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CRAWDAD dataset rice/context (v. 2007-08-01)

Ahmad Rahmati & Lin Zhong
We gathered field data about cellular and Wi-Fi networks through participants from the Rice community in Houston, Texas, a major US urban area.

CRAWDAD dataset rice/midas (v. 2010-09-01)

Ardalan Amiri Sani, Lin Zhong & Ashutosh Sabharwal
Accelerometer and compass readings along with network usage and application data usage information from 11 smartphone users, each for one week in the field.

CRAWDAD dataset roma/taxi (v. 2014-07-17)

Lorenzo Bracciale, Marco Bonola, Pierpaolo Loreti, Giuseppe Bianchi, Raul Amici & Antonello Rabuffi
This dataset contains mobility traces of taxi cabs in Rome, Italy. It contains GPS coordinates of approximately 320 taxis collected over 30 days.

CRAWDAD dataset rutgers/noise (v. 2007-04-20)

Sanjit Krishnan Kaul, Ivan Seskar & Marco Gruteser
We performed experiments wherein noise injection was used as a method for mapping real world wireless network topologies onto the ORBIT testbed. This dataset includes received signal strength indicator (RSSI) for each correctly received frame at receiver nodes for different levels of noise injected on the ORBIT testbed.

CRAWDAD dataset st_andrews/sassy (v. 2011-06-03)

Greg Bigwood, Tristan Henderson, Devan Rehunathan, Martin Bateman & Saleem Bhatti
This is a dataset of sensor mote encounter records and corresponding social network data of a group of participants at University of St Andrews.

CRAWDAD dataset strath/nodobo (v. 2011-03-23)

Alisdair McDiarmid, James Irvine, Stephen Bell & Jamie Banford
Dataset gathered by Nodobo, a suite of social sensor software for Android phones, during a study of the mobile phone usage at University of Strathclyde.

CRAWDAD dataset sunysb/mobisteer (v. 2007-06-30)

Vishnu Navda, Anand Prabhu Subramanian, Kannan Dhanasekaran, Andreas Timm-Giel & Samir R. Das
This data set includes data traces that were collected from a moving car equipped with an electronically steerable directinal antenna. We drove the car in two different environments in Stony Brook University campus - Apartment Complex and Parking lot.

CRAWDAD dataset tools/analyze/pcap/wifidelity (v. 2008-10-05)

Aaron Schulman, Dave Levin & Neil Spring
The Wifidelity package consists of two tools to identify the completeness and accuracy of 802.11 packet traces. "tracestats" uses 802.11 sequence numbers to quantify completeness, and the "plotscore" script generates a T-Fi plot: an at-a-glance, heatmap visualization of completeness versus load. "tracetiming" uses AP Beacon intervals to quantify packet timestamp accuracy and "plottiming" produces a line plot of timestamp accuracy.

CRAWDAD dataset tools/collect/multihop/EXC (v. 2008-09-08)

Wolfgang Kiess, Thomas Ogilvie, Andreas Tarp & Markus Kerper
EXC is a software toolkit to control and steer experiments with wireless multihop networks. EXC enables researchers to evaluate their algorithms in a real-world environment without having to deal with too much thought on how to coordinate an experiment.

CRAWDAD dataset toronto/bluetooth (v. 2006-08-29)

Jing Su & Stefan Saroiu
To investigate whether a large-scale Bluetooth worm outbreak is viable in practice, we conducted controlled experiments and we gathered traces of Bluetooth activity in different urban environments to determine the feasibility of a worm infection.

CRAWDAD dataset ucdavis/unitrans (v. 2006-11-01)

Jason LeBrun & Chen-Nee Chuah
This data set includes several traces about the available Bluetooth connectivity during a typical day on the Unitrans bus system at University of California, Davis.

CRAWDAD dataset ucsb/meshnet (v. 2007-02-01)

Irfan Sheriff, Elizabeth Belding, Kevin C. Almeroth & Krishna N. Ramachandran
Detailed link quality information was collected over several days from the UCSB MeshNet for characterizing routing stability in wireless mesh networks.

CRAWDAD dataset uiuc/uim (v. 2012-01-24)

Klara Nahrstedt & Long Vu
This is the dataset of MACs of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access points collected by the University of Illinois Movement (UIM) framework using Google Android phones.

CRAWDAD dataset umass/diesel (v. 2008-10-21)

John Burgess, John Zahorjan, Ratul Mahajan, Brian Neil Levine, Aruna Balasubramanian, Arun Venkataramani, Yun Zhou, Bruce Croft, Nilanjan Banerjee, Mark Corner & Don Towsley
This dataset includes the real mobility and real transfers of the bus-based DTN (Disruption-tolerant-network) testbed, called UMassDieselNet, operating from the UMass Amherst campus and the surrounding county.

CRAWDAD dataset umass/diesel (v. 2007-12-02)

John Burgess, John Zahorjan, Ratul Mahajan, Brian Neil Levine, Aruna Balasubramanian, Arun Venkataramani, Yun Zhou, Bruce Croft, Nilanjan Banerjee, Mark Corner & Don Towsley
This dataset includes the real mobility and real transfers of the bus-based DTN (Disruption-tolerant-network) testbed, called UMassDieselNet, operating from the UMass Amherst campus and the surrounding county.

CRAWDAD dataset umich/rss (v. 2011-08-10)

, Neal Patwari & Kumar Sricharan
This is a dataset of RSS measurements collected by Mica2 sensor nodes deployed inside and outside a lab room, with anomaly patterns occurring when students walked into and out of the lab. A web camera recorded the activity that could be matched with detected anomalies.

CRAWDAD dataset upmc/rollernet (v. 2009-02-02)

Farid Benbadis & Jeremie Leguay
This data includes traces of any opportunistic sighting of Bluetooth devices by groups of rollerbladers carrying iMotes in the roller tour in Paris, France.

CRAWDAD dataset usc/mobilib (v. 2008-07-24)

Wei-Jen Hsu & Ahmed Helmy
This dataset includes VPN session, DHCP log, and tcap log data, for 79 access points and several thousand users at USC.

CRAWDAD dataset uw/sigcomm2004 (v. 2006-10-17)

Maya Rodrig, Charles Reis, Ratul Mahajan, David Wetherall, John Zahorjan & Ed Lazowska
We are trying to understand how well 802.11 networks work in practice and how they can be improved. This dataset includes the traces collected by wireless monitoring and wired monitoring using tcpdump.

CRAWDAD dataset uoi/haggle (v. 2016-08-28)

Dimitrios-Georgios Akestoridis
This dataset contains seven connectivity traces that have been derived from the cambridge/haggle/imote traceset (v. 2009-05-29). These connectivity traces can be used for network simulations with the Opportunistic Network Environment (ONE) simulator, since they are in accordance with the syntax of the StandardEventsReader format. The Python scripts that generated these connectivity traces are also provided.

CRAWDAD dataset upb/hyccups (v. 2016-10-17)

Radu I. Ciobanu & Ciprian Dobre
Wireless contacts trace collected at the University Politehnica of Bucharest in the spring of 2012, using an application entitled HYCCUPS Tracer (http://hyccups.hpc.pub.ro), with the purpose of collecting contextual data from Android smartphones. It was run in the background and collected availability and mobile interaction information such as usage statistics, user activity, battery statistics, or sensor data, but it also gathered information about a device's encounters with other nodes or with wireless access points. Encounter collection...

CRAWDAD dataset tools/process/pads/snmp_parser (v. 2006-09-21)

Jihwang Yeo
snmp_parser provides a C library for processing snmp traces, and several tool implementations. Using this library, users can develop their own snmp tools. The PADS system (http://www.padsproj.org) needs to be installed to build and use the library and tools.

CRAWDAD dataset tools/process/pcap/WiPal (v. 2010-01-13)

Thomas Claveirole & Marcelo Dias De Amorim
WiPal is a piece of software dedicated to IEEE 802.11 traces manipulation. It comes as a set of programs and a C++ library. A distinctive feature of WiPal is its merging tool, which enables merging multiple wireless traces into a unique global trace. This tool works offline on PCAP traces that do not need to be synchronized. WiPal also provides statistics extraction and anonymization tools, and its authors plan to extend it. WiPal’s key features...

CRAWDAD dataset uclouvain/mptcp_smartphone (v. 2016-03-04)

Quentin De Coninck, Matthieu Baerts, Benjamin Hesmans & Olivier Bonaventure
Multipath TCP is a recent TCP extension that enables multihomed hosts like smartphones to send and receive data over multiple interfaces. Despite the growing interest in this new TCP extension, little is known about its behavior with real applications in wireless networks. Our paper "A First Analysis of Multipath TCP on Smartphones" analyzes a trace from a SOCKS proxy serving smartphones using Multipath TCP. This first detailed study of real Multipath TCP smartphone traffic reveals...

CRAWDAD dataset copelabs/usense (v. 2017-01-27)

S. Firdose, L. Lopes, W. Moreira, R. Sofia & P. Mendes
This dataset comprises experiments carried out with the open-source middleware NSense (fomerly named as USense), available at https://github.com/COPELABS-SITI/NSense. The data has been collected based on four sensors: bluetooth; Wi-Fi; microphone; accelerometer. NSense then relies on four different pipelines to compute aspects such as relative distance (Wi-Fi); social strength (based on bluetooth contact duration); sound activity level; motion. We set up experiments making use of Samsung Galaxy S3 devices. For each experiment, there is the following...

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