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Entsprechungen, Verschiebungen, Brüche im sprachlichen und kulturellen Transfer: Sudabeh Mohafez’ Wüstenhimmel Sternenland auf Italienisch

Beatrice Wilke
In the following contribution, the works of the German-Iranian authoress Sudabeh Mohafez lead us to the linguistic and cultural transfer question which concerns the translation from German to Italian in texts belonging to the German language transcultural literature. Mohafez, who received in 2006 the Adelbert-von-Chamisso award, is at home in various languages and cultures and her works, renowned for the particular and innovative stylistic elements, reveal in a superb manner a creative plurilinguistic potential. Transferring...

Traduire au xxie siècle

Giovanni Dotoli
In the field of translation, everything has changed since the second half of the 20th century. By now, there is no translation without translation’s poetics. In the 21st, we need to transform the act of translating. Translating will not mean to destroy a text, but to re-create it, in its essence. From language to discourse, the text will achieve again its unity. The translation will be inter-discursive. The translator will act as a poet that...

Teaching Shakespeare through Performance

Antonella Piazza
My personal experience of Teaching English through Shakespeare to students of English at the University of Salerno in the last decade is recorded in the article and related to the critical and theoretical development of the relationship between Shakespeare and Performance, which in very recent years has become an autonomous discipline in Shakespeare Studies (W. B. Worthen). The first performative turn inaugurated by J. L. Styan’s The Shakespeare Revolution in the 1970s has been superseded...

Schillers Räuber oder das Spiel mit der Performativität

Annette Bühler-Dietrich
The following paper examines Schiller’s play Die Räuber/The Robbers as well as the productions of the play by Nicolas Stemann (2008) and Antú Romero Nunes (2013) with regard to the performative construction of identity and stage reality. Both contemporary directors draw on the monologicity and the performative construction of identity the play displays; their productions can be perceived as rereadings of the play in the light of current theories of performativity.

Della performatività Come il cognitive turn ha cambiato la prospettiva degli studi letterari

Dario Tomasello
The yearning for performance does not lie so much in Austin’s speech acts, but rather in the performative peculiarity of our neurobiological perception. In this scenario, considering the dialogue between cognitive scientists and literary scholars, it can be assumed that narrativity could performatively represent a mediation between the simulation and the “theory of mind”. The narrativization of behaviour, backed by an explicit reference to the embodied mind and, implicitly, to Goffman’s, Schechner’s and Turner’s studies...

La performance retorica: l’Encomio di Elena di Gorgia tra improvvisazione e metalinguaggio

Mauro Serra
In recent times performance has received considerable attention also in classical scholarship. In this paper I try to show how the use of the category of performance allows us to understand some of the most significant aspects of Gorgias’ Encomium of Helen. In particular, it allows us to clarify the relationship between two seemingly contradictory features of this text: its self-promotional nature and its ability to identify some of the mechanisms of greatest importance (and...

Goffman e l’antropologia applicata. Riflessioni su un progetto di ricerca-azione in un quartiere della diaspora etiope ed eritrea

Giuseppe Grimaldi
The essay describes a direct experience of research-action in the context of Milano Porta Venezia, a local space of the global Ethiopian and Eritrean diaspora. I propose a reflection on the potentialities and the limits of Goffman’s performative model as a way to build a shared framework among social actors belonging to contrastive identity models. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the need for a toolbox suitable to meet the challenges of anthropology...

Prima della Lehman Trilogy: Stefano Massini tra impegno, poesia, dubbio e divino

Davide Cioffrese
An analysis concerning the work of young theatre director and playwright Stefano Massini, with its focus split in three main lines of inquiry, both formal and thematic: the commitment to a social cause, conveyed through objective information and nearly omnipresent in Massini’s work; the innate musicality of his writing; the recurring usage of specific words and the concepts related to them. Ending the essay, and yet related to the third aspect, an analysis of the...

Tra nuovi percorsi e vecchie storie. Prime note sulla memoria storico-letteraria legata all’eruzione vesuviana del 1631

Elisa Cimmelli
Starting from the vesuvian eruption in 1631 emerge many cultural forms about some places adjacent to Vesuvius like rites, traditions, sounds, visual arts and writings that require a special scientific attention. This work investigates a human and social reality, historically modeled by Vesuvius and its eruptions. The plurality of communicative languages that has expressed all this from the modern age, is an essential element to understand Vesuvius and the places around it, not as a...

Risorse linguistiche per la risposta affermativa in italiano L2: avverbi ed espressioni a inizio frase nelle produzioni orali (primi sondaggi)

Alberto D’Alfonso
Study on the expression of the affirmative answer in oral productions of Italian as L2. We study the two-way spoken language at various levels of proficiency examining a learning corpus, and observing the different strategies used for the expression of the affirmative answer. The point of view is spoken dialogue in the interaction with the teacher – interviewer. The survey is conducted on two-way oral productions of adil2 database of the Università per Stranieri di...

Estructuras afirmativas y de (dis)conformidad en el ámbito de la negación

Victoriano Gaviño Rodríguez
This article treats the interpretative problems that students of Spanish as a foreign language use to have with some affirmative and disconformity structures into the field of negation. We will try to analyze the formal characteristics, intonation, semantic interpretation, sentence mobility, etc., of these structures (anda que no, no ni nada, cómo que no, no que va, que no de qué). The final objective of the work is an improvement in the operational description of...

L'intraducibilità della terminologia della ristorazione

Lucia Pezzera
Beverage terminology, i.e. the set of specific terms used in this sector, belongs to a particular category known as “micro sector” or “special language” as it is made up of a specific, specialized words, used almost exclusively by those concerned in the field, but also in the common language. This particularity of the language provokes the non-translatability phenomenon of some of these terms in the restorative filed. The non-translatability of such terms is not due...

Traduzione intersemiotica e intercultura: Madame Bovary di Claude Chabrol

Valeria Anna Vaccaro
This study aims to highlight the translation process, not only as a linguistic reflection, but also intercultural and inter-semiotic. To draw on the concept of inter-semiotic translation by Roman Jakobson, according to the known classification between intra-lingual translation, inter-lingual and inter-semiotic enucleated in 1959 in his essay On Linguistic Aspects of Translation, in which the scholar points out that the meeting of different systems of signs also in field of the same linguistic system creates...

Cross-cultural Adaptation as a Form of Translation: Trans-lating Food in the uk Italian Community

Siria Guzzo
This article provides a sociolinguistic qualitative analysis combined with translation aiming at bridging different fields of investigation which may be useful in detecting linguistic forms of cross-cultural adaptation and hybridisation. It is Mainly driven by the idea of investigating the complex experience of Italian immigrants who settled in Bedford and Peterborough in the 50’s, adopting an interdisciplinary framework which will examine contemporary practices of cultural hybridisations in the UK. Pinpointing all those cultural elements emerging...

Traduire c’est trahir

Penelope Sacks-Galey
In both Italian and French paronomasia has tricked translation into a marriage with betrayal: traduttore/ tradittore, traduire/trahir. The link is a vexed one since the idea, when taken literally, runs contrary to the very intention of translation. This paper intends to further the debate on translation theory in relation to poetry by forefronting the notions of interpretation, empathy and intuition, and showing in fine that Umberto Eco’s idea of negociation is far more pertinent to...

La paura dell’altro tra ermeneutica e letteratura

Sara Cataudella
The A part from Vattimo’s reflection on ‘weak thinking’, and from the debate that ensued, to trace the impact of certain themes, such as the fear of the other in a globalized society, within literary writing. The scholar evaluates this specific circumstance as a result of an epochal turning point that the artistic sensibility has managed to seize promptly, giving rise to narrative proofs of great commitment, even if, in some cases, still little known...

Attività fisico-motoria e malattie cronico-degenerative. Riflessioni su strategie e azioni implementate in Italia

Annamaria Perino & Massimo Tosini
General objective of the article is to highlight the role that sport has on overall well-being of all ages’ people. In particular, the reflection will focus on the potential effects that physi-cal activity has on people with chronic degenerative diseases. The reference is to the policies implemented in Italy and to some projects made in some local contexts.

Ben-essere e innovazione sociale partecipata: lo sport e l’attività fisica come beni relazionali

Giovanna Russo
In the last few decades the pursuit of physical and mental wellbeing of the population has become one of the primary goals of contemporary society, for improving the quality of life. This value, in a context of global crisis, requires and promotes social innovation and participatory new subsidiary welfare tools. From this point of view, sport and physical activity appear as relational goods capable of developing awareness and social engagement for better living standards for...

Approcci performativi nella didattica della letteratura interculturale di lingua tedesca: leggere, creare e recitare testi letterari sull’esempio del poetry slam

Antonella Catone
Literature as an event, as mise-en-scène, results from the encounter of intrinsically performative literary texts with their performance. This can be said not only of films and theatrical transpositions of written texts which seem to be inherently performative, but also of new short forms – such as festivals, workshops and digital media – which convey the fragmented character of contemporary culture and are easily enjoyable for the reader/spectator. This paper aims to develop a reflection...

La diaspora brasiliana nella rielaborazione di finzione

Gian Luigi De Rosa
In this paper we discuss Brazilian emigration towards Portugal by analysing its reworking in literary and cinematographic fiction. More specifically, we will consider the film Terra Estrangeira (1996) by Walter Salles Jr. and Daniela Thomas, the novel Estive em Lisboa e lembrei de você ( 2009) by Luiz Ruffato and its film transposition, directed by the Portuguese José Barahona in 2015. All these works depict the estrangement of the characters in the process of adaptation...

Andres Segovia Guitarra de Dios “Una orquesta sobre seis cuerdas”

Mario Soscia

Fiori, frutta e ossi di seppia. Montale pittore e il genere della natura morta

Amalia Federico
This essay deals with one of the lesser-known aspects of Eugenio Montale’s expressiveness, that of painting. The artistic sensitivity of the Ligurian poet and his predilection for the genre of still life, can be one of the possible interpretative keys of Montale’s poetic of objects. His paintings, far from being only the illustrations of his poems, constitute the alternative and complementary approach to the poetic word, to which Montale arrives in the historical and existential...

De Sanctis, Goldoni, Zola, e un «telescopio»

Epifanio Ajello

Traduction et transmission des savoirs dans les ressources de vulgarisation scientifique

Claudio Grimaldi
Designed as a discursive practice whose origins date back to the seventeenth century, the popularization of science today is becoming more and more the preferred strategy for the transmission of knowledge and learning of science. Nowadays it uses all the means offered by the mass media, including the magazines, who still maintain their dominant role in this great communication operation. We propose here to analyze the role of the translator in the practice of popularization...

La ‘capacità’ delle primitive comunità cristiane

Luciano Minieri
This work would like to demonstrate that, eliminated a dogmatic approach to the question of the subjectivity of the primitive Christian community, until Constantine there was not any official recognition by the state about the whole property of Christian community goods and therefore about a just latent subjectivity of those. The single episodes to which it is done reference seem not pertinent, such as the case of Alexander Severus decision, or about the Catholic Church...

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