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Sonia Trovato, «A chi nel mar per tanta via m’ha scorto». La fortuna di Ariosto nell’Italia contemporanea, Roma, Carocci, 2018: [recensione]

Antonio D'Ambrosio

Una comunità greca e un Ecce Homo (“alla greca”) ad Avellino. Il mistero di un’immagine pittorica, tra scienza e fede

Riccardo Sica
The paper focuses on the complex interpretative question of an unusual medieval fresco, perhaps a unique example in the history of western art, located in a room of the surviving structure of the Church of S.Paolo in Avellino, near the Castle. It is almost certainly an Ecce Homo!, made no later than the twelfth century. According to characteristic Turkish hairstyle, singular Byzantine style aspects, and for certain unpublished iconographic aspects, it reveals the original, very...

Don Gil de las calzas verdes e Don gil dai calzoni verdi: Giovanni La cecilia traduttore di Tirso de Molina

Valentina Russo
This study offers a translation analysis of the linguistic and cultural aspects of the theatrical work of Tirso de Molina Don Gil da las calzas verdes by comparing the Spanish version of the author of the siglo de oro with the Italian version of Giovanni La Cecilia, published in 1857. The analysis will show how certain omissions in the passage from the Spanish to the Italian text depend on the will of the translator to...

«Benvenuta devastazione». Una proposta di lettura in chiave “antropologica” de Il contagio. Parte I

Teresa Agovino
This work (divided in two parts) looks at Walter Siti’s Il contagiofrom an anthropological perspective. Throughout the reading of Amselle, Augéand Lévi-Strauss a new way of reading one of the most important Italian authors in the XXIcentury is depicted. By this reading, the meaning of life in the “borgata romana”acquires a new, and more significant, point of view.

Bibliografia di Daniela Piattelli

Bernard Jackson & Cristina Simonetti

Figure dell’abiezione. corpi che contano nel teatro di Annibale Ruccello

Emanuele Broccio
This study offers an analysis of the play The Five Roses of Jennifer(1980) by Annibale Ruccellofrom a gender studies perspective. Recognised as the moment of affirmation of the author's dramaturgical originality, this play has been at the centre of debate not only for its peculiar relationship with Neapolitan theatrical tradition, but also for the intertextual references to the English stage production. Within this debate, Jennifer and her story have been interpreted, from time to time,...

Attuazione in Italia delle norme di contrasto alle frodi lesive degli interessi finanziari dell’Unione e responsabilità da reato degli enti: qualche riflessione

Matteo Sommella
The present paper, after an overview of the main provisions of the PIF Directive and some European Union bodies involved in its implementation, focuses on the issue of corporate liability arising from tax crimes. On this point, the Italian legislator, having missed the deadline for transposition of the mentioned directive, used a decree law, even in the absence of the requirements of necessity and urgency, to make tax crimes a prerequisite of the corporate liability....

Signs in indigenous tales: a semiotic analysis

Segun Omosule
Translation and interpretation may be all that are needed to break the bulwark surrounding meanings of folktales in some remote cultures. Using a combination of Peircean’s semiotic objects, representamen and interpretant; Henrik Gottlieb’s«semiotically based taxonomy of translation» finding expression in the concept of time and space, the paper progresses from intra semiotic translation which involves translation within«sign system» to«inter semiotic translation» which is«translation between sign systems» to unravel the wealth of meaning in the Ifa...

Scene per un mondo nuovo. Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant e il Famous Women Dinner Service

Antonella Trotta
In 1933-34, the Bloomsbury Group painters Duncan Grant and Vanessa Bell honored twelve actresses and dancers from XVIIto XXcentury in The Famous Women Dinner Service, the Wedgewood dinner set which was one of Bell and Grant’s most spectacular joint commissions, the evidence of their dedication to different genres and media and the impressive testament of their close working partnership. Having onlyjust come to light, and first publicly exhibited in 2017 with the whole set, the...

Apollo. A. 11(1995)

Silvana Bisogni, Giuseppe Leuci, Michele Rapuano, Giovanni Colonna, Charlotta Scheich, Giovanni Paternoster, Raffaele Rinzivillo, Raffaella Bonifacio, Matilde Romito, Giancarlo Lacerenza, Mario Pagano, Rosanna Alaggio, Ferdinando Cifelli, Ugo Santoro, Paolo Peduto, Jill Caskey, Giuseppe Fiengo, Maria Russo, Sergio Ferrari & Antonello Cuccu
A. 11(1995) : Bisogni, S., Leuci, G., Rapuano, M., Studio dei micromammiferi rinvenuti in una tomba in località San Cataldo, Eboli (Salerno), P. 3 ; Colonna, G., 8 Una nuova iscrizione etrusca da Fratte di Salerno, P. 8 ; Scheich, C., Nouvelles considérations sur la tombe princière de Roscigno (Monte Pruno, Salerno): étude technique des ornements personnels en métal, P. 12 ; Paternoster, G., Rinzivillo, R., La tomba principesca di Roscigno (Monte Pruno, Salerno): analisi...

“Sopravviverà la storia all’ipertesto?” : qualche spunto sulla scrittura della storia ai tempi di internet

Anita Lucchesi
L’articolo analizza aspetti teorici e metodologici relativi alla scrittura della Storia nell’era digitale. Si tratta di un approccio di carattere introduttivo ad alcune tematiche e problemi propri delle relazioni tra storia e internet nei primi anni del secolo XXI (2001-2011). Verranno analizzati, principalmente, i problemi relativi all’utilizzo delle fonti storiche e documentarie disponibili nel cyberspazio. Analizzeremo, soprattutto, le questioni relative all’uso del ipertesto come nuovo percorso per un sistema di riferimenti, per quanto virtuale, rispetto...

Rapporti tra ordinamenti e cooperazione tra Corti nella definizione di un “livello comune di tutela” dei diritti fondamentali. Riflessioni a seguito dell’ordinanza 182/2020 della Corte costituzionale

Rossana Palladino
With the famous obiter dictum contained in its judgment no. 269/2017, the Italian Constitutional Court redefinedthe consolidated structures of the relations between the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Constitutional Court and common judges, as well as between the European and internal legal systems. In the context of subsequent jurisprudential developments, the recent order no. 182/2020 shows the willingness of the Constitutional Court to establish a dialogue with the Court of Justice to...

Gabriele Sofia, L’arte di Giovanni Grasso e le rivoluzioni teatrali di Craig e Mejerchol’d, Bulzoni Editore, Roma 2019 : [recensione]

Maria Pia Pagani

Benin video-films as archival sources of history

Osakue S. Omoera
This article dialectically considers how Benn video-films serve as archival sources of history in Nigeria. It uses historical, sociological and formalistic methods to interpret and interrogate some Benin video-films with a view to highlight how they serve as potent repositories of cultural history. Nigerian movies are increasingly being shot directly via digital cameras. This historically brought about Nollywood, which is now booming. McCall claims that Nollywood has become a primary catalyst in an emergent continent-wide...

Transnational Social Implications of the Use of the “War metaphor” Concerning Coronavirus: A Bird’s Eye View

Emilia Martinez-Brawley & Estrella Gualda
This paper reflects on the force of the war metaphor primarily in Spain and the U.S. Examples from other countries are included. Methodologically, it utilizes the literature (journals and newspapers) and Twitter research. The paper addresses the impact and pervasiveness of English language translations in electronic communications. A bird’s eye view of how the war metaphor spread during the pandemic is presented. Additionally, the paper discusses idiosyncratic differences, cultures and histories in an Anglo-Saxon country...

Societal Vulnerability and Resilience in the COVID-19 Crisis

Bruno De Marchi
Despite the possibility of a pandemic had been seriously considered in professional circles, most governments were taken by surprise by the rapid diffusion of the SARS CoV-2, from first reports in China (December 2019) to the declaration of the COVID-19 pandemic by the WHO (11th March 2020). The same was true for the majority of citizens, unfamiliar with the word pandemic and its meaning. The nightmare scenario of a collapse of the health services and...

The Impact of Corona Virus on the Socio-Economic Life of Nigerians

Hope Ikwe
Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus that can be transmitted through droplets from cough and sneeze. People who are infected can experience mild to moderate symptoms and can recover without requiring special treatment. However, aged patients and those with respiratory disease can develop serious illness. Maintainence of high standard of hygiene through frequent washing of hand, use of hand sanitizer and social distancing has been recommended...

Empowerment delle donne e well-being dei bambini: un approccio allo sviluppo umano

Alba Francesca Canta
The purpose of this essay is to briefly examine the discriminations against women and the possible relation between women’s empowerment and children’s well-being. The study is based on a different approach, the capability approach, set up by Amartya Sen in 1980 that describe a new way to assessing a country’s wealth: dignity, rights and opportunities to live a life of value. Capabilities, functioning, agency and empowerment are the main pillars of this concept which is...

Epistemologie della sostenibilità: ragionamenti e politiche non standard

Elena Gagliasso & Sara Campanella
Sustainability perspectives require non-standard scientific and political reasoning, now more than ever. The lexicons of ecology and political economy articulate epistemic catego-ries and imaginaries in which humans and environments are in mutual relationship avoiding an exploitation logic of the former. We support these scenarios allow to grasp the disconti-nuities between the past and the present of the environmental movements, between the scientific ideals of modernity and the contemporary ones. The need to connect two oppos-ing...

Cultura, Mutamento e Sviluppo nell’Agenda ONU 2030 per lo sviluppo sostenibile

Rosanna Memoli
A glance at the past has revealed that in the years of reconstruction after the Second World War a different distribution of resources, technological know-how caused a gap between developed and underdeveloped countries, generating rebellions and conflicts. Forecast studies, (Future Studies) and Global Planning showed that the risks of a progressive slowdown in development were largely due to the ecological limits imposed by the world’s finite resources and the inability of the biosphere to absorb...

COVID-19 in China. The Great Wall of Technology

Emanuele Gatti & Nicola Strizzolo
China is the first country to have faced an extensive contagion of Covid-19. The response it has given, in terms of prevention and control measures, has been effective in eradicating the virus, even though not completely. Those measures were based on an extensive and widespread use of technologies. The strategies adopted were not the result of improvisation: the social, cultural and technological structures were already in place well before the epidemic took place. In light...

The New Heroes: Applause and Sensibilities in the Era of the COVID-19

Adrian Scribano & Angélica De Sena
Since the implementation of preventive and compulsory social isolation, every night at 9:00 p.m. thousands of Argentines applaud the health system personnel from their patios, balconies and windows in support of their daily tasks.The purpose of this article is to present a critical analysis of the applause that the Argentine population offers as an emotional support for workers in the health sector in times of Covid-19. To achieve this objective, the following ar-gumentative strategy is...

Sexuality at the Time of Coronavirus in Italy: A (Technological) Retreat in Itself?

Costantino Cipolla
Our contribution aims at unravelling the knot between sexuality and the web in Italy during the coronavirus pandemic. Sex-related online practices intensified, due to health concerns and lockdown measures, and access to pornographic websites skyrocketed. What is the cul-tural, relational, and psychological impact of this? We identify two main outcomes: wide-spread solipsism and dissolution by excess. It is, to the best of our knowledge, an unex-plored territory. Sociologists did not address previous pandemics, nor have...

Everyday Life “Turned upside Down”: Disasters, Future and Resilience

Emiliana Mangone & Nikolay Zyuzev
Disasters change individuals and the social structure. Two categories are essential to study disasters: time and space. To these, we should add risk that is a cultural object resulting from interpretation. Its representations are subjective and they stem from the socio-cultural framework of reference. In the article, we will apply to the COVID-19 epidemic in Italy the four risk-related issues emerging by the interplay between the degree of knowledge (certain/uncertain) and that of consent (contested/complete)...

Pietro Milone, Pirandello accademico e il “volontario esilio”. Fascismo, vinti, giganti, Metauro, Pesaro 2017 : [recensione]

Fabio Nicolosi

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