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Anima meticcia e <em>meeterature</em>

Jorge Canifa Alves
<div> <p>This article based also on the author’s personal experience traces the emergence of the migrant literature of Cape Verde immigrants to Italy, making a general distinction between the writings of first and second generation migrants. For the latter, a new, less discriminatory term that also more aptly suggests its characteristics is proposed: <i>meeterature</i>.</p> </div>

Storytelling and Drawing through Genres

Felice Gambin
<div> <p>In the last few years, Spanish literature has seen the growing of the interest on the storytelling of Alzheimer. From fiction to diary, from poetry to cinema, a lot of different literary genres and media focused on this cruel, tragic and very common disease. The examples vary from autobiographical story of will-known sick people to the storytelling of writing, in poetic as well as in literary and artistic form, as a therapy. Alzheimer’s disease...

New and Old Ruralities

Aina Monferrer
<div> <p>It is at least curious the fact that nowadays, in this urban society, Spanish documentaries that are focused on rurality are flourishing. This paper is an attempt to better understand this phenomenon that might have an anchoring point in the so called Nova Escola de Barcelona. It also seems to be a social but metaphysic new glance to the countryside highly related with the search of the personal identity and with the anxiety of...

Italiano L2 a studenti in mobilità

Eleonora Fragai, Ivana Fratter & Elisabetta Jafrancesco
<div> <p>This paper offers an opportunity to reflect on developing new skills and competences to respond to the new challenges and transformations posed by changes in the world of education and training in our knowledge-based society. In particular, the paper aims at analysing and reflecting on the so-called ‘transversal key competences’ and their application to Italian L2 teaching in universities. These skills and competences are needed to succeed in an ever-changing world not only to...

International political activism in the ’50s

Sofia Graziani
<div> <p>This paper examines the role played by adult-led youth groups in providing avenues for early encounters between Italian and Chinese Communists in the ’50s. In particular, it focuses on the links built up within international organisations linked to the Soviet-sponsored peace movement at a time when direct exchange between the Italian and Chinese Communist parties had yet to start. Relying on a large variety of primary and secondary sources, some of which have never...

Language and dialect in Italy and the wider Europe in the context of the unesco <em>Atlas</em>

Christopher Moseley
<div> <p>After a brief chronicle concerning the history of the <i>Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger</i> edited by unesco and its first volume editions (1996, 2001), Moseley lingers over the layout and the functioning of the third edition, in its digital version (2009). Particular attention is dedicated to the filing of «degree of endargement» of languages of the world (six different degrees, starting form «Safe» up to «Extinct»), and to the linguistic situation of...

Venezia nel racconto europeo dei primi del Novecento

Sandra Kremon
<div> <p>At the beginning of the 20th century, many European authors chose the city of Venice as a setting for their stories. In Italy, Gabriele d’Annunzio wrote the Venetian novel <i>Il fuoco</i> (1900) and the work of prose poetry <i>Notturno</i> (1921). Some of the scenes refer to the visits of Italian author’s Taccuini or to his own personal experiences in Venice. Between 1892 and 1910, the Austrian author Hugo von Hofmannsthal published a lyric drama,...

VPI online: un approccio glottodidattico alla verifica della preparazione iniziale all’università

Marco Mezzadri & Flora Sisti
<div> <p>For over a decade, according to the provisions of Law 270/2004, Italian universities have been called to verify the initial preparation of students (VPI) enrolled in the first year of open access university degrees. A inter-university research group, formed by educational linguists from the Universities of Genoa, Parma and Urbino, is conducting a study aimed at creating the conditions for the verification of communicative skills which are necessary for native and international students to...

«Quel rognir bestiale che spaventava il mondo»

Salvatore Lo Re
<div> <p/> </div>

Vittorio Bodini: Hispanist and Translator

Nancy De Benedetto
<div> <p>An analysis of the fascinating correspondence exchanged between Vittorio Bodini and Einaudi Editori, starting in postwar Italy and lasting until 1970. The work focuses on two main perspectives of analysis. First, the long-term plan that he organized, being this relationship one of the most prolific and important for the presence of translated Spanish literature in Italy during the Twentieth Century. Secondly, an interesting critique found in the Archivio Vittorio Bodini, that underlines, according to...

Le <em>tegghie</em> di Dante: <em>Inferno</em>, XXIX, 74

Saverio Bellomo
<div> <p/> </div>

«A mari usque ad mare»

Mattia Guidetti & Sara Mondini
Il volume offre un omaggio accademico al professor Gianclaudio Macchiarella ed è al contempo un luogo di raccolta degli amici e dei colleghi più stretti a ricordo di un Maestro e di un amico. A un anno dalla scomparsa, si vuole qui portare una testimonianza dello studioso nella sua poliedricità e nella sua complessità, con toni anche informali, che si addicono a un grande affetto: quello di colleghi e amici che hanno collaborato e partecipato...

Teju Cole,<em> Punto d’Ombra</em>

Francesca Giommi
<div> <p/> </div>

Tracce di Bertevello

Ivano Paccagnella
<div> <p/> </div>

<em>Escondit</em>, ostinazione e modelli biblici rovesciati

Claudia Berra
<div> <p/> </div>

Onomastic Catalogue

Enrico Marcato
<div> <p> </p> </div>

Antichità egizie e Italia

Emanuele Marcello Ciampini & Paola Zanovello
Il volume raccoglie i contributi presentati nel corso di un convegno sul tema delle antichità egizie e, più in generale, su ricerche condotte in Italia su temi legati alla cultura faraonica. L’incontro di competenze diverse ha saputo mettere in luce la molteplicità e, nello stesso tempo, l’interazione di discipline spesso distanti tra loro, accumunate dal rapporto con quel concetto astratto di bene culturale che costituisce uno dei temi centrali del dibattito attuale sulla memoria e...

Tre lettere del sangiacco di Szekszárd alle autorità veneziane

Daniele Baglioni
<div> <p/> </div>

Il lettore in gioco

Martina Bortignon, Katiuscia Darici & Stefania Imperiale
Attraverso una ricca selezione di contributi, il volume esplora vari aspetti del mondo della lettura: dalle questioni teoriche, sociologiche ed estetiche a casi paradigmatici di come il lettore si relaziona con il testo, con particolare attenzione per i nuovi supporti digitali. Molti sono gli autori trattati nei saggi: da Iser a Platone, passando per Derrida, Benjamin e Jauss, per poi proseguire con dettagliate analisi di alcune opere di Contini, Saramago e Hardy, per citare solo...

De prospectiva pingendi

Chiara Gizzi
The book provides the critical edition of the vernacular version of <em>De prospective pingendi</em>, the treatise on the perspective written by Piero della Francesca (about 1412-1492). It is based on the collation of the four extant manuscripts, whose analysis shows that the autograph codex ms. Parm. 1576 (Biblioteca Palatina, Parma) carries the latter version of the text. The edition is completed by a glossary and by the photographs of the figures drawn by Piero in...

Giulia Narduolo, Deputy of the Cultural Commitee, Italian Chamber of Deputies

<div> <p> </p> </div>

«Superare la democrazia con la stessa democrazia»

Enzo Fimiani

“The Essence of Individuality”

Elena Rimondo
<div> <p>If there is a literary genre which can stand as a symbol for the Victorian Age, this is the provincial novel. Just when faster means of transport were making it possible to reach even the remotest places in Britain, and the industrial revolution was making of the modern towns the very centre of human life, many novelists established themselves on the literary scene by focusing on peripheral, remote and often backward provincial regions. This...

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