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Its4land - Publish and Share platform

M.I. Humayun
This dataset contains a self-hostable version of the "Publish and Share" platform - a cloud based platform for land administration workflows . It was developed as a part of the "its4land" project. This version has been re-packaged for easy self-hosting using Docker and supports most features of the discontinued live version previously hosted on Amazon Web Services. Installation instructions are available in a README.txt file contained in the its4land-publish-and-share.tar.gz archive. Also included is the source...

Analysis of subsidence resulting from small gasfield production in the Netherlands

M.W. Schouten
A piece of code to show a histogram of effective radius of fields in the Netherlands, showing that indeed they are quite small. A piece of code to test sensitivity of subsidence prognoses for such small fields.

Evaluation of the WRF Model to Simulate a High-Intensity Rainfall Event over Kampala, Uganda

Y. Umer
This paper aimed at evaluating the high-intensity rainfall data produced using the numerical weather prediction model, the WRF model, to be used for localized flood modelling in the data-scarce area. The performance of the model is evaluated by comparing different parametrizarion schemes as the combinations of microphysics, cumulus and PBL for sensitivity analysis as well as model simulation with and without considering the cumulus parametrization in the innermost domain of the model. The nature of...

Trained neural network used in \"OrganoidTracker: efficient cell tracking using machine learning and manual error correction\"

R.N.U Kok & L. Hebert
Convolutional neural network and minimal set of Python scripts to detect nuclei in confocal microscopy images.

The model for External shocks, agent interactions, and endogenous feedbacks ? Investigating system resilience with a stylized land use model

Y Chen
A stylised ABM created in Netlogo 5.0.4 to investigate land system resilience. The dataset contains the model, a ReadMe text, a ODD description of the model, and files that are necessary for the model to run. By using the model in the way described in the article, one can reproduce the results in the article (External shocks, agent interactions, and endogenous feedbacks ? Investigating system resilience with a stylized land use model).


Y Pan
CGDTSM, whose fullname is Coverage-guided Differential Testing with Syntax-based Mutation. It is a hybrid tool based on Nezha-dt and TLS-diff. CGDTSM exploits the behavioral asymmetries between multiple test programs to focus on inputs that are more likely to trigger logic bugs. Regarding the problem of duplication in root causes, we add a deduplication component based on the paper "Coverage-Guided Differential Testing of TLS Implementations Based on Syntax"

Forward Dynamic Trunk Model

M.R. Prins
Software used for the journal article (Open Access): "Axial Thorax-Pelvis Coordination During Gait is not Predictive of Apparent Trunk Stiffness" In Nature Scientific Reports DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-37549-9 By Maarten R. Prins, Sjoerd M. Bruijn, Onno G. Meijer, Peter van der Wurff and Jaap H. van Die├źn Software consists of MATLAB code (.m-file) and Simscape model (.slx-file) used to calculate all outcomes presented in the journal article from the dataset available at: https://doi.org/10.17026/dans-xzh-ydsu

Analyse dose response for gene expression and phenotype

SI Lederer & TMH Dijkstra
The rise of high-throughput methods has allowed for screens with millions of single compounds and thousands of (binary) compound combinations. Investigating compounds in combination is cost and labor intensive. This has motivated recent investigations to predict synergistic combinations from information of the compound targets, the known pathways and the gene expression response to single compounds. Even though these predictive models are reasonably successful (AUCs around 0.9), there is room for improvement. Importantly, these models are...

Additive Dose Response Models

S Lederer, TMH Dijkstra & T Heskes
High-throughput techniques allow for massive screening of drug combinations. To find combinations that exhibit an interaction effect, one filters for promising compound combinations by comparing to a response without interaction. A common principle for no interaction is Loewe Additivity which is based on the assumption that no compound interacts with itself and that two doses from different compounds having the same effect are equivalent. It then should not matter whether a component is replaced by...

Simulate Gene Expression Profiles from a linear Combination of Maotif Acitivity Scores and Various Forms of Noise

SI Lederer, T Heskes, SJ Van Heeringen & CA Albers
Cellular identity and behavior is controlled by complex gene regulatory networks. Transcription factors (TFs) bind to specific DNA sequences to regulate the transcription of their target genes. On the basis of these TF motifs in cis-regulatory elements we can model the influence of TFs on gene expression. In such models of TF motif activity the data is usually modeled assuming a linear relationship between the motif activity and the gene expression level. A commonly used...

Matlab source code for retrieving backscatter coefficients

J.G. Hofste
A ground-based microwave scatterometer was installed on an alpine meadow over the Tibetan Plateau to study the soil moisture and-temperature dynamics of the top soil layer and air-to-soil interface during the period August 2017 - July 2019. The radar return (amplitude and phase) of the ground surface was measured over 1 - 10 GHz in the four linear polarization combinations (vv, hh, hv, vh) at hourly or half-hourly intervals . This dataset contains Matlab scripts...

OpenLISEM Hazard 2.0 alpha

B Van Den Bout
The OpenLISEM Hazard 2.0 alpha version. A open-source multi-hazard modelling tool with a semi-structured mass movement model.

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