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Filocalie slave nel XIV secolo

Marco Scarpa
Slavic Philokalias in the 14th century. The Byzantine-Slavic monastic environment developed appreciably in the 14th century, especially in the circle of Gregory the Sinaite. It is in this context that make their appearance some peculiar collections of ascetic-monastic texts in Slavic language which are real philokalias ante litteram. Although composed according to Byzantine models, these collections reveal own peculiarities. The same selection of the texts is very telling about the spiritual identity of the centres...

Variabilità culturale nel XXI secolo e intersezione tra “Area studies” e Scienze Sociali per la produzione di nuova conoscenza

Filomena Riccardi
The present article investigates the new developments and challenges of social sciences and humanities in the era of globalization and underlines the importance of social sciences` intersection with interdisciplinary and transregional collaborative researches of Area studies stressing particular attention on the new developments of Social sciences in some developing and emerging countries such as nowadays China, which plays an important role in the contemporary geopolitical world orders


Cristiano Diddi, Andrei Shishkin, Ornella Discacciati, Marcello Piacentini, Persida Lazarević Di Giacomo, Jacopo Doti & Anna Giust
Conciliorum Oecumenicorum Generaliumque Decreta, vol. IV. – The Great Councils of the Orthodox Churches. Decisions and Synodika. Editio critica. IV/1: From Constantinople 861 to Constantinople 1872; IV/2: From Moscow 1551 to Moscow 2000; IV/3: Crete 2016. Edidit A. Melloni, Adlaborante D.Dainese, Istituto per le Scienze religiose (Bologna) – Turnhout, Brepols Publishers, 2016 (C. Diddi) ; К. Баршт. Рисунки и каллиграфия Ф.М. Достоевского. От изображения к слову. – The drawings and calligraphy of Fyodor Dostoevsky. From...

Incunaboli e manoscritti contenenti testi patristici nella Biblioteca del Museo Correr di Venezia

Maria Marcella Ferraccioli
Incunables and Manuscripts Containing Patristic Texts in the Correr Museum Library in Venice The essay focuses on the presence of the Fathers of the Church in manuscripts and incunabula of the Correr Museum Library in Venice. The introduction by Gianfranco Giraudo draws a profile of Correr and Cicogna, whose collections form the nucleus of this Venetian cultural institution, through coeval and current criticism; in the same time, the idea of ‘public service’ and of preservation...

Images as discursive praxes: Mick Jagger in Tangiers

Jamal Akabli-Abdeladim Hinda
Images do not simply grow of their own volition in meadows unplanted and unwatered. Inundating screens and even walls, images pervade and invade every inch of our privacy. So pervasive and invasive has this presence become we have grown into the habit of consuming them as though they were born, not made. This naturalness will be denaturalized, denuded and shown for what it is and what it is not; what it reveals and conceals. This...

Verso un’ecologia umana profonda. L’acqua e le connessioni nascoste della vita

Eleonora Sparano
The purpose of this work is to contribute to the thematic, theoretical, conceptual and methodological reconfiguration of contemporary sociology, faced with the challenges of time. The study of the relationship between humans and nature can help this goal. Therefore, water is a heuristic element, which must be analyzed in global problems and in aspects of latent culture. At the end of this examination, the contents of the systemic theory of living will be explained, highlighting...

Scrivere la storia delle emozioni: dall'oggetto alle categorie di analisi

Andrea Salvatore Antonio Barbieri
For about a decade now, the historiography of emotions has developed spectacularly, though with mixed outcomes. This paper will assess the main research orientations that have shaped this history. It will provide a first critical account of the main works in the field. To do so, we will begin by highlighting the often implicit tensions and the various debates that have erupted around the history of emotions. Among the contentious historical approaches to the study...

La (olvidada) perspectiva de género en el Derecho internacional privado

Rosario Espinosa Calabuig
The necessity of a gender perspective in Private international law is observed with emphasis in several aspects of family law and the treatment done in this regard to the women’s rigths. In particular, this article focuses on several paradigmatic aspects such as the disparities existing in the Muslim law which contradict the lex fori and which is the practical function of International public policy in the aplication of that foreing law. Also paradigmatic and absent...

‘Un amore’ di Buzzati: la negazione dell’amore in una quasi tragedia

Anna Pozzi

Uno spazio «mobile e metamorfico». L’attività teatrale di Toti Scialoja

Alessandra Ottieri

“Raccourcis”: strategie lessicali e forestierismi in Partiranno di Luce D’Eramo

Paola Cantoni
Partiranno is a singular novel within the unique literary biography of Luce d’Eramo. It is her most beloved novel, a science fiction, but also a police thriller and a spy story. The writer mixes differtent literary genres, various textual typologies and many documentary materials, different perspectives and narrative voices, with a skilful seaming operation. The plot is constantly hovering between reality and fantasy; its lyrical dimension makes it a psychological novel, whose central core is...

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