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Phenology of short vegetation cycles in a Kenyan rangeland from PlanetScope and Sentinel-2

Y Cheng
Data Deposit for the paper with the title "Phenology of short vegetation cycles in a Kenyan rangeland from PlanetScope and Sentinel-2" 1. PhenoMaps_Kapiti_March2017_March2019_PS_MODIS_S2 --> Contains all the phenology maps from Sentinel-2, PlanetScope and MODIS imagery 2. timeseries_Kapiti_March2017_March2019_camera_PS_MODIS_S2 --> Contains the time series of GCC from camera photography and NDVI from satellite imagery

Discriminant analysis for lodging severity classification in wheat using RADARSAT-2 and Sentinel-1 data

S Chauhan
Crop lodging - the bending of crop stems from their upright position or the failure of root-soil anchorage systems - is a major yield-reducing factor in wheat and causes deterioration of grain quality. The severity of lodging can be measured by a lodging score (LS)- an index calculated from the crop angle of inclination (CAI) and crop lodged area (LA). LS is difficult and time consuming to measure manually meaning that information on lodging occurrence...

Evaluating Resilience-Centered Development Interventions with Remote Sensing

N. Kerle
This datasets contains the satellite images used in this research article published in Remote Sensing (doi :10.3390/rs11212511). The images cover part of Leyte Island, the Philippines, before and after 2013 Typhoon Haiyan. Paper abstract: Natural disasters are projected to increase in number and severity, in part due to climate change. At the same time a growing number of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation measures are being implemented by governmental and non-governmental organizations,...

Airborne HyPlant dataset before and during a heat wave in 2015 in Germany

P Yang
The dataset comprises airborne measurements of reflectance and SIF acquired over an agricultural experimental farm in Germany on two days, before and during a heat event in summer 2015 with maximum temperatures of 27?C and 34?C, respectively with the HyPlant system. The reflectance data covers the spectral range from 400 nm to 2500 nm with a spectral solution with a spectral resolution of 3?nm in visible and near infrared region, and 10?nm in the short-wave...

Valuing Soil's Economic Worth: Vol. 1

M.O.R.L. Dimal
Datasets used in the econometric analysis of soil value in the Phillippine town of Norzagaray Bulacan

Mentawaians Leaves of Ethnomedicine

This data contains several leaves used for ethnomedicine for Mentawai people in Indonesia.

Toward co-design of an AI solution for detection of diarrheal pathogens in drinking water within resource-constrained contexts

R. Hall Clifford
Water images

St. Andries tussen de kloostermoppen. Vredenburg Entreegebouw (VRE02): Archeologisch onderzoek van kasteel Vredenburg (Utrecht), Basisrapportage Archeologie 129

J.S. Van Der Kamp
Van 2007 tot 2030 wordt het stationsgebied in Utrecht herontwikkeld en vernieuwd in een samenwerking tussen gemeente Utrecht en enkele private partijen. Een onderdeel van deze herontwikkeling was een grootschalige renovatie en nieuwbouw van het winkelcentrum Hoog Catharijne. De toegang tot dit winkelcentrum vanaf het Vredenburg wordt sinds enkele jaren gevormd door het Entreegebouw, waarin winkels en woningen zijn gerealiseerd. Op de plek van dit gebouw stond tot in het begin van 2014 een deel...

Mars in the lab

OM Kamps
Chapter 3: Mars in the lab. Thesis Mars in multi-dimensions - A global geological survey

Using Color, Texture and Object-Based Image Analysis of Multi-Temporal Camera Data to Monitor Soil Aggregate Breakdown

I. Ymeti
In this paper, we monitor soil aggregate breakdown under natural conditions. From November 2014 to February 2015, images and weather data were collected on a daily basis from five soils susceptible to detachment (Silty Loam with various organic matter content, Loam and Sandy Loam).

HRCT Reference Atlas for Pulmonary Fibrosis Severity Score in Scleroderma Patients

J.C. Korving, A.A. Schouffoer, M.K. Ninaber, J.K. De Vries-Bouwstra & L.J.M. Kroft
Systemic sclerosis (SSc), also known as scleroderma, is a chronic, progressive connective tissue disease characterized by autoimmune phenomena, microangiopathy and fibrosis of the skin and internal organs. Pulmonary involvement by interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD) is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality. In order to facilitate assessing the severity of ILD according to the Goh scoring system, we have made this reference atlas based on High Resolution Computed Tomography (HRCT) images.

Participatory Toponym Handling (PTH) Framework

A.P. Perdana
To understand citizen participation in toponyms better, we have developed a framework to guide the handling of toponyms. In this framework, we consider a citizen science ontology to connect participatory toponym handling as part of geographic citizen science.

On the Assessment of Non-Local Multi-Looking in Detection of Persistent Scatterers Using SAR Tomography

HOSSEIN Aghababaei Aghababaei
Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) tomography has shown great potential in multi-dimensional monitoring of urban infrastructures and detection of their possible slow deformations. Along this line, undeniable improvements in SAR tomography (TomoSAR) detection framework of multiple permanent scatterers (PSs) have been observed by the use of a multi-looking operation that is the necessity for data’s covariance matrix estimation. This paper attempts to further analyze the impact of a robust multi-looking operation in TomoSAR PS detection framework...

Archeologisch vooronderzoek in het kader van de nieuwbouw van woningen binnen plangebied De Velden te Zierikzee, gemeente Schouwen-Duiveland

W.J. Weerheijm, E.R.J.G. Picard, F.P.J. Van Puijenbroek & R. Schrijvers
Vestigia Archeologie & Cultuurhistorie heeft een archeologisch bureauonderzoek en een inventariserend veldonderzoek (verkennende fase) uitgevoerd voor een plangebied in Zierikzee, gemeente Schouwen-Duivenland (kaart 1; afbeelding 1). De opdrachtgever is betrokken bij het wijzigings- en uitwerkingsplan in het kader van de de nieuwbouw van woningen binnen het plangebied (afbeelding 2). Het plangebied bevindt zich ten zuiden van de Korte Blokweg en heeft een oppervlakte van ca. 11,5 hectare. Het plangebied is momenteel onbebouwd. Voorafgaand aan de...

Understanding wheat lodging using multi-temporal Sentinel-1 and Sentinel- 2 data

S Chauhan
Crop lodging assessment is essential for evaluating yield damage and informing crop management decisions for sustainable agricultural production. While a few studies have demonstrated the potential of optical and SAR data for crop lodging assessment, large-scale crop lodging assessment has been hampered by the unavailability of dense satellite time series data. The unprecedented availability of free Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 data may provide a basis for operational detection and monitoring of crop lodging. In this context,...

The Custom of Sharpening Tooth

This files contain information regarding custom of sharpening teeth in Mentawai, Indonesia.

KBK-1M - Koninklijke Bibliotheek Kranten – 1 Miljoen

M. Kleppe, D. Elliott & W.J. Faber
The KBK-1M Dataset (‘Koninklijke Bibliotheek Kranten – 1 Miljoen’) is a collection of 1,603,396 images and accompanying captions of the period 1922 – 1994. We extracted the images from digitised newspapers that are stored in the National Library (KB) Newspaper Archive and that are publicly accessible via www.delpher.nl . Via Delpher visitors can search and browse through several collections including Dutch newspapers. One way to narrow down retrieved results is by clicking on facets. One...

Change detection image dataset for unplanned settlement in Rwanda

C.M. Gevaert
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle imagery from 2015 and 2017 over an unplanned settlement in Kigali, Rwanda. These images were used for the change detection studies published in the article: Gevaert, C. M., Persello, C., Sliuzas, R. V., & Vosselman, G. (2020). Monitoring household upgrading in unplanned settlements with unmanned aerial vehicles. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation (JAG), 90, 1-6. [102117]. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jag.2020.102117

Changes in the flood plains and water quality along the Himalayan rivers after the Chamoli disaster of 7 February 2021

S. R. Meena
Data used for analysis in the paper "Changes in the flood plains and water quality along the Himalayan rivers after the Chamoli disaster of 7 February 2021" published in International journal of remote sensing.

Fluid Mechanics of the Zebrafish Embryonic Heart Trabeculation

C.H. Yap
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