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Role of promoter hypermethylation in Cisplatin treatment response of male germ cell tumors

Gopeshwar Narayan, Jane Houldsworth, Jennifer Bacik, Deborah Dobrzynski, Adel Assaad, Mahesh M. Mansukhani, Victor Reuter, George Bosl, Raju Chaganti, Murty V. Vundavalli, Sanjay Koul & James M. McKiernan
Male germ cell tumor (GCT) is a highly curable malignancy, which exhibits exquisite sensitivity to cisplatin treatment. The genetic pathway(s) that determine the chemotherapy sensitivity in GCT remain largely unknown. We studied epigenetic changes in relation to cisplatin response by examining promoter hypermethylation in a cohort of resistant and sensitive GCTs. Here, we show that promoter hypermethylation of RASSF1A and HIC1 genes is associated with resistance. The promoter hypermethylation and/or the down-regulated expression of MGMT...

Samuel Putnam Avery and the Founding of the Avery Library, Columbia University

Edward C. Goodman & Angela Giral
The Avery Library was founded in 1890 by Mr. Samuel Putnam Avery and his wife Mary Ogden Avery as a memorial to their son Henry Ogden Avery. This essay discusses Samuel Putnam Avery's career as an engraver, his transformation into one of the premier art dealers in New York, his patronage of various cultural institutions, the founding of Avery Library, and some of the collections of Avery Library.

Portraits, Landscapes, and Genre Scenes: New Discoveries in the 19th-Century Paintings Collection at Columbia University

Roberto C. Ferrari
This article discusses three nineteenth-century paintings from the Columbia University art collection, stewarded by Art Properties, Avery Architectural & Fine Arts Library: a portrait of Lord Byron by an unknown British artist after George Sanders; "The Sandpits near Valmondois (Les Sablières près Valmondois)" by the French artist Charles-François Daubigny; and "Military Scene" by the German artist Christian Sell.

John Gibson, Designer: Sculpture and Reproductive Media in the Nineteenth Century

Roberto C. Ferrari
This article discusses the British sculptor John Gibson (1790-1866), whose studio in Rome was one of the most popular for those on the Grand Tour. He disseminated his interest in classicism through his many marble sculptures inspired by ancient Greek art, such as "Cupid Disguised as a Shepherd Boy," which was reproduced in lifesize marble at least nine times during his lifetime. But Gibson also utilized new technologies to spread his interest in disegno, allowing...

Exhibition Review: "Sculpture Victorious: Art in an Age of Invention, 1837–1901," Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, September 11 – November 30, 2014

Roberto C. Ferrari
This is a review of the Victorian sculpture exhibition curated by Martina Droth, Jason Edwards, and Michael Hatt, exhibited at the Yale Center for British Art in 2014 (and subsequently shown at Tate Britain in London in 2015). The review was first published in the open-access peer-reviewed journal Nineteenth-Century Art Worldwide 14, no. 1 (Spring 2015).

MRL1: Rheinsche Missiongesellschaft Reports, 1897 – 1912

Brigette C. Kamsler
Reports from the Rheinsche Missiongesellschaft (Rhenish Missionary Society), 1897 – 1912 detailing Southern Africa, with some information on missionaries in Borneo, China, Batakland/Sumatra, Nias and New Guinea. Copies of handwritten and typed originals in German.

MRL1: Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast, 1908-1942

Brigette C. Kamsler
Records from the Presbyterian Church of the Gold Coast, relating to the education of Africans. Includes educational aims in Africa and memoranda to the Synod of the Presbyterian Church. All records are in German.

MRL1: J. E. K. Aggrey Papers, 1920-1927

Brigette C. Kamsler
Professor James Emman Kwegyir Aggrey, 1875-1927, was a native African from the Gold Coast, West Africa, distinguished scholar and educator. Collection contains newspaper obituary and carbon copy letters, bibliography, biographical sketch and personal recollections pertaining to Professor Aggrey. All materials are carbon copy.

MRL1: Robert Hamill Nassau Papers, 1856-1976

Brigette C. Kamsler
Robert Hamill Nassau was a Presbyterian missionary who served throughout West Africa, including Benita; Belambla; Kangwe; Talaguga; Baraka (Libreville); and Batanga. Founded mission station in Kangwe, later known as Lambaréné. Papers consist of letters sent to and received by Nassau from friends and family, and a small series of personal and biographical information.

MRL1: Erwin H. Richards Papers, 1905 – 1907

Brigette C. Kamsler
Pioneer Congregational missionary for thirty-three years in South East Africa. Papers consist of correspondence from the period when Richards was treasurer of the Board of Foreign Missions for the Methodist Episcopal Church.

MRL1: German Missionaries in Cameroon Reports, 1914-1915

Brigette C. Kamsler
Copies of thirteen (13) typewritten reports from Swiss and German Basel Missionaries. Captured by British and French troops while stationed in Cameroon in September and October 1914; held captive until 1915 during World War I. Reports were given and recorded in 1915 in Basel, Switzerland and Berlin and Connstadt, Germany. The thirteen missionaries are Friedrich Bärtschi; J. Bührer; Chr. Gehr.; J. Gutbrod; Philipp Hecklinger; Johannes Ittmann; Johannes Köngeter; Johannes Leiberspeiger; G. Lorch.; Johannes Georg Meier;...

MRL1: David Livingstone Papers, 1856; 1957

Brigette C. Kamsler
David Livingstone was a Congregationalist medical missionary assigned to Africa by London Missionary Society, continued exploration with Royal Geographical Society. Collection contains single letter and poster of postcards from Scottish National Memorial to Livingstone in Blantyre, Scotland.

MRL1: Basel Mission (Gold Coast) Papers, 1894-1904

Brigette C. Kamsler
Records from the Basel Mission relating to the education of Africans on the Gold Coast. Includes standards of teaching for primary and middle schools and a pamphlet on education.

MRL1: All Africa Christian Conference Records, 1959 – 1972

Brigette C. Kamsler
All Africa Christian Conference Records showing involvement and organization of conference, and other directed programs such as Urban Africa, Religion and Education in Africa. Contains correspondence, photographs, publications, minutes and other papers; some records in French.

MRL1: Africa General Records, 1903 – 1972

Brigette C. Kamsler
Collections pertaining to committees, conferences, education, churches, Christianity, religion, missions, missionaries, and other subjects and topics in Africa. Collection contains reports, minutes, papers, photographs, and a drum.

MRL1: Albert Schweitzer Records, 1949; 1966

Brigette C. Kamsler
Medical Missionary in Lambaréné, Africa; renowned for ideas on theology, philosophy, music, ethics and nuclear war. Contains lecture on Goethe given at International Goethe Convocation, Aspen, Colorado, July, 1949 and International Convocation Record from 1966. Lecture in German, 2 vinyl records 78rpm.

Burke Library Wayfinding Study Report

Matthew C. Baker, Nisa Bakkalbasi, Elizabeth N. Call & Brigette C. Kamsler
The purposes of this assessment project were to measure the effectiveness of the (1) directional and locational signs at the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary and (2) Burke Library’s orientation session for incoming students at Union Theological Seminary (UTS). In particular, we were interested in identifying points of failure in the process of finding people, places, and things as users navigate the library building without any assistance from staff at service desks. Library staff...

collabw Twitter Archive

Robert J. Hilliker
This collection of Twitter data was harvested using version 5 Martin Hawksey's Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet (TAGS v5), which is available from his blog (http://mashe.hawksey.info/2013/02/twitter-archive-tagsv5/). I harvested tweets using the hashtag #collabw2013, which was associated with the Collaborations Workshop hosted by the Software Sustainability Institute on March 21 and 22, 2013 (http://www.software.ac.uk/collaborations-workshop-2013-cw13). The earliest archived tweet is from March 20, 2013. The latest is from March 28, 2013.

What Do We Mean by ‘Preserving Digital Information’? Towards Sound Conceptual Foundations for Digital Stewardship

Simone Sacchi
Digital preservation is fundamental to information stewardship in the 21st century. Although much useful work on preservation strategies has been accomplished, we do not yet have an adequate conceptual framework that articulates precisely and formally what preservation actually is. The intention of the account provided here is to bring us closer to this goal. Following an initial analysis of the concept of preservation as it occurs in ordinary discourse around digital stewardship, several influential preservation...

Wayfinding in the Burke Library

Elizabeth N. Call, Brigette C. Kamsler, Beth Bidlack & Nisa Bakkalbasi
This presentation reports the results of a study designed to measure the effectiveness of the (1) directional and locational signs at the Burke Library at Union Theological Seminary and (2) Burke Library’s orientation session for incoming students at Union Theological Seminary. The underlying data is included, as are image files used in the presentation.

Using the One-Minute Paper to Assess Learning Objectives: A Pilot Project

Anice Mills, James T. Crocamo & Meredith J. Levin
This poster assesses whether the library research sessions were effectively teaching the learning goals to first-year undergraduates in Columbia College, Columbia Engineering, and General Studies.

Unanticipated opportunities from closed libraries: pivoting for the future

James T. Crocamo, Jeffrey R. Lancaster & Ellie H. Ransom
This chapter describes the many changes which took place in Columbia University Libraries' Science & Engineering Division beginning with the close of four departmental libraries in 2009, the opening of the Science & Engineering Library and Digital Science Center in 2011, and the closure of 2 more departmental libraries in 2014 and 2015. The focus is on the opportunities that arose from these closures and the changes in the division’s staffing configuration that have enabled...

UX and Usability Strategies and Website Assessments

Candice A. Kail
This poster explores how Columbia University Libraries/Information Services uses UX and user-centered design strategies, combined with assessment, to develop the Library website and continually inform work on the site.

Toward a scalable and sustainable approach to open access publishing and archiving for humanities and social sciences societies: a proposal

Rebecca R. Kennison & Lisa R. Norberg
The proposal we offer here (and in the more extensive 'white paper' proposal on which this article is based) tackles head-on the open access (OA) business models that have proven particularly problematic for implementation of OA in the humanities and social sciences (HSS). Our proposal suggests all tertiary institutions contribute to systemic support of the research process itself, including its entire scholarly output. A bold rethinking of the economics of OA by way of partnerships...

The Pivot: Phase 2 of 2CUL Technical Services Integration

Kathryn Harcourt & Jim LeBlanc
The Columbia and Cornell University Libraries’ partnership (2CUL) is now in its fifth year. Its composite acronym (2CUL), which condenses a doubling of the two participating libraries’ initial letters, summarizes both vision and mission: a broad integration of library activities in a number of areas – including collection development, acquisitions and cataloging, e-resources and digital management, and digital preservation, and reciprocal onsite use of collections. A key component of the partnership is 2CUL Technical Services...

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