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Analysis of the Electromagnetic Signature of Reinforced Concrete Structures for Nondestructive Evaluation of Corrosion Damage

Gemma Roqueta, Lluís Jofre & Maria Q. Feng
This paper presents a nondestructive corrosion damage detection method for reinforced concrete structures based on the analysis of the electromagnetic signature of the steel rebar corrosion. The signature of the corrosion on the scattered field upon microwave illumination is first numerically analyzed. First-order quality factor parameters, the energy and the mean propagation delay, are proposed to quantify the corrosion amount in the structure. To validate the model, low-profile ultra-wide-band antennas (3-12 GHz) are fabricated and...

Vision-Based Displacement Sensor for Monitoring Dynamic Response Using Robust Object Search Algorithm

Yoshio Fukuda, Maria Q. Feng, Yuto Narita, Shun'ichi Kaneko & Takayuki Tanaka
This paper develops a vision-based displacement measurement system for remote monitoring of vibration of large-size structures such as bridges and buildings. The system consists of one or multiple video cameras and a notebook computer. With a telescopic lens, the camera placed at a stationary point away from a structure captures images of an object on the structure. The structural displacement is computed in real time through processing the captured images. A robust object search algorithm...

MRL5: United Board for Christian Colleges in China Records, 1931-1959

Brigette C. Kamsler
United Board for Christian Colleges in China (UBCCC) established to support and coordinate activities of Protestant colleges and universities in China. Following establishment of the People’s Republic of China, UBCCC focused educational efforts throughout Asia. Collection includes annual reports and supporting information such as correspondence and budgets relating to overall activities.

MRL2: Near East Relief Committee Records, 1904-1950

Brigette C. Kamsler, Kristen Leigh Southworth & Amy E. Meverden
American Committee for Armenian and Syrian Relief established 1915 to respond to Armenian Genocide. Millions of dollars raised and distributed. Scope expanded after World War One, was incorporated through Act of Congress and renamed Near East Relief in 1919. Collection offers first-hand, detailed accounts of those in affected areas.

MRL2: Near East College Association Records, 1928-1943

Brigette C. Kamsler
Near East College Association formed in 1927 to combine financial and administrative work in a joint office for efficiency in management and to help raise endowment funds. Institutions included from Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Bulgaria and Iraq. Collection consists of correspondence, administrative records and publications.

MRL8: Byung Hun Choi Papers, 1908-2004

Jessica Patterson & Brigette C. Kamsler
One of the first Methodist ministers in Korea. Assisted in translating the New Testament and the Book of Genesis to Korean. Considered Korea’s first theologian. These papers include primary and secondary source materials that are written in Korean as well as Hanja (Mandarin Chinese characters modified for the Korean dialect) and the materials are bound. The Choi Papers also include leaflets and pamphlets.

Nancy Haynes: Art work

Nancy Haynes
Haynes was born in 1947 and moved to New York in 1967. She lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn and the Huerfano Valley, Colorado. Haynes' exhibition history begins in 1978 at the Hundred Dollar Gallery, in NYC. She is presently included in group exhibits at Danese Gallery, NY and Regina Rex Gallery in Bushwick, Queens, NY, and is represented by George Lawson Gallery in LA and Hubert Winter Gallery in Vienna. Her work is...

Use of Self-Care and Practitioner-Based Forms of Complementary and Alternative Medicine before and after a Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Alissa R. Link, Marilie D. Gammon, Judith S. Jacobson, Page Abrahamson, Patrick T. Bradshaw, Mary Beth Terry, Susan Teitelbaum, Alfred I. Neugut & Heather Greenlee
Purpose. We examine factors associated with self-care, use of practitioner-based complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), and their timing in a cohort of women with breast cancer. Methods. Study participants were women with breast cancer who participated in the Long Island Breast Cancer Study Project. Self-care is defined as the use of multivitamins, single vitamins, botanicals, other dietary supplements, mind-body practices, special diets, support groups, and prayer. Within each modality, study participants were categorized as continuous...

Three challenges for China’s outward FDI policy

Karl P. Sauvant
Since China adopted its "going out" policy in 2001, her outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) flows have grown rapidly, reaching US$84 billion in 2012 (although the stock remains small). That year, China was the world's third largest outward investor (after the US and Japan). This performance raises all sorts of issues, especially because state-owned enterprises (SOEs) control some three-quarters of the country’s OFDI stock. Three challenges are addressed in this Perspective.

走出去与制造业:::中国在非洲 : FDI 的政策支持

Nikia Clarke
能源投资与基础设施合同在中非合约中仍占主导地位。然而,对制造业的投资 却占据了中国对外 FDI 的重大比重。其特点—由私有中小型企业进行的大量小 规模交易—使流出量难以估算或控制。但是,中非各国政府对致力于引导此类 型的 FDI。

\"Our Hidden Treasure at Columbia University,” The Silver Collection

Caroline Rubinstein
Always looking for silver objects and collections to write about has taken me to Europe including France, Belgium, England, and Italy and in United States including San Antonio Museum of Art, Hispanic Society of America (New York), and Columbia University. The collection at Columbia University has many historically important silver objects that were either donated or bequested to King’s College, Columbia College and Columbia University. When inquiring about writing about the University’s collection, I was...

Japan’s Abenomics: Recovery Leading to Good Growth?

Hugh T. Patrick
As Japan enters an era of political stability under Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Japan is poised to recover from the past two decades of mediocre performance toward good, sustained economic growth. Abe, a strong leader who will not be replaced until at least 2016, is giving priority to a much‐touted economic program termed Abenomics, comprising three “arrows”: ending deflation and achieving price stability, defined as a 2 percent annual increase in the CPI; achieving stable,...

Fedora Update: Building Community, Building Software

Robert T. Cartolano, Tom Cramer, Jonathan Markow & Robin Ruggaber
Fedora (Flexible Extensible Digital Object Repository Architecture) is a community driven, open source repository system under the stewardship of the DuraSpace not-for-profit organization. In October 2012, Fedora stakeholders joined together to accelerate the development of Fedora and expand community involvement and investment, and, at CNI’s December 2012 membership meeting, the group launched a three-year project to implement a new platform. Fedora 4 is being developed as an international, community-sourced initiative that will support traditional repository...

The Information Architecture of Emergency Response

Noreen Y. Whysel
This presentation at the 2012 Information Architecture Summit, explored the evolution of technology in emergency response, with a special focus on advances in geographic systems, incident management, social media and policy in New York City since September 11, 2001. What technologies do emergency responders in NYC use? How have events like 9/11 and other incidents influenced technology advances? What effect, if any, has the change from a Law Enforcement Mayor to a Media Mayor had...

Timeline of NYC OEM Emergency Incidents and Technology Advances since 2001

Noreen Y. Whysel
Timeline of technology advances at the NYC Office of Emergency Management. Period One - Pre-9/11: Characterized by the establishment of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, the beginnings of a central GIS unit, release of a common NYC Basemap and the first mobile command vehicle. Control of data and systems still largely held by individual agencies. Period Two - 2001-2005: Characterized by development of information systems to support interagency cooperation and response management. As of...

Two-Layer Geostrophic Vortex Dynamics. Part 2. Alignment and Two-Layer V-States

Lorenzo M. Polvani
The process of alignment, a new fundamental interaction between vortices in a stratified and rapidly rotating fluid, is defined and studied in detail in the context of the two-layer quasi-geostrophic model. Alignment occurs when two vortices in different density layers coalesce by reducing their horizontal separation. It is found that only vortices whose radii are comparable with or larger than the Rossby deformation radius can align. In the same way as the merger process (in...

Filamentation of Unstable Vortex Structures via Separatrix Crossing: A Quantitative Estimate of Onset Time

Lorenzo M. Polvani, G. R. Flierl & N. J. Zabusky
The onset of filamentation for compact vortex structures in two-dimensional incompressible flows is elucidated. An estimate is presented for the filamentation time of an unstably perturbed Kirchhoff ellipse, obtained from a linear analysis of the geometry of the instantaneous corotating streamfunction.

The Effect of Dissipation on Spatially Growing Nonlinear Baroclinic Waves

Lorenzo M. Polvani & J. Pedlosky
The question of convective (i.e., spatial) instability of baroclinic waves on an f-plane is studied in the context of the two-layer model. The viscous and inviscid marginal curves for linear convective instability are obtained. The finite-amplitude problem shows that when dissipation is O(1) it acts to stabilize the waves that are of Eady type. For very small dissipation the weakly nonlinear analysis reveals that at low frequencies, contrary to what is known to occur in...

Delayed Southern Hemisphere Climate Change Induced by Stratospheric Ozone Recovery, as Projected by the CMIP5 Models

Elizabeth A. Barnes, Nicholas W. Barnes & Lorenzo M. Polvani
Stratospheric ozone is expected to recover by the end of this century due to the regulation of ozone depleting substances by the Montreal Protocol. Targeted modeling studies have suggested that the climate response to ozone recovery will greatly oppose the climate response to rising greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. However, the extent of this cancellation remains unclear since only a few such studies are available. Here, we analyze a much larger set of simulations performed for the...

Insurance Enterprise Risk Management: Toward The Next Generation

Shigeyuki Goto
The practice of enterprise risk management (ERM) in the insurance industry has improved in recent years. This is partly because insurers have strived to reinforce risk-based management, and partly due to regulatory pressure triggered by the financial crisis as well as increasingly large natural catastrophes. Insurers’ activities have expanded across many countries and markets. They must work within an increasingly difficult and complicated environment due to rapid globalization, technological development, and changes in nature (particularly...

A Combined Field And Laboratory Investigation Into The Transport Of Fecal Indicator Microorganisms Through A Shallow Drinking Water Aquifer In Bangladesh

John E. Feighery
This dissertation presents an examination of the causes and mechanisms underlying the widespread contamination of a shallow groundwater aquifer by fecal bacteria. The context for this study is a field site located in a rural area of Bangladesh that represents a microcosm for the many challenges facing the approximately 2 billion people worldwide who rely upon groundwater for their daily needs. The unique contributions of this work include an improved numerical model for fitting column...

Weak Cartels and Collusion-Proof Auctions

Yeon-Koo Che, Daniele Condorelli & Jinwoo Kim
We study collusion in a large class of private-value auctions by cartels whose members cannot exchange monetary transfers among themselves (i.e., weak cartels). We provide a complete characterization of outcomes that are implementable in the presence of weak cartels, and identify optimal collusion-proof auctions for symmetric value distributions. When the density is single-peaked, the optimal collusion-proof auction can be implemented by a procedure that combines a second-price auction with a sequential one-on- one negotiation.

Nonstandard Indicators for Monetary Policy: Can Their Usefulness Be Judged from Forecasting Regressions?

Michael Woodford
From the chapter: "In recent years there has been a great deal of interest in proposals to use nonstandard indicator variables as a guide to the conduct of monetary policy. By nonstandard indicators I mean indicators other than the various measures of the money supply that the Federal Reserve System computes, and to which academic economists in the monetarist tradition have long directed their attention, and other than the variables that can be more or...

Housing Prices and Robustly Optimal Monetary Policy

Michael Woodford & Klaus Adam
We analytically characterize robustly optimal monetary policy for an augmented New Keynesian model with a housing sector. In our setting, the housing stock delivers a service flow entering households’ utility, houses are durable goods that depreciate over time, and new houses can be produced using a concave production technology. We show that shocks to housing demand and to housing productivity have “cost-push” implications, which warrant temporary fluctuations in the inflation rate under optimal policy, even...

Simple Analytics of the Government Expenditure Multiplier

Michael Woodford
This paper explains the key factors that determine the output multiplier of government purchases in New Keynesian models, through a series of simple examples that can be solved analytically. Sticky prices or wages allow for larger multipliers than in a neoclassical model, though the size of the multiplier depends crucially on the monetary policy response. A multiplier well in excess of one is possible when monetary policy is constrained by the zero lower bound, and...

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