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Open Science, Open Data and DataCite DOIs

Laura Rueda
At DataCite we are incredibly proud of supporting Open Science. Over the past several years, DataCite DOIs have been assigned to millions of research datasets. All of these DOIs are an important step towards making data a first-class citizen in scholarly...

re3data Webinar and DataCite: En Avant!

Michael Witt
The inaugural meeting of the DataCite re3data Working Group was convened in Paris on September 20th at the offices of the International Council for Science (ICSU). Co-chairs Michael Witt and Frank Scholze gave the background and history of Databib...

DataCite Member Meeting and General Assembly 2017

Laura Rueda
On April 3rd and 4th, fifty DataCite members gathered in Barcelona for DataCite’s annual Member Meeting and General Assembly. The Member Meeting provides a venue for DataCie members to help shape DataCite’s strategic direction. The General Assembly...

Fancy things you could build using content negotiation

Laura Rueda
As our Technical Director Martin Fenner shared a few days ago, our new Content Resolver service is an ideal interface and information source to build integrations. Today, we want to share with you a few potential (and fancy!) integrations one could...

COUNTER Code of Practice for Data Usage Draft Update

Daniella Lowenberg
Cross-posted from the Make Data Count blog. As a research and scholarly communications community, we value methods to gauge the impact of research outputs, and we do this in the forms of citations and downloads. But, until now this has been limited...

Org ID: a recap and a hint of things to come

John Chodacki, Patricia Cruse, Ed Pentz & Laure Haak
The Org ID Working Group has put our time and energy into defining requirements for an open organization identifier and outlining a path forward for launching a project for our communities to leverage. As the working group chair, I wanted to provide...

Taking discoverability to the next level: datasets with DataCite DOIs can now be found through Google Dataset Search

Helena Cousijn, Patricia Cruse & Martin Fenner
DataCite Blog

COUNTER Code of Practice for Research Data Usage Metrics release 1

Martin Fenner
DataCite Blog

Making testing simpler: our new approach to test accounts

Robin Dasler
DataCite Blog

What you told us: the DataCite member survey

Helena Cousijn
As a membership organization, our members are our most important source of information. We try to stay in touch with all our members, look for them at conferences, and take all input seriously. However, to date we hadn’t gathered structured feedback...

Test prefix 10.5072 retiring June 1

Robin Dasler
At the end of last year, we made significant changes to how testing works for our Members and Clients. We re-introduced a completely separate test system and did away with testing within the production account. We think these changes will ultimately...

A Lens on DataCite Open Hours

Mary Hirsch
As a membership organization we take our community engagement activities very seriously. We jump at the chance to interact with our members, whether it be at conferences, steering group meetings, our general assembly, or during DataCite Open Hours.

Identify your affiliation with Metadata Schema 4.3

Robin Dasler & Madeleine de Smaele
The DataCite Metadata Schema is the basis for the metadata you submit to DataCite. It tells you the available fields and structure for your metadata records. Many of our members have told us that they’d really like to be able to include affiliation...

The DataCite Membership model: consortia, repositories, and more

Helena Cousijn
As a membership organization, members are at the core of everything we do. Understanding our members and ensuring good 2-way communication is therefore extremely important. Over the last year, we have been working on clarifying and aligning DataCite...

DataCite welcomes Matt Buys as Executive Director

John Chodacki
Earlier this year, we announced the retirement of our Executive Director, Trisha Cruse. After an extensive search, led by DataCite’s Executive Board, we are proud to announce that Matt Buys will join DataCite as Executive Director beginning October...

DataCite switches to Globus for Authentication

Martin Fenner

Affiliation Facet - New in DataCite Search

Robin Dasler

Data Repository Selection: Which Criteria Matter?

Susanna Sansone, Peter McQuilton & Helena Cousijn

DataCite Registered Service Providers: Providing DOI registration functionality to DataCite Members

Robin Dasler & Helena Cousijn
We recognize that as a community-driven organization, our Members make use of various platforms or systems to help them manage their DOI workflow. Many of our Members make use of repository platforms, CRIS systems or other services. In order to better...

Our community driven approach and recent team changes

Matt Buys
As we continue to evolve, our community remains at the core of everything that we do at DataCite. Our team is committed to delivering our promise of the DataCite mission. Recently we have had some changes in our team. Robin (Product Strategy & Analysis...

Party with PIDapalooza (virtually) in 2021

Helena Cousijn
PIDapalooza is going online in 2021! We wish we could all be together in person for the fifth (!) festival of persistent identifiers, but we’re excited to bring the world’s largest—and longest—virtual PID party directly to your desk, your couch, your...

Meet the first DataCite intern!

Veronica Gomes Ferreira
Hello! This is the newest addition to DataCite, I am the new intern! I am very excited to be here and full of energy to learn from and provide support to the DataCite Community. I am in my final year of the bachelor’s program International Studies...

The Annual DataCite Member Meeting 2020

Mary Hirsch
DataCite is a global community made up of members across the world. This has been an unprecedented year, but we didn’t want to let that stop us from hosting our annual member meeting. The only difference is that this year, like many meetings and conferences...

Working at the intersection of people and technology

Elizabeth Krznarich
Hi there! I’m the latest addition to the DataCite team in the role of Adoption Manager for ROR and DataCite. An ardent open knowledge and persistent identifier enthusiast, I spent the past 6 years at ORCID wearing hats ranging from member support...

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