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CRAWDAD dataset iiitd/wifiactivescanning (v. 2019-06-05)

Gursimran Singh, Harish Fulara, Dheryta Jaisinghani, Mukulika Maity, Tanmoy Chakraborty & Vinayak Naik
The dataset includes packet captures collected from controlled experiments with various devices. The dataset captures active scanning behavior of the devices. Name of each folder represents the name of the cause of active scanning. For details please refer to our papers - Learning to Rescue WiFi Networks from Unnecessary Active Scans, WoWMoM 2019.

CRAWDAD dataset it/vr2marketbaiaotrial (v. 2019-09-16)

Ana Aguiar
Dataset that contains simultaneous GPS traces collected at 1 Hz from a team of firefighters during a forest fire exercise. The traces were generated by Android phones placed in each of four firefighters and a generic GPS device placed in the firetruck.

CRAWDAD dataset eurecom/elasticmon5G2019 (v. 2019-08-28)

Berkay Köksal, Robert Schmidt, Xenofon Vasilakos & Navid Nikaien
Ten dataset files containing 4G\/5G MAC, RRC and PDCP statistics and monitoring data, grouped into two versions of 5 datasets each: raw statistics and processed monitoring data. Raw datasets are recorded using ElasticMon v0.1, a prototype version of a monitoring framework extension of the FlexRAN 5G programmable platform for Software-Defined Radio Access Networks. For details, see here: http:\/\/mosaic-5g.io\/flexran\/. Scenarios & setup: Raw datasets are recorded for one eNB and a single mobile User Equipment (UE)...

CRAWDAD dataset ues/emespy (v. 2019-08-06)

Darko S. Suka, Predrag V. Pejovic & Mirjana I. Simic-Pejovic
The measurement results provided here are part of work on PhD thesis connected with measurement results variability reduction (main focus was on GSM/UMTS system. but other technologies were measured at the same time). All measurements were of indoor type. The duration of collecting data samples was 24h per day, with 10 seconds sampling interval. At some places it took one, two or four weeks to complete the measurements. Equipment used is the dosimeter (or exposimeter)...

CRAWDAD dataset tuc/mysignals (v. 2019-10-30)

Emmanouil Alimpertis & Aggelos Bletsas
MySignals dataset was collected by a network of approx. 10 mobile smartphone (iPhones) users via the MySignals iPhone App (www.mysignals.gr) for a period of approximately 8 months. MySignal App records the received signal strength indicator (RSSI), in dBm, of the mobile serving cell, as well as their own location, through the GPS module of their smartphone and other contextual information (timestamp, deviceID etc.). Measurements and relevant information (e.g. cell ID, downlink carrier frequency and mobile...

CRAWDAD dataset kth/campus (v. 2019-07-01)

Ljubica Pajevic, Gunnar Karlsson & Viktoria Fodor
The dataset contains records of authenticated user associations to the wireless network of the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. The dataset also includes scan results and mapping information of Wi-Fi networks, collected by means of war-walking at the university's two largest campuses.

CRAWDAD dataset unm/blebeacon (v. 2019-03-12)

Dimitrios Sikeridis, Ioannis Papapanagiotou & Michael Devetsikiotis
The BLEBeacon dataset is a collection of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) advertisement packets\/traces generated from BLE beacons carried by people following their daily routine inside a university building for a whole month. A network of Raspberry Pi 3 (RPi)-based edge devices were deployed inside a multi-floor facility continuously gathering BLE advertisement packets and storing them in a cloud-based environment. The focus is on presenting a real-life realization of a location-aware sensing infrastructure, that can provide...

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