular, data are related to the research coordinated by the University of Milano-Bicocca. Data are collected through a CAWI...

Aspects of daily life - Longitudinal Data (2013-2016)

The survey "Aspects of Daily Life" is carried out by ISTAT and it is aimed to collect key information about the daily life of individuals and households on an annual basis. This information are focused on the habits, opinions, and attitudes of citizens regarding the main issues related to their social and family life. The sample interviewed annually is about 20,000 families, for a total of about 50,000 individuals. Given the wealth of information collected...

Substance use disorder and risk of violence – VIORMED study (2014-2016)

Giovanni de Girolamo
Substance use disorder and risk of violence is a dataset related to the VIORMED (VIOlence Risk and MEntal Disorders) study carried out in 2014-2016. The aim of the study is to compare patients with severe mental disorders and with different substance use behaviours in terms of socio-demographic and clinical characteristics and assess violent behaviour during one-year follow-up. The collected data deal with a prospective cohort study conducted at residential facilities and at four Departments of...

Razza e istruzione. Le leggi anti-ebraiche del 1938


Deformation and meteorological data of the Khoko landslide, Enguri, Republic of Georgia (2016-2020)

Alessandro Tibaldi
The data have been collected in the framework of a research focused on the study of the active Khoko landslide in the Greater Caucasus, which is a mountain belt characterized by deep valleys, steep slopes and frequent seismic activity, the combination of which results in major landslide hazard. Along the eastern side of the Enguri water reservoir lies the Khoko landside, whose head scarp zone affects the important Jvari-Khaishi-Mestia road, one of the few connections...

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