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Smart city planning and development shortcomings

Margarita Angelidou
This paper explores smart city planning and development shortcomings. In particular, it investigates eleven cases of smart city strategies and the shortcomings that were observed during their planning and implementation stages. The cases include: Barcelona Smart City, PlanlT Valley, Stockholm Smart City, Cyberjaya, King Abdullah Economic City, Masdar City, Skolkovo, Songdo International Business District, Chicago Smart City, Rio de Janeiro Smart City, and Konza Technology City. The paper proceeds with the synthesis of the findings...

The Effectiveness of Urban Green Spaces and Socio-Cultural Facilities

Mehmet Faruk Altunkasa, Süha Berberoğlu, Cengiz Uslu & Halil Duymuş
This paper aims to develop a theoretical approach for mapping and determining the effectiveness of green spaces and socio-cultural facilities as providers of urban ecosystem services and urban services in the case of Adana, Turkey. Firstly, green spaces and socio-cultural facilities per capita have been determined and indexed for the neighbourhoods in the city. Then, a distance-based method for estimating the effectiveness of these facilities was used. The distances between the various neighbourhoods and between...

Review Pages: Methods, Tools and Best practices to Increase the Capacity of Urban Systems to Adapt to Natural and Man-made Changes 1(2017)

Gennaro Angiello, Gerardo Carpentieri, Laura Russo, Maria Rosa Tremiterra & Andrea Tulisi
Starting from the relationship between urban planning and mobility management, TeMA has gradually expanded the view of the covered topics, always remaining in the groove of rigorous scientific in-depth analysis. During the last two years a particular attention has been paid on the Smart Cities theme and on the different meanings that come with it. The last section of the journal is formed by the Review Pages. They have different aims: to inform on the...


Roberto Bolici, Giusi Leali & Silvia Mirandola
La sempre maggiore incidenza dell’intervento sull’esistente a fronte delle nuove costruzioni fa sì che la valorizzazione del patrimonio costruito urbano, intesa come riconversione funzionale, diventi occasione per una sua efficace ed efficiente gestione, rispondendo alle mutate esigenze della collettività in termini di welfare, cultura e lavoro. In questa logica, tra le nuove destinazioni d’uso, emergono per il loro carattere innovativo le funzioni legate alle più attuali dimensioni del lavoro collettivo connesse alla sharing economy. L’aumento...


Marichela Sepe
In 2011, the European Commission publishes the “Cities of Tomorrow. Challenges, visions, ways forward” report, introducing the integrated approach to the urban policies, whose sectoriality has caused different problems further increased by the economic crisis. The threats identified within the report regard the demographic decline, the climate change, the social segregation, the difficult competitiveness caused by the economic decrease. The aim of this paper is illustrating the most significant parts of “Cities of Tomorrow” which...


Luigi Fusco Girard
The general aim is to collect evidence and to support research for informing urban policies in urban regeneration and implementing the New Urban Agenda (United Nations, 2015; 2016). The research aims at connecting knowledge with urban planning processes in issues related to the holistic regeneration of cities and also in social inclusion, participatory planning processes while strengthening collaboration amongst cities. The thematic priority of the research has been to develop creative approaches, tools and solutions...


Valerio Tolve
Il contributo fissa in forma sintetica un insieme coordinato di esperienze di progetto, ricerca e didattica svolto in forma di seminari, workshop e tesi di laurea, tra la Scuola di Architettura Civile del Politecnico di Milano e l’Università IUAV di Venezia. Queste esperienze sono applicate al medesimo contesto, l’ex-Scalo Farini a Milano, e svolte a partire da un comune punto di vista che riconosce nel progetto di architettura, nella sua accezione più ampia ed estensiva,...

Identità sociale e generi letterari. Nascita e morte del sodalizio stilnovista

Paolo Borsa
Il contributo prende in considerazione la produzione letteraria di Dante Alighieri – e, in parallelo, del suo «primo amico» Guido Cavalcanti – compresa all’incirca tra la composizione della Vita nuova e l’esilio. Esso intende mostrare come il dissidio tra Dante e Cavalcanti si situi anche al livello della rappresentazione che i due poeti danno di se stessi nella loro opera, attraverso scelte di poetica e di genere letterario. Pur avendo fama di philosophus, il magnate...

«Ò scritte di mia mano in su l’Isola della Rocca». Alfabetizzazione e cultura di Caterina da Siena

Giovanna Murano
Questo saggio si propone di indagare il livello di alfabetizzazione di Caterina da Siena. L’immagine tradizionale e tuttora persistente – costruita dal suo primo agiografo, il domenicano Raimondo da Capua – è che Caterina fosse analfabeta fino a quando non imparò miracolosamente a leggere (ma non a scrivere). Una serie di testi, presi in esame solo in parte fino ad oggi dagli studiosi, prova invece che Caterina era alfabetizzata. Il primo e più importante di...


Territorio della Ricerca su Insediamenti e Ambiente. Rivista internazionale di cultura urbanistica, No 17 (2016): Engendering Habitat III: Facing the Global Challenges in Cities


Massimo Clemente, Alessandro Castagnaro, Stefania Oppido & Gaia Daldanise
Cultural heritage has played a key role in urban regeneration processes although often with negative effects, such as the museification and gentrification of historic centres. The ancient centre of Naples is an emblematic case study because deeply degraded but strongly characterised by cultural identity. In the area, the Sansevero Chapel is a private museum very appreciated by tourists visiting Naples and famous for its historical heritage. Since the 90s, the museum is developing an innovative...


Gabriella Esposito De Vita, Stefania Ragozino & Maurizio Simeone
In order to discuss partnership models and action protocols to be implemented in regeneration processes for enhancing the relationships slow tourism-cultural landscapes-urban regeneration, a case study approach has been chosen. The paper focuses on a purposely-selected experience in Naples (Italy): the Marine Protected Area of La Gaiola. In this distinguished example of the waterfront area, a group of activists is developing an integrated system of initiatives for protecting cultural and environmental resources by promoting compatible...


Luigi Fusco Girard, Antonia Gravagnuolo, Francesca Nocca, Mariarosaria Angrisano & Martina Bosone
The Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) approach recognizes the landscape as a “living heritage” that reflects changes in society and contributes to local well-being. Investments in HUL conservation can improve overall urban productivity, generating multidimensional benefits and contributing to the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. The aim of this paper is to demonstrate how investments in HUL conservation/regeneration can enhance the economic performance of cities and regions. A set of 17 case studies of HUL regeneration...


Claudia Chirianni
Nel 1969 l’economista Schelling sviluppò un modello di simulazione della segregazione dove dimostrò come essa potrebbe emergere come fenomeno collettivo di scelte discriminatorie individuali. Questo modello, e i suoi sviluppi successivi, porta alla luce due questioni chiave: 1) la segregazione è un fenomeno locale piuttosto che globale; 2) ciò che previene che la segregazione avvenga a grande scala è che essa si manifesta prima ad una scala più piccola. Questa tendenza all’auto-segregazione è riconoscibile nelle...

L-cysteine/hydrogen sulfide pathway: pharmacological approaches in urinary bladder and cardiovascular diseases

Erminia Donnarumma
Background: Recently, several studies have demonstrated that phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5-Is), drugs widely used as first-line oral treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED), are clinically effective in the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) secondary to benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and/or ED, although their mechanism of action is still unclear and under investigation. It has been suggested that PDE5-Is beneficial effects on storage symptoms are partially independent from nitric oxide signalling and they cause...

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Green for the regeneration in sustainable urban planning

Mónica Martínez, Federico García Martínez, Isidoro Fasolino & Michele Grimaldi
This work proposes a method for urban planning aimed at pursuing the sustainable regeneration of the central neighborhoods of the city through the reorganization of settlement patterns and the protection of its environmental heritage and biological resources. The design approach uses green spaces in all their various forms, increasing soil permeability, with a connecting system of the public spaces and institutions, increasing the energy efficiency of buildings and renewable sources in order to transform the...

The Spatial Politics of Diversity Discourses: Regenerating Croydon Metropolitan Centre

Sara Özogul
Discourses on diversity are increasingly criticised in many fields of public policy. This study draws on the example of regeneration in the Centre of Croydon, a diverse outer-London borough, in order to explore the role of diversity discourses in the imagination and creation of new urban spaces. A framework put forward by Fincher and Iveson (2008) is utilised, who contend that any local effort to plan for diversity should follow the norms recognition, redistribution and...

Planning Support Systems: from universal solutions to local planning method. The case of planning practitioners in Andalusia.

Irene Luque-Martín, Edda Bild, Jorge Izquierdo-Cubero, Antonio Piñero Valverde & Victoriano Sainz Gutiérrez
Processes of urban transformation and technological advances are leading to drastic changes in urban environments and to novel local challenges for urban planners. Scientific research is exploring the potential of various technologies to support planning and Planning Support Systems (PSS) have been proposed as strategies to improve current planning practices. PSS are not without their critics, both from academia and practice, who dispute their usefulness and usability, and they have so far been scarcely implemented...

Securing Embedded Digital Systems For In-Field Applications

Mario Barbareschi
Nowadays, special purpose embedded system design relies on the availability of the hardware configurable technology. Space missions, aerospace defense, high performance computing and networking applications benefit from the adoption of field programamble gate arrays (FPGAs) as they provide high degrees of flexibility, fast time-to-market, and low overall non-recurring engineering costs (NRE), but they almost lack in providing security mechanisms to protect intellectual properties (IPs) configured on them. The FPGA programming process is accomplished by a...

Santa Maria di Monteoliveto a Napoli, dalla fondazione (1411) alla soppressione monastica: topografia e allestimenti liturgici.

Michela Tarallo
Questo lavoro si propone di riconsiderare la storia di Santa Maria di Monteoliveto nel suo complesso, allo scopo di fornirne uno studio ragionato e critico che, sulla base di dati attendibili, sia in grado di mettere ordine tra i frammentari studi presenti sull’argomento, e che, alla luce di numerosi nuovi dati, possa offrire un apporto sostanzioso e concreto alla conoscenza della fondazione olivetana di Napoli.

Sharing Sustainability

Alessandro Sgobbo & Monica Basile
The paper reports the results of a phase of the research Project “Sharing Mobility” developed by the authors at the Department of Architecture of the University of Naples "Federico II". The thesis is that sharing mobility can positively affect sustainability of Mediterranean metropolitan areas if implemented on a multiscale-multimodal approach strongly linked with the existing public transport facilities. In order to verify the results and the applicability of the proposed procedural model to the Mediterranean...

Il disegno delle città

Livio Sacchi
Il saggio presenta una ricerca condotta all’interno del Laboratorio di Disegno dell’Università degli Studi “G. d’Annunzio” di Chieti - Pescara dedicata al disegno delle città a partire da casi-studio selezionati dal CRESME. Da Amsterdam a Copenaghen, da Londra a Milano, da Rotterdam a Torino, il disegno non è solo strumento di conoscenza e analisi delle realtà urbane prese in esame ma è, soprattutto, strumento della progettualità che tali città esprimono, ciò che le proietta verso...

Figurare la memoria, tra visione e rappresentazione

Daniela Palomba
Il saggio proposto rappresenta una lettura di significativi ambiti della città di Napoli analizzati e letti attraverso le immagini dei luoghi descritti nelle 114 cromolitografie realizzate dagli artisti Matteo Zampella e Francesco Paolo Aversano. Qui, tra scorci e vedute, si rivela e si svela l’immagine di una città antica, ricca di storia, di cultura e di stratificazioni. Le cromolitografie rientrano nel grande e significativo lavoro che lo storico Raffaele D’Ambra adotta per veicolare e tradurre...

On the expression «Li òmini in universali iudicano più alli occhi che alle mani»: an Alternative Reading of Chapter 18 in The Prince

Andrea Polegato
This article clarifies the meaning of a key passage contained in Machiavelli’s The Prince (1513), chapter 18: «li òmini in universali iudicano più alli occhi che alle mani» («Men in general judge more by their eyes than by their hands») by linking it to Machiavelli’s early administrative letters where the image of the eyes and hands is often employed. While most scholars and translators agree that «eyes» and «hands» refer to «men» who judge, in...

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