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The Effect of the Establishment of Reinforcement Value for Math on Rate of Learning for Pre-Kindergarten Students

Emmy Maurilus
The objective of Experiment I was to determine whether establishing conditioned reinforcement for engaging in math for pre-kindergarten students was possible using the three conditioning procedures outlined in previous research for conditioning book stimuli. The purpose of Experiment II was to determine whether this change in preference for engaging in math had an effect on 6 pre-kindergarten participants’ rate of learning math. In Experiment I a counterbalanced pre- and post-intervention ABAB/BABA functional analysis and a...


Dielectronic Recombination of Fe XXI and Fe XXII via N = 2→N' = 2 Core Excitations: Data

Daniel Wolf Savin, S. M. Kahn, G. Gwinner, M. Grieser, R. Repnow, G. Saathoff, D. Schwalm, A. Wolf, A. Muller, S. Schippers, P. A. Zavodszky, M. H. Chen, T. W. Gorczyca, O. Zatsarinny & M. F. Gu
We have measured dielectronic recombination (DR) resonance strengths and energies for carbon-like Fe XXI forming Fe XX and for boron-like Fe XXII forming Fe XXI via N = 2 → N' = 2 core excitations. All measurements were carried out using the heavy-ion Test Storage Ring at the Max-Planck-Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg, Germany. We have also calculated these resonance strengths and energies using three independent, state-of-the-art perturbative techniques: a multiconfiguration Breit-Pauli (MCBP) method...


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