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Fuzziness informativa e geografia della comunicazione di crisi

Angelo Turco
Information Fuzziness and The Geography of Crisis Communication Starting from our map on information fuzziness hosted by the online newspaper juorno.it, we present our first researches on the subject. The article illustrates, as an integral part of the pandemic outbreak, a complex of media practices that define the global profile of crisis communication in the context of an epidemic. It outlines a geographical distribution of news that cannot be said to be true or false...

Harrod on the classification of technological progress. The origin of a wild-goose chase

From the 1930s to the 1970s many economists debated the classification of technological progress into neutral, labour- or capital-saving inventions. One of them was R.F. Harrod, who defined neutral inventions as those in which the capital-output ratio remains unaffected at a certain rate of interest. The present work examines the origin and development of Harrod’s notion of neutrality, illustrating how it was characterised, what conceptual framework it presupposed, and what function it played within his...

Il sistema finanziario italiano alla metà degli anni '90: una difficile transizione (The Italian financial system in the mid-1990s: a difficult transition)

The Italian financial system is in a transition period searching for an effective compromise between German-style universal banking and the Anglo-American market-oriented system. This was stimulated by the European Community directives and the modernisation of the Italian finance market. The Italian economy, which has been very bank-centred, has gone through major changes due to strong competitive pressures arising from liberalisation and removal of constraints. The transformation being sought can be undertaken by fostering efficiency through...

L'occupazione e il programma economico nazionale. (Employment and Italy’s national economic plan)

Italy’s Five-year National Economic Plan 1966-70 (published in the Gazzetta Ufficiale of August 14, 1967) set out some targets regarding employment partly expressed in quantitative form. Two years have now passed since the beginning of the five-year period. The present article provides a first evaluation of the actual performance during this span of time and of the implications for the remaining years. JEL: E24, E60, O21

La comunicazione del turismo ai tempi del coronavirus

Andrea Rossi
Tourism communication in the time of coronavirus Covid-19 has radically transformed tourism and it will continue to affect it at least until a vaccine is available. It is necessary to rethink communication approaches in this new regime of uncertainty and it is necessary to equip ourselves with the new skills required by the new particular situation of the coronavirus. Those skills answer the new fundamental questions relating to the forces of change linked to this...

Le metamorfosi di Circe: dea, maga e femme fatale

Irene Berti
The myth of the encounter between Odysseus and Circe, first attested in the Odyssey, was very popular in and after Antiquity, and it inspired poets, artists and philosophers. In most cases, the post-Homeric Circe is transformed from an ambiguous, but fundamentally positive creature, into an increasingly negative one. Starting her “career” as a Homeric goddess, she quickly turns into a witch and into a seducer. This essay focuses on the reception of the figure of...

Promuovere la competitività europea (Enhancing European competitiveness)

Europe's bid to improve its competitive advantage is hampered by underutilization of its productive potential, as gleaned from its high unemployment rate, and the dissociation of economic growth and employment, where economic development is no longer accompanied by rise in employment. The Competitiveness Advisory Group addresses these issues in its work program and identifies sectors showing the greatest potential for enhancing competitive edge, among which are infrastructure, trade and investment. It also urges the implementation...

Modern Forms of Work. A European Comparative Study

Stefano BELLOMO & Fabrizio FERRARO
The collective volume “Modern Forms of Work. A European Comparative Study” evokes the intent to embody a reflection focused on modern labour law issues from a comparative perspective. A first set of essays contains national reports on modern forms of work. The second group contains some reflections regarding critical issues on digitalization, platforms and algorithms, analysing the different facets of the galaxy of digital work. The third group of essays flows into the section entitled...

Il modello di Heckscher-Ohlin e la struttura tariffaria dei paesi industrializzati. (The Heckscher-Ohlin model and the tariff structures of the industrial countries)

Some recent empirical researches on the tariff structure of industrial countries have again drawn the attention to the problem of the empirical relevance of the Heckscher-Ohlin theory of trade and - incidentally - to the related question of the legitimacy of the discrimination charge levelled by the “third world” against the tariff schedules of the developed countries. Two studies in particular have argued that the relationship between labour intensity and protection is not definite. The...

Il crescente indebolimento del sistema finanziario internazionale (The ongoing weakening of the international financial system)

A hegemon-by-committee, or a group of nations playing the role of a dominant financial power, is necessary for the international financial system to withstand crises arising from drastic shifts of funds among national currencies, accompanied by large movements of exchange rates. These wide fluctuations in exchange rates and subsequent financial transactions can trigger a collapse of prices in dollar-denominated financial assets in US financial markets, thus undermining the global economy. With no single nation apparently...

Il Vietnam negli anni '80: riforme dei prezzi e stabilizzazione (Vietnam in the 1980s: price reforms and stabilisation)

Before the 1980s, Vietnam was modelled as a centrally-planned economy (CPE) along the same lines as the Soviet economy. During the 1980-88 period a kind of 'modified' planned economy (MPE) developed in which some partial reforms were effected within the CPE framework. These reforms and Vietnam's latest plans and reforms are surveyed. Economic reform measures in 1985 focused on the insignificant monetary overhang problem, which involved 'forced' money holdings by households owing to shortages in...

R.F. Kahn: a tribute

The article is a tribute to Richard Ferdinand Kahn, a member of the Faculty of Economics and Politics at Cambridge, who died on 6 June 1989. The author draws freely upon Kahn’s own writings as well as those of many other authors to recount his life and academic career. JEL: B31

Infrastructure and manufacturing in Sub-Saharan Africa: An empirical analysis using dynamic panel data models

Bovick Wandja Yemba, Rafael S. M. Ribeiro & Victor Medeiros
The provisioning of adequate infrastructure may be seen as a key contributing factor in the industrialization process as well as economic development across the globe. While there is a vast empirical literature assessing the impact of infrastructure on economic growth, productivity and income inequality, estimates of the effect on infrastructure on manufacturing sector, in particular, are rather scant. Using dynamic panel data models, we empirically investigate the impact of investments in power, transportation and telecommunication...

Il processo cumulativo di Wicksell nella teoria e nella pratica. (Wicksell’s cumulative process in theory and practice)

Text of a lecture delivered at the university of UPSALA. The author discusses Knut Wicksell’s legacy, with specific reference to monetary theory. The author places Wicksell among the adherents of the quantity theory of money, although recognising that a fractional reserve banking system abides by different rules. The author rejects Cagan’s criticism of Wicksell and he considers empirical evidence in support of Wicksellian results. JEL: B31, B13, E40

Sistema bibliotecario Sapienza 2012-2020

A quasi dieci anni dall’istituzione del Sistema bibliotecario Sapienza abbiamo ritenuto utile produrre un report con il quale fare il punto sullo stato dei servizi bibliotecari della Sapienza, sulle realizzazioni e sui progetti in corso, sullo stato d’avanzamento delle trasformazioni progettate e deliberate dagli organi di governo, coerentemente con una visione tendente a integrare sempre di più le biblioteche nelle strategie della Sapienza. In tutti questi anni i vertici dell’ateneo hanno mostrato grande sensibilità nei...

Emotional Dynamics of Persons with Type 2 Diabetes and Their Potential Role in Treatment Adherence: Insights from a Clinical Psychodynamic Perspective

Francesco Marchini, Andrea Caputo, Jerilyn Tan Balonan, Fabiola Fedele, Viviana Langher & Angela Napoli
The aim of the present study is to test some differences between persons withwithout type 2 diabetes (T2D) on depression, defense mechanisms and unconscious ego-damaged related strategies, and to investigate their potential role in treatment adherence. Twenty-six persons with T2D and 25 healthy controls matched for agegender were enrolled and assessed using Self-Care Inventory-Revised, Beck Depression Inventory-II, Defense Mechanism Inventory and Projective Envy Technique. Mann-Whitney U tests and bivariate correlations were performed. Healthy controls reported...

Money, prices and the transition to EMU

The third stage of the Economic and Monetary Union will start on January 1st, 1999, at which point the currencies of the participating countries will be irrevocably fixed as the prelude to the introduction of the euro by 2002. Although the European System of Central Banks’ objective is clearly defined in its statute as achieving and maintaining price stability, the strategic and tactical question of how to formulate and execute the future common monetary policy...

Protezionismo e obiettivi di politica industriale nel pensiero di Keynes

When studying Keynes’ ideas regarding protectionism, scholars have traditional focused on the relevance that he attached to trade policy interventions geared towards macroeconomic objectives. Specifically, he was concerned with the role of the balance of payments as a constraint on full employment. Less attention has been devoted to keynes’ ideas on trade policy aimed at microeconomic objectives. These are the subject of the present paper, with a particular focus on industrial policy objectives as framed...

Una retrospezione intelettuale

The paper is a contribution to a series of recollections and reflections on the professional experiences of distinguished economists which the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Quarterly Review started in 1979. Rather than provide an autobiographical sketch, however, Frank Hahn concentrates on his journeyings through economic history. In doing so, the author hopes to stimulate readers to look at their own intellectual journey and reflect on it. JEL Codes: B31

Inflation, distortionary taxation and the design of monetary policy: the role of social cohesion

The relationship between central banks and inflation is considered in order to disprove existing studies which state that distortions and inflationary bias occur in the real world. While much attention has been given to the issue in existing studies, no attempt has been made to examine effects of any third factors. Results reveal that inflation is significantly affected by distortionary taxation and that social cohesion leads to price stability in the post Bretton Woods period....

Remembering Forgetting

Jane Wilkinson
What is entailed in literary, artistic and filmic mappings of dementia? How do writers and artists negotiate their journeys beyond the limits of an identity ‘identified’ by the ability to remember, uncovering elliptic, metamorphic varieties of existence, multiple temporalities, disjointed perceptions of space? Narrating dementia opens representation to different syntaxes and structures, transcribing absence, but also complex and often self-reflexive forms of presence and of care. In their endeavour to salvage dementia’s forgotten lives, authors...

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