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A Reading of Article 21 of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights:Political (Dis)engagement in the Context of Brexit

Ryan Service
Free, regular, and open elections are sought-after qualities of a liberal democracy. Reading electoral turnout as an indicator of political engagement, though, is a reductive reading and can obscure entrenched levels of political disengagement. This article considers the impli-cations of Article 21, subsection one, of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights (1948) as an assessment of political participation. There are three lines of investigation. First, the paper examines the model of political engagement implied...

Un paese di Paul Strand e di Cesare Zavattini: genesi e lettura di un fototesto italiano

Corinne Pontillo
Thanks to the dialogue between the American photographer Paul Strand and Cesare Zavattini, who has been one of the most relevant exponent of Italian neorealism, in 1955 was published Un paese, first volume of the series «Italia mia» edited by Einaudi. Oscillating between the ‘shooting’ of landcapes, faces, objects and oral testimonies, the book recognize in Luzzara, the Zavattini’s hometown, a privileged observation point of rural culture «un attimo prima della sua completa scomparsa» (Russo,...

Campagna elettorale e social media: scenari evolutivi e nuove differenze nella diffusione social del messaggio politico

Gabriella Punziano, Giuseppe Michele Padricelli & Ferdinando Iazzetta
The contemporary electoral campaign, that became increasingly permanent with the Net, suggests studying the field of political communication in terms of strategies for social me-dia activities. By a quantitative content analysis approach, in this paper it is proposed an examination of behaviors from political leaders of Lega, M5S and PD for Facebook and Twitter posts during the 2018 campaign for national elections. The expected results of this study aim to recap leadership and disintermediation values...

Poesia è vita: Dorothy Wellesley e William Butler Yeats

Deborah Ferrelli

«Stirring up the ashes»: Sony Iabou Tansi’s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet

Rebekah Bale
This article presents an English translation of an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, explaining the background to the play and its writer, the Congolese novelist and playwright, Sony Labou Tansi. Best known in the West for his novels, he wrote and directed several plays which were performed in France and the Republic of Congo. This play is an updated and racially aware version set in South Africa which focuses on the endless violence perpetuated by...

Fundamental Rights and Disruptive Technologies: a Right to Personal Identity under the European Multi-level System of Protection?

Giovanni Zaccaroni
This paper explores the protection offered by the EU and the ECHR to the right to personal identity. The need to protect personal identity arises from the use of disruptive technologies (as blockchain) that allow the management of a considerable amount of data that identify a specific person (personal data). The paper explores the protection to the right of personal identity via the analysis of the case law of the ECJ and the ECtHR. The...

Statue, penitenti e corpi immobili nei riti settennali di Guardia Sanframondi

Vincenzo Esposito
At Guardia Sanframondi(BN), every seven years, the Madonna Assunta is celebrated with a very complex religious ritual that “stages” the corporal mortification of penitents; the immobile bodies of the figures engaged in representing episodes taken from the Bible and from the biographies of the saints; religious songs, composed for the occasion, performed by the choirs of the four districts of the town. The entire traditional ritual, investigated and interpreted ethnographically, seems to constitute a sort...

Agenda 2030 tra Sviluppo Sostenibile e cultura della sostenibilità: una lettura sociologica

Angelo Falzarano
In an international context in which cultural policies are increasingly moving away from a political and social tradition to become a secondary element of economic development strategies, the integration of a social interpretation of culture into debates on sustainable development would contribute to improving benefits of social and environmental cultural actions. This type of perspective is reflected in the work of some authors, including Kagan (2011), which deals with the notion of a culture of...

Puppet Thought. Attori di carne e di legno

Simona Scattina

Impacts of social safety nets policies. The power of transfer programs

Maria Giuditta De Simone
2016 - 2017

Jorge Ricci, Momentos del teatro argentino. Editorial Inteatro, Buenos Aires, 2017 : [recensione]

Mariana Pensa

Fondamenti del pensiero delsartiano: fra memoria e poetica teatrale

Elena Randi
The word memory in the Delsartean writings can refer to two different phenomena. On the one hand, there is the individual memory, a sort of archive that man builds during his existence and that allows him to connect several data. On the other hand, the existence of a much higher Memory is assumed, whose nature is ancestral and celestial, and which is similar to the one conceived by Plato. Once we gain access to it,...

Travestimenti autobiografici scarpettiani: metodologie di verifica

Isabella Innamorati
This essay critically examines the autobiography of Eduardo Scarpetta, problematizing the idea of the author’s memoir as an authentic confession. Analysing several declarations written by Scarpetta, the study shows how they do not constitute an accurate representation of reality. The main topics addressed in this paper are: the way Scarpetta claims his role as a playwright; the relationship with his son Vincenzo, who he designed as an heir to his theatre legacy; the conflict between...

Report of the Conference Cultures, Hopes and Conflicts. The Mediterranean between Land and Sea

Zeynep Olgun & Luca Zavagno
Report of the Conference about the Mediterranean held at the University of Salerno in September 2017, involving scholars of several disciplines.

Freedom and Forgiveness: In Debate With Paul Ricoeur Philosophy of the Will

Guilhem Causse
The question of forgiveness arose for Paul Ricoeur from the first moment of his phenomenology of the will. Isolating consciousness in order to describe its structure, especially that of its willing dimension (freedom), presupposes a distancing from the world, but also a distancing from evil. The precondition of this distancing is forgiveness. Forgiveness appears when consciousness is ready to reject the finitude that, of necessity, opposes itself to freedom: this ‘face’ of forgiveness, distinguished from...

Rassegna storica salernitana. N.s. A.9, n.2(1992)

Giovanni Vitolo, Felicita De Negri, Imma Ascione, Bartolomeo Olivieri, Gerardo Ruggiero, Carmine Currò, Francesco Senatore, Italo Gallo, Andrea Cammarano, Arcangelo R. Amarotta, Luigi Chiappinelli, Luigi Avino, Raffaele Colapietra, Maria Rosaria Pelizzari, Augusto Placanica, Aldo Micoloni, Daniela Natalino &
La Società Salernitana di Storia Patria aderisce al progetto EleA e autorizza la pubblicazione del fascicolo

Civilization and Sport in Colombia’s Drive to Modernization

Javier Torres Velasco
This paper discusses the manner in which modern spectator sports developed in Colombia in the decade of the 1920s as part of the country’s efforts to modernize. An examination of the dominant theories of the diffusion of European sports to the Latin American elites and eventually to the populace as a technique for social control is undertaken. Scant immigration into the country as well as high mortality rates for men and women resulting from civil...

Andrea Di Consoli, Diario dello smarrimento: frammenti della confessione di un raisonneur nel XXI secolo, Inschibboleth, Roma 2019: [recensione]

Angelo Favaro

“Gravitas me rapuit”: la saudade tra rimorso e rimosso in Antonio Tabucchi

Eleonora Rimolo
Antonio Tabucchi gives many definitions of saudade, that from time to time show the peculiar and exclusive side of this entirely Portuguese feeling, that torments many writers since the kingdom of Duarte in the 15th century. The saudade has two fundamental psychological consequences: both the pleasure of delight and the pain. The manifestations of this complicated feeling, according to Tabucchi’s statements through his short stories and his critical essays, result to be basically two: the...

Penombre caleidoscopiche. La terra e la morte di Cesare Pavese: proposte interpretative

Marilina Di Domenico
The essay has as its object of analysis of the Cesare Pavese’s anthology of poetry, entitled La terra e la morte and dedicated to Bianca Garufi. It is a complex and highly symbolic poetry, of which we try to provide possible further points of reading. It also pays attention to the symbolic dimension of female character, known theme in the writing of Pavese; interesting, in this regard, is a fascinating parallelism between Neruda and Pavese....

Fine della rivelazione, inizio della gnosi

Antonio Attisani

L'insegnamento e l'apprendimento della lingua, della cultura e della letteratura: riflessioni e prospettive

Flora De Giovanni, Rosario Pellegrino & Fabiana Rosi

Risignificare Antigone The Island di Athol Fugard

Fabio La Mantia
This study aims to investigate The Island (1973), a South African rewriting of the Sophocles’s Antigone. The drama was conceived by Athol Fugard, the most acclaimed contemporary South African playwright, assisted by John Kani and Winston Ntshona, two actors-activists, as well as the unique interpreters of the pièce. In Fugard’s play, the existential path of the young Theban heroine intersects itself with the circumstances of a story that really happened in full apartheid interregnum: the...

The acquisition of lexical and functional categories in English and German learners of Italian as a Foreign Language

Rita Calabrese & Silvia Palermo
The study of morphosyntactic development in children has a long tradition in both first (L1) and second (L2) language acquisition theories and literatures. In particular, «researchers of child language acquisition have long noted that children pass through developmental stages of grammatical morphology with […] variable or optional production rates of morphosyntactic inflection» due to incomplete inflectional representations of features. In spite of the large number of studies on these issues, specific cross-linguistic research which could...

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