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Ross Sea ocean model simulation used to support ROSETTA-Ice

Susan L. Howard, Laurence Padman & Scott Springer
This dataset contains a regional ocean-ice shelf model used to support and interpret the ROSETTA-Ice field program. A gzipped tar file containing the regional ROMS model code, configuration files, input files, and selected output files. The model simulation covers three years following a ten year spin up. Two sets of output files from the simulation are included. The first is the complete model output (T,S,u,v, etc.) averaged over 30 day intervals. The second is selected...

AWS Data: Characteristics of Snow Megadunes and Their Potential Effect on Ice Core Interpretation

Mark Fahnestock

AU1402 mooring data

Alejandro Orsi
An array of three moorings (M1-M3) with current meters, temperature, conductivity, and pressure (TCP) recorders were deployed along the eastern flank of the continental shelf off Sabrina Coast, at the main path of the Antarctic Coastal Current indicated by the uCTD data collected earlier during the cruise. These three US mooring were deployed at the 625-m (M1), 620-m (M2) and 1051-m (M3) isobaths. M1 was recovered on 25 February 2014, with a full data return...

C-axis Fabric from Physical Properties Samples of the WAIS Divide Ice Core

Voigt, Donald E.; Alley, Richard; Fitzpatrick, Joan

Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, Ice Core, 1991 and 1992

Sallie Whitlow

Weddell seals as autonomous sensors of the winter oceanography of the Ross Sea

Daniel Paul Costa

Specimen logs and observations from Weddell Seal colonies in Erebus Bay, 2013-2017

Jennifer Burns

Erosion History and Sediment Provenance of East Antarctica from Multi-method Detrital Geo- and Thermochronology

Sidney R. Hemming

Ice-Penetrating Radar Data Across Siple Coast Grounding Lines

G. Catania

WAIS Divide Ice-Core Aerosol Records from 1300 to 3404 m

Joseph McConnell

Rebreather Testing for the United States Antarctic Scientific Diving Program

John Heine

Collaborative Research: Laboratory Studies of Isotopic Exchange in Snow

Thomas A. Neumann

Subglacial Topography: Airborne Geophysical Survey of the Amundsen Sea Embayment, Antarctica

John W. Holt

Dynamic fine-scale sea-icescape shapes adult emperor penguin foraging habitat in East Antarctica

Christophe Barbraud, Charles-André Bost, Alexander Fraser, Stephanie Jenouvrier, Rubao Ji, Ian Jonsen, Roger Kirkwood, Sara Labrousse, David Pinaud, Rick Porter-Smith, Ryan Resinger, Yan Ropert-Coudert, Michael Sumner, Takeshi Tamura & Barbara Wienecke
The emperor penguin, an iconic species threatened by projected sea-ice loss in Antarctica, has long been considered to forage at the fast ice edge, presumably relying on large/yearly-persistent polynyas as their main foraging habitat during the breeding season. Using newly developed fine-scale sea-icescape data and historical penguin tracking data, this study for the first time suggests the importance of less-recognized small openings, including cracks, flaw leads and ephemeral short-term polynyas, as foraging habitats for emperor...

Gravity disturbance data over central Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica (GIMBLE.GGCMG2)

Thomas G. Richter Duncan A. Young

Yoyo camera survey transects, King George Island and Bransfield Strait

Craig Smith & Amanda Ziegler
The dataset provides metadata for towed yoyo camera survey transects conducted in Maxwell Bay, Marion Cove (King George Island) and the Bransfield Strait. Starting and ending positions, ship headings, bottom depth and number of photographs collected are provided. In all photographs, lasers are 10 cm apart for scale. Data were collected aboard the Korean Polar Research Institute icebreaker Araon.

South Pole Snow Pit, 1988 and 1989

Sallie Whitlow

Late Holocene paleoecological and paleoclimatic data from moss peatbanks in the western Antarctic Peninsula

Zicheng Yu

Ground-based ice-penetrating radar profiles collected on the Allan Hills blue ice region

Howard Conway

WAIS Divide WDC06A Core Quality Versus Depth

Joseph Souney

WAIS Divide WDC06A Nitrate Isotope Record

Aron Buffen

SUMO unmanned aerial system (UAS) atmospheric data

John Cassano
Atmospheric boundary layer temperature, humidity, pressure, and wind profile data collected with the Small Unmanned Meteorological Observer (SUMO) unmanned aerial system (UAS) during the NBP1704 PIPERS cruise.

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