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Rassegna storica salernitana. N.s. A.1, n.1(1984)

Italo Gallo, Werner Johannowsky, Catello Salvati, Daniela Mauro, Alfonso Leone, Alfredo Capone, Arcangelo R. Amarotta, Giuseppe Libero Mangieri, Mario A. De Cunzo &
La Società Salernitana di Storia Patria aderisce al progetto EleA e autorizza la pubblicazione del fascicolo.

Challenges of Migration in Context of Cosmopolitan Citizenship

Flor María Avila Hernández
This article analyzes the different challenges of citizenship and rights in front of the new forms of flow migrations, especially in the Mediterranean and the case of Venezuelan migrants. The new conception of globalization and Soveranity redefines the relations between the State and individuals, whether national or foreign, and must be the basis for rethinking the new issues of citizenship, of migrants and of dialogue between cultures, which must be addressed from the so-called "ethics"...

From Third Generation Rights to Collective Intelligence. Environmental protection in Brazil and Italy

Regiane Aparecida Costa Nozaki
The articles deal with the environmental rights in the present world, proposing a general framework and connecting the environmental problems to capitalism and economic growth. The article focuses on two cases: that of Mariana (Minas Gerais, Brazil), where the disruption of the Fundão mining tailings dam in 2015 provoked 17 people deaths, and that of Taranto (Italy), where the factory Ilva has caused a serious environmental damage, which jeopardize the health of the local people....

Integration by Sport Activities: Resource or Only a Paradox?

Giovanna Russo
Nowadays in Europe sport and physical activity represent a strategic tool for public health policiesthat aim to promote the wellbeing of population, supporting dialogue for social cohesion and, at the same time, represent an important economic sector. The acknowledgement of sport capability to be a vehicle for integrating diversity- confirming the attention to intercultural dialogue at European level –in an evidence of its importance in the current debate on integration and multiculturalism. Through comparing different...

Counteracting Dominant Discourses about Migrations with Images: a Typology Attempt

Elsa Claire Gomis
This article examines a series of art and media images which have contributed to counteracting dominant discourses about migrations. Through recourse to recent research in political science and psychology, it suggests that both the genre of the images and the very nature of their message contribute to shapingopinions and public policies. Specifically, it emphasises how the recurrence of certain motifs helps to diffuse a feeling of anxiety about the migration “crisis”. By doing so, this...

Human Rights, Right of asylum, Refugees. Migrant’s Dignity as a Common good

Luigi Di Santo
The road toward the foundation of a necessary inter-ethnic civilization imposes us to build the meeting among each men’s experiences. In this regard it is important, in our opinion, to refer to the concept of “migrant”, particularly as “reserve of sense.” The idea of “migrant” really can open, in terms of meta-cultural, new change of sense. Through the philosophy of Waldenfels we can imagine the migrant as being of border in the proposition of a...

From an Ethic of Hospitality: Reflections on Democracy, Citizenship and Migrations

Victor Martin-Fiorino
The article focuses on a reflection about hospitality, thought from inhospitable experiences and aimed at critically rethinking the reactions to the underprivileged, the pilgrim, the migrant, from the assessment of host actions, the ethics of care and the irruption of otherness. It proposes going beyond the observation of data: migratory flows, xenophobic reactions or associated criminal forms and interpreting them from a constructive approach to conflicts, the demands of an inclusive citizenship and the rethinking...

Sport and Integration of Migrants: Some Considerations

Giuseppe D’Angelo
The potential of sport for the inclusion of minorities is widely acknowledged. Being a non-verbal language, sport is particularly useful to ease the integration of the migrants in the hosting societies; in the present world – in which migrations are one of the most debated issues of the political arena – it can be a valid tool to create a more inclusive society. However, the potential of sport should not be overestimated, mainly because of...

Il romanzo gotico: dalla tradizione europea a Malombra di Fogazzaro

Anastasia Di Vita
The Gothic novel originated in the second half of the eighteenth century in England, but its fame soon reached all of Europe. Based on precise dynamics and settings, the gothic novel is nourished by the occult world, by the fears and primitive impulses of man, in fact fascinating more the reader than the critic. The essay takes up the history and the major protagonists of the genre, such as Walpole, Hoffmann, Lewis, Beckford and others,...

progetto di sviluppo di Digital Philology: didattica e ricerca

Sabrina Galano & Maria Senatore Polisetti
The aim of this paper is to propose a new methodological approach to the teaching of literature through the acquisition and use of the latest information technology. We imagine a new key to reading texts that will enable the works, their authors and the figures quoted to emerge and be contextualized in the light of the close network of data exchange and preferential pathways offered by the web. Research and teaching must be reformulated on...

Letteratura e matematica. Potenzialità didattiche nell\"insegnamento della letteratura tedesca

Antonella Catone & Francesco Saverio Tortoriello
In the German literary production of the &'& and && century, ideas, metaphors and concepts drawn from algebra, analysis, geometry and physics played a starring role. From a didactic viewpoint, these literary texts neatly fit in a competences-based syllabus, in which the integration of interdisciplinary knowledges, abilities and fields is expected. The teaching of these texts is certainly the hardest part: how these different forms of knowledge can be taken out of a literary text...

Giuseppe Varone, \"I sensi e la ragione, l’ideologia della letteratura dell’ultimo Vittorini, Franco Cesati Editore, Firenze 2015 : [recensione]

Mariachiara Irenze

Carlo Cipparrone, Il poeta è un clandestino (I poeti di Smerilliana), Di Felice Edizioni, Martinsicuro (TE) 2013 : [recensione]

Carlangelo Mauro

Modelli linguistici usage-based e la Grammatica delle Costruzioni: riflessioni glottodidattiche in contesti CLIL

Anna De Marco
The latest research in the field of language acquisition has proved extremely fruitful in giving interesting insights to foreign and second language teaching. Cognitive linguistics that focuses on the symbolic nature of grammatical constructions and their semantic and functional significance allows a type of instruction that is perfectly in line with the objectives and practices of communicative approaches to language teaching. The present contribution is aimed to address the relevant and basic tenets the of...

L'«Amore Romantico» nel Consalvo di Leopardi e nell Ortis del Foscolo

Assunta Tufano

Phraseologische Falsche Freunde im Sprachenpaar Deutsch-Italienisch: eine Fallstudie anhand von Somatismen

Fabio Mollica & Beatrice Wilke
Phraseological False Friends represent a less researched phenomenon than the non-equivalence of simple lexemes. From a foreign language didactic point of view, however, they are relevant, because phraseologisms, especially idioms, are a difficulty in L! didactics that should not be underestimated. In the following, phraseological False Friends will be considered at various linguistic levels: semantic, lexical and morphosyntactic. In particular, the focus of the analysis is on somatisms, because they are of a certain relevance...

Note sull’apprendimento delle parole polisemiche

Grazia Basile
As well known, both in the case of acquiring an L! and, later, a foreign language (FL), many factors related to communicative, affective and relational contexts come into play. The existence in the historical-natural languages of polysemic words can be a difficulty in learning either a L1 (for example in the case of the Italian banco which can mean both a “school bench” and a “butcher’s bench”) or a FL (for example in the case...

Des mots en situation à l’accès au sens: le FLE qui bouge

Rosario Pellegrino
This study starts from the “mise en situation” approach in the teaching/learning FLE (Français Langue Étrangère) process and the difficult balance between implicit and explicit lexicon acquisition. It focuses on organised construction of a teaching unit/course for a target of beginners through several steps: categorization, vocabulary organization, regular contextual resources, de-contextualization and re-construction of lexicon. All this facilitates memorization of words in specific situations created and proposed by teachers. It is clear that associations of...

“La misura dello zero” Di Bruno Galluccio*

Giuseppe Melluccio

Art. 660 c.p.: la dubbia efficacia della penalizzazione delle microviolazioni. Osservazioni sulla pronuncia n. 35718/2018 della Corte di Cassazione

Mariangela Telesca
Due to the irregularity of the appeal, in identifying guilty profiles, the decision in question, declares the latter to be inadmissible and orders the appellant, to pay not only the relevant legal costs, but also an additional sum into the penalty fund. Ultimately, this is the real penalty imposed, considering that Art. 660 of the Italian Code of Criminal Procedure has conspicuous limits of effectiveness that even cast doubt on its retention in the Italian...

Il vertice della gioia. Su Olimpia di Luigia Sorrentino

Carlangelo Mauro

Letteratura e mito. Tra ermeneutica e complessità

Nino Arrigo
Allo stesso modo della relazione che intercorre tra mito e logos, anche la relazione tra letteratura e mito si distingue per il suo carattere retroattivo, per cui la letteratura è allo stesso tempo il produttore e il prodotto del mito. I due termini danno vita, insieme, ad un circolo ermeneutico. Il mito, dunque, è l‟alfa e l‟omega del fatto letterario, materia prima e prodotto finito a un tempo. Questo contributo propone un‟analisi dei rapporti tra...

Su la «femmina balba» e la «dolce serena» del canto XIX del Purgatorio

Ignazio Castiglia
Nella visione onirica con cui principia il canto XIX del Purgatorio, Dante immagina la metamorfosi di una «femmina balba» in una «dolce serena» la fallacia delle cui lusinghe viene prontamente svelata grazie all’intervento di una «donna santa e presta». L’articolo avanza proposte interpretative relative sia al problema del rapporto con le fonti classiche e medievali sia al significato allegorico dell’episodio.

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